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Ringbelles Retro: Lots of Miss Elizabeth

Miss ElizabethToday marks ten years to the day that Elizabeth Hulette died at the age of 42 from an overdose of painkillers and vodka. It was a sad end for a woman who usually represented a clean and wholesome image on screen. However, her TV character presented us with something of a problem as part of the Retro, as she’s not a wrestler – in fact, she competed in fewer than half a dozen matches in her life, and all of those were at the tail end of her career.

Instead, what we have elected to do is highlight some of the bigger moments in her career which aren’t the Match Made in Heaven at SummerSlam 91. But what else did she do? Well, most of her moments are intertwined with Randy Savage, either being the calmer foil to his more frantic style, or as an antagonist to him in World Championship Wrestling.

After the jump are a lot of videos – some of which you may have seen, others which you may not, but most are a little more outside the usual Elizabeth fare which you may see… (more…)

WOW Podcast #50 with Lexie Fyfe


Episode 50 with Lexie Fyfe

Remember that time Lexie Fyfe made her return to the ring on SHIMMER Vol 50? Well, here she makes her return to the WOW Podcast to celebrate our fiftieth offering too. Lexie’s been all over the world and done so much, it was only fitting that we had her on for a full length show. We talk about her return to the ring at SHIMMER 50, how much convincing she took and how nervous she was before the match – and also about her role in the SHIMMER set up, watching matches and offering feedback to the wrestlers. Of course, she’s also heavily involved in SHINE in Florida, so we talk about how that all came together, how the first half-year has been, and discuss a number of SHINE talents, including Made In Sin, Kimberly, Reby Sky and more. Lexie tells us about what an important part Matt Hardy had to play in her early career, along with Malia Hosaka. She recalls working a 30 date military base tour with Wendi Richter (aka “the stiffest person I’ve ever worked, man or woman”), and her brief flirtations with both WWF and WCW in the late 90s (including an example of a WCW idea that never went anywhere – shocking, right?). We also talk about her cameo on Monday Night Raw as Hillary Clinton, working the UK ‘Revival’ show in 2002 vs Nikita and her work producing customs with (including how the cops got called to her house recently). Almost an hour and a half of audio goodness. Thanks so much for your continued support, and here’s to the next 50!

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Ringbelles Retro: MadUSA USA USA USA

Come on, it’s Independence Day, we have to do something to mark the occasion, and who was more patriotic a female wrestler than Madusa? Well apart from GLOW‘s Americana, maybe…

Sporting the stars and stripes on her gear during her stints in WCW, even Madusa’s name talked about her love for her country. She did her bit to fight for national pride during her wars with Japanese stars like Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto in the mid-1990s, but for this Retro, we’ve selected a match from the tail end of the decade – in fact, it’s from the final pay-per-view of the millennium.

In 1999, Madusa was linked with Macho Man Randy Savage as part of Team Madness, accompanying him to the ring alongside his then-girlfriend Gorgeous George, as well as Miss Madness, who later became Mona and then was renamed Molly Holly in the WWF. However, in-fighting between Madness and Madusa led to the group falling apart and her later forming a relationship with Evan Karagias, and guided him to winning the Cruiserweight Championship at Mayhem in November of that year. However, he was then spotted flirting with Nitro Girl Spice, and so Madisa and Evan arrived at Splitsville. (more…)

Malia Hosaka retires from wrestling

Former NWA World Women’s Champion Malia Hosaka has decided to hang up the boots after close to 25 years in the business.

Making the announcement on her Facebook page, the 42-year old Hawaiian said:

It has been a great 25 years, and I am grateful to all the fans who have supported me thru the years! but I am officially retired from the wrestling industry as of today. Thank you to all who supported/employed and believed in me thru the years!

This presumably means that the proposed triple threat match with Malia taking on Cheerleader Melissa and Mickie James in Traditional Championship Wrestling on April 7 will be scrapped, considering the retirement has already started.

