Unexpected HouseGuest 5

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Unexpected HouseGuest 5

Lying in bed next to Jessee just helped me to realize I would do what ever it took to keep her. I knew the circumstances of the costume /party/">party were partly because of the offers of extraordinary opportunities but also ofalcohol. She was a beautiful person both inside and out. It wasn?t her fault men found her irresistible and she was enjoying her body as much as the rest of us wanted to. I decided I would no longer object to her attire nor would I object to giving her anything she wanted.

Jessee had woken up and it was time she and I had a talk.

?Jessee I have to ask you about last night.?

?Yes, did it upset you after you thought about it?? she asked.

?No my dear not that I am wondering what it you meant by saying you loved me, was it the alcohol talking, was it the environment, and how do you love me??

She paused for a few moments before going on to say, ?Uncle Brian, I love you with all my heart I will do anything you ask. I want to be here for you and with you.?

With that my heart was pounding, ?Jes, I love you too, I have never loved anyone in my life more than I do you and I never want to loose you.?

It was official after the conversation we are now a couple, just how that couple will end up is only for the future to tell.

?Uncle Brian,? she said.

?Hun I think Uncle Brian is no longer appropriate I think you should try just Brian.?

?Ok, I will try, I have to go a way for a few weeks. A friend of mine needs me to visit her and help her out. I will call you everyday and will keep in touch with you.?

I was heart broken here we had made this connection and now it was gone. ?I understand about your friend needing you but indian santali xvideo I need you.?

?She has no one else and she really needs my help and support right now. I promise I will be thinking of you the entire time I am away.?

?When do you have to leave?? I asked.

?Later today is the soonest I can get a ride out.?

?I have a meeting I can?t cancel I will not be able to see you off.?

?I understand and I will be back before you know it.?

The weeks dragged on like never before. I was lost without her. Not only was my cock aching for her my entire being was aching for her. Then I got a horrible thought, ?What if she doesn?t come back? Oh no I have just let her go.?

She called later that day to say she would be home soon but didn?t give a specific time. I couldn?t wait to see her I was thinking possibly any day.

On Tuesday I arrived home not expecting her to be there but hoping she would be as I had every day. To my /surprise/">surprise she was there, but she didn?t look the same as she did when she left she looked as she did when she arrived in the baggy t-shirt and jeans. She had lost weight it appeared but she was still beautiful as ever.

?You are a site for sore eyes!?

I grabbed her held her tight and couldn?t wait to get a hold of her.

?We have missed you.?

With a smile she said we, ?you mean you and him? as she began rubbing my cock. ?Well yes we have missed you but so has Charles. Why didn?t you tell me you would be in today? I would have taken off work to pick you up.

?I just got in and this is fine I wanted to surprise you.?

?I am beat let me shower and change and we can grab something to eat, Charles is making us something, we can eat it out on the patio.?

It seemed like it took hours for her to shower.

She came down the stairs and I waited anxiously for her. She had on a long robe and I thought something has changed. She wasn?t as open about her body as she had been maybe our commitment or the events of the costume party has changed her.

?Brian, I have a surprise for you, I got it while I was away. Close your eyes and don?t open them until I say so.?

?OK, no problem.?

When I opened my eyes there was the old Jessee that left, and some more of her. ?What have you done?? 

?I recall someone saying if my tits were bigger I would look like a porn star well here is your star and her full double D?s I hope you like them.? 

I couldn?t help but touch them but was afraid they were sore or that she may have lost some of the feeling. The skin was stretched so tight and I swear her nipple looked larger than it did before she had it done.

?I also got you something else. Charles would you open the curtains please.? Charles opened the curtains and there we were on the TV her standing there nude and me exploring my new /toys/">toys. God was she ever so exciting. I didn?t? even mind that Charles was watching.

?Now when we have to be apart you can have your own porno to watch to help you on those lonely nights.?

Jessee came over and sat on my lap and she pressed my head into her new breasts. I couldn?t wait to fall asleep with the nipple between my lips as I had gotten so use to and missed so much while she was away. First I wanted to just admire her. I picked her up and carried her into the living room. 

?Charles adjust the camera and sit it up with ample view of the sofa.?

I sat Jessee down on the sofa, ?Now show me how you have been satisfying that hungry pussy of yours while you have been away.?

Jessee, done as she was asked. She began fingering her pussy getting it all nice and wet. 

?Umm yes, rub that clit. Let me see it show me how hard your clit is.? I used the camera and zoomed in on her she was so wet I could see it on the screen of the camcorder.

She was rubbing her clit with one hand and began fingering her pussy with the other. She was so hot. Then I noticed no only was she fingering her pussy but she was also using a /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-in-her-ass/">finger in her ass. 

?God you are fantastic, you look wonderful.? I now see why the men at the costume party were having such a good time watching her body she was one person who knew how to pleasure her self. ?Umm Jessee finger your ass, fuck your ass with your finger.?

Oh was she ever /fingering/ass-fingering/fingering-her-ass/">fingering her ass and it was wonderful. I know how she loves to turn men on. ?Charles, come here look at how /gorgeous/">gorgeous Jessee looks. Isn?t she just amazing with a perfect /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy.?

?I have to agree Mr. Brian she is exquisite. The perfect woman any man would be lucky enough to have.?

Jessee was looking at me with the pure desire of lust in her eyes. I wanted to take her and have her but I also wanted to watch her. I was so torn I never felt such a need to hold myself back from touching a woman who wanted so badly to be touched. It had been so long since the two of us had had each other. Oh how I loved her surprises.

Oh and did she ever her fingers were soaked. The wetness from her pussy was covering the left hand that was not only fingering her pussy but also her ass. Umm what a woman. I would never deprive her of alain lyle porn any of her desires as long as she keeps me as happy as she has been making me over the last few months.

I picked Jessee up carried her to bed to get some rest. While she lay there sleeping I began to recall the last couple of times we were together. She has been watched by not only myself and my butler bring herself to orgasm, but one of my most valued client had watched she and I have sex and then sucked my cum from her pussy. This is turning out to be more than I had ever expected. Not to mention I now have it on camera.