2nd time bisex

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2nd time bisex

You may have read my story about receiving my first-ever blowjob...and it was from my friend Bob many, many years ago. Over the years, I've masturbated over and over again over this moment...closing my eyes and reliving the cockplay with a friend during a backyard campout. I've been married for many years, but always wanted to experience, once again, cockplay...so I subscribed to a local swinger's site that caters to singles, couples, married-but-looking singles, etc.. I took some self-pictures and posted an ad in the "bi-curious" section. I received a number of queries, but nothing of interest so I didn't think much about it. After a month or two, however, one caught my attention. His name was Gary and he was a nurse at a local University Hospital. He said "Let me suck your one-eyed-snake, no reciprocation required." Well, I'm not sure I believed the "no reciprocation" thing, but it certainly peaked blowjob porn videos my interest. I was not interested in anything but cockplay and Gary seemed to have the same interest.

Gary and I emailed each other with some very descriptive things we wanted to do to each other. I must have masturbated a dozen times re-reading his email...all in anticipation of experiencing the real thing. We set a date...Saturday morning at 11:00!

I told my spouse that "I was headed to work for a couple of hours" and off I went. I was commando (i.e.; no /underwear/">underwear) with dark pants. It turned out to be a wise choice because in anticipation of the upcoming encounter, pre-cum was flowing freely. Had I worn a different color of pants (or jeans), I'm sure the wet spot would have been visible. I had plugged Gary's address into my GPS and off I went.

It didn't take long to find Gary's place...nice neighborhood, good housing. I knocked on the door and he greeted me in a light bathrobe with a smile and a hand-shake. I was quite nervous, and he could tell. It was a warm day and I'm sure that the sweat on my brow revealed my trepidation. Gary, however, was a perfect host. He offered me a beverage and invited me out on his patio.

We sat on the awning covered patio and chatted about our experiences over the years. I learned that Gary used to be married and despite significant begging, Gary could never convince his wife to participate in a three-way with him so Gary went out on his own. His wife could not handle it so a divorce ensued. Since then, Gary said, he's been with a few couples and single guys...but he was very selective on who he played with. He said he preferred married-but-bi guys because there was no risk of attachment and he knew they would be "clean."

As I became more comfortable, I noticed that Gary's patio was situated where there was utmost privacy from the neighbors. The patio was protected by an inside corner of the house...and across the yard there was a fence and a row of tall cedar bushes. I mentioned that "it was nice to be outdoors without having the neighbors activities distracting oneself" and Gary said, "and that works both ways. I've had naked parties out here and no one is the wiser." With that, I knew where we were going to play!

As we were talking and getting more comfortable, every once in awhile Gary would reposition himself and I noticed that the light bathrobe was riding up. It wasn't long before Gary was giving me a peek at his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls. Gary was doing this on purpose and he saw me staring. Sensing where this was headed, Gary offered me a chance to "get more relaxed. He said, "if you wish, there was a light bathrobe in the bathroom. Put it on and come back to the patio." With that, he gave me directions within the house. Off I went!

I got to the bathroom and laying on the dresser-sink was a light cotton bathrobe. I undressed...taking my time to let my cock go soft before I went back out to the patio. I didn't want my member to be sticking out the bathrobe when I returned. So after a few min's, I returned to the patio and sat down on the end of the picnic table bench...facing Gary. The bathrobe was small/short and I sat far enough on the end of the bench so there was no obstruction to my cock and balls (i.e.; so they were able to hang free). Right away, I spread my knees a little bit and of course, the front of the short robe opened up and I gave Gary his first unobstructed view of my cock and balls. I had given my groin area a good trimming and I must say, I was quite proud about the look. I could feel the breeze across my cock and balls and I loved it. Free and open is what I like.

So there we were, I could feel blood rushing to my mushroom head. I coughed a bit and I could feel quite a surge of pre-cum coming out of my cock. Gary finally said, "I can't stand it any longer...all that pre-cum dripping