Hosaka leaves behind a huge body of work, dating back to 1987 when she was trained by Killer Kowalski and former NWA United States Women’s Champion Misty Blue Simmes, before debuting on August 7 of that year, teaming with Simmes against Mad Dog Debbie Irons and Linda Dallas in Holyoake, MA. Speaking to us last year on one of our most frank Women Of Wrestling Podcasts ever, Malia discussed how she perceived wrestling before she started training:

I think I knew that the end was fixed – I didn’t know if the moves were actually real.

She would learn. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Sunny doesn’t shine

The following is a direct quote from one of Tammy Lynn Sytch‘s shoot interviews from the last decade, concerning her opinion on women wrestling:

Honestly, I hate women wrestling. I hate the actual in-ring women wrestling. It’s stupid; I was never a fan of women’s wrestling – not GLOW, not anything, you know? Anytime a girl had to get in there and wrestle I’m like ‘leave it to the guys’… it’s bad when you have girls that do more than the guys – it kind of brings the guys down a little bit. You do have some great girls out there but I was never a fan of women wrestling.

Surprising then, that she would accept bookings for Women Superstars Uncensored in 2007, considering it is an all-women’s promotion (Rick Cataldo aside). Doubly so when you consider that she won the WSU Championship by beating Alicia

However, there may be another reason why Sytch isn’t keen on women’s wrestling and prefers when they remain as managers/valets/interference runners – she’s not very good at wrestling. (more…)

One more appearance for Bull Nakano

Earlier this week, Ringbelles found out about a show taking place on January 8, 2012. We knew nothing about it except that it was taking place at the Tokyo Dome CIty Hall and would be called Bull Nakano Produce “EMPRESS”. And that’s all we knew… until Dave Meltzer furnished us with more information as part of this week’s mammoth Wrestling Observer.

Keiko “Bull” Nakano will be appearing – but not wrestling – on her retirement show on her 44th birthday. Barring a very brief nostalgia comeback when she teamed with her mentor Dump Matsumoto in 2001, Nakano has had very little to do with wrestling since retiring in 1997 at the age of 29 due to injuries suffered because of her hard-hitting style and weight, which was around 220 pounds at the time.

After her retirement, Nakano dropped a shedload of weight – last year, she was reportedly down to 130 – and took up professional golf in 1998. The learning curve turned out to be very steep, and finished 250th place of 251 in a LPGA Futures (essentially a farm system for rising golf stars) Qualifying Tournament in November 2004, and didn’t fare much better the following year when she finished 261st out of 271. However, she managed to make it into Futures in January 2006 a couple of weeks after her 38th birthday. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Moore Moore Moore

Jacqueline Moore is as tough as nails. In fact, she’s as tough as coffin nails. She’s a third degree black belt in taekwondo and has trained in boxing and kickboxing. Seriously, do not screw with this woman.

The only female in her training camp with Skandor Akbar, Jacqueline proved she could hang with the guys before debuting as Sweet Georgia Brown in Ladies Professional Wrestling Association and Women’s Pro Wrestling, as well as Japanese promotion Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling.

Fast forward 22 years and Moore is still proving that she’s got more teeth than a barbershop comb by returning to Impact Wrestling and teaming up with ODB to take on Velvet Sky. And even though you would never be able to tell just by looking her, Jacqueline is 47.

No, seriously: FORTY-SEVEN YEARS OLD. And I’d still pick her to win a shootfight amongst any of the Knockouts. And some of the guys.

However, for this week’s retro, we’re scooting back to October of 1997 when Jacqueline – then presented as Jacquelyn – was taking on a male champion on a WCW pay-per-view. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Malia Hosaka in WCW

Earlier today, we unleashed our latest Women Of Wrestling Podcast with Malia Hosaka, where she talked about cosmetic surgery, meeting Luna Vachon, being messed around by the WWF and a range of other topics. But two of the spikier subjects that Malia discussed was her feeling on Madusa and Molly Holly.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, go and check it out, but also make sure you have a watch of these two matches from Hosaka’s time in WCW, which includes a rare win over Madusa in the summer of 1996, and a loss to Holly (then wrestling as Starla Saxton and still in her first year in the business) from 1998.

