Typical Cuckold

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Typical Cuckold

Maybe every guy thinks he's unique. I thought so for a long time. When sperm competition became a hot topic in books and on the web, it dawned on me that I was not unique, but had behaved typically and predictably.

When I was in my twenties my first wife cuckolded me. The guy was someone she met at work. Her motives were complex and never fully explained. I think she did old waman xxxgx it because she thought I was fucking other /women/">women. Not true, but I think there were other reasons anyway.

How I found out about it was one morning I went down on her to eat her pussy before fucking her. She had stayed out late the night before and I was asleep when she came to bed. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and knelt on the carpet, spreading her legs wide to get in good and close. She had a /pussy/big-pussy/">big pussy and I could see that someone had recently fucked her. Like the night before?

My cock is on the small side of average both in length and girth. Her cunt looked like she'd fucked a guy with a bigger cock. Also she had that telltale fishy smell of dead sperm. So Mr. /cock/big-cock/">big cock had filled her with a big load of cum.

Now this pissed me off because I have to wear a condom to fuck her since she refuses to use any kind of birth control. She says they are my sperm and my responsibility. Fair enough but that should bokep sma pecah perawan apply to other men too.

Needless to say I deferred giving her cunnilingus, not wanting to eat my cuckolder's cum. But I did have a very hard /erection/">erection. I hadn't had any pussy for a while and I'd been too busy at work to even think about jacking off. So I was packing my maximum load. My whole groin had a hot buzzy feel and I felt full an swollen.

My favorite way to fuck her is doggy style. I like to take my time and fuck her slowly, using my cockhead to rub her G spot until she comes. I'm intact and typically like to stay deep and fuck a woman in short strokes. In missionary position this causes a lot of contact between my shaft and her clit and it usually does the trick for her.

I'd read that cut males fuck differently. Supposedly they like to fuck in full strokes, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting deeply. The theory is that they need more friction on their cock heads and therefore fuck more roughly.

According to sperm competition theory, when a male suspects his mate has (or could have) fucked another male or other males in his stead, he will fuck her in a similar manner, in full deep strokes. The theory goes that he instinctively uses the coronal flare at the back of his cockhead as a squeegee to pull out sperm left by other males. Then after an extended /rough/rough-fuck/">rough fuck, he'll ejaculate as deep as his endowment allows, putting his sperm at the head of the swim to an awaiting ovum.

Well so much for theory. But I was young, little more than a kid really, so I wasn't familiar with all this evolutionary theory. However, I did act instinctively. I fucked her in missionary, holding her legs up high and wide. Clit contact or pleasing her went out the window. My cock was swollen purple and as hard as it gets. I fucked her roughly for what seemed like half hour, pulling out nearly all the way and then driving into her hard and deep. Finally, breathing hard and with my thrusting muscles burning, I rammed all my five plus inches in as deep as I could and filled the top of her cunt with a huge load of cum. So maybe there is something to all those theories. As she looked at my softening cock when I finally slipped out of her, she wore a little smirk that spoke volumes.

Anyway, she eventually told me about her "affair". It happened during an argument. I accused her and she defiantly threw it right back at me. Turns out it was a guy I didn't know and had never met. This didn't stop her from adding an exclamation point to my cuckolding. Yes, you betcha. He had a bigger cock, wider, thicker, and a couple of inches longer, and she didn't have to fake it with him. Yeah, message finally received. We split for good no long after that little rant.