Enjoy them both after the jump. (more…)

WOW Podcast #21 with Malia Hosaka

Episode 21 with Malia Hosaka

The Women of Wrestling Podcast is proud to bring you an interview with 20+ year veteran Malia Hosaka. We’re working with a broad scope on this show, because frankly, Malia has worked *everywhere* at least once. From training with Killer Kowalski & Misty Blue Simmes in the mid 80s to thoughts on the current WWE product, Malia’s not short of an opinion. We discuss comparisons and contrasts between early female promotions like GLOW, LPWA, LMLW and the like (including how she felt as a relative rookie walking into the LPWA locker room for the first time), and reminisce about her “wrestling mom” Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri. Malia also shares her thoughts on her time in WCW, including her opinions on how Madusa Miceli ran the division, how she was treated there, and a surprising falling out with Starla Saxton (Nora Greenwald, better known as Molly Holly). She talks signing a WWF “Developmental” deal after 12 years in the business, and how two opportunities were whisked away while under that contract. She has words of advice for youngsters like Tenille Tayla, who has just finished up her indy dates and is heading for FCW on the expectations laid on WWE Divas, and general thoughts on SHIMMER, respecting your veterans, and news on her forthcoming book – including how close she is to the final chapter in her career. Clear yourself some time for a history lesson from the Modern Day Moolah!

Malia Hosaka on facebook | Malia Hosaka official website

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Ringbelles Retro: Daffney in WCW

Seeing as Daffney is the talk of the town due to her Workers’ Comp claim against TNA and her contract expiring this week, let’s have a look-see at her early days in pro-wrestling, back when she was an uber-screamer in WCW.

Daffney debuted at the tail end of 1999 as the unhinged girlfriend of David Flair, and in turn became associated with Crowbar in a three-ring insanity circus. The match we’re going to look at came just after WCW’s reboot, where all the titles were vacated. Chris Candido won the vacant WCW Cruiserweight Title, but was beaten in a mixed tag team match when the belt was on the line with Tammy Lynn Sytch against Crowbar and Daffney, (our favourite Scream Queen pinned Sytch to end the match) with both lunatics claiming the title. The matter was settled on May 22, 2000 when Crowbar and Daffney wrestled in an intergender contest on Monday Nitro for the championship. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Inside The Power Plant

Bret Hart blamed it for not teaching Bill Goldberg to protect whoever he’s in the ring with, it had an 85% dropout rate, and it’s head trainer made a documentary maker throw up just to prove a point, but on this week’s Retro, we take a look at the Women Of WCW training at the Power Plant in Atlanta. (more…)

Tammy Lynn Sytch to be inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame

Tammy Lynn Stych, known better to WWE fans as Sunny, is joining the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2011.

38-year old Sytch has been involved in wrestling for close to two decades, and was a mainstay in the WWF between 1995 and 1998 – along with Rena “Sable” Mero and Terri “Marlena” Runnels she ushered in the era of the female valets, which then evolved into the WWF/E Divas.

Her life in wrestling has massive peaks and even deeper valleys, but what can’t be denied is the impact she has had on wrestling and how women are perceived by the audience. Before Sunny made it big, women in wrestling were either dedicated grapplers like Madusa, demure managers like Miss Elizabeth, or crazy wild women like Sensational Sherri or Luna Vachon. Sunny was different; Sunny was sexy – something that only Missy Hyatt had achieved previously, though she was more Amazonian and unattainable, while Sunny was more All-American – and with the WWF as a platform, her profile went stratospheric… and so did the personal issues.

Sytch started in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1992 with her then-boyfriend Chris Candido, debuting as Hillary Clinton-idolising heel Tammy Fytch in 1993. She managed Brian Lee to the Heavyweight Title and then represented Candido before the couple jumped ship to the WWF in 1995, but didn’t turn into Sunny straight away. (more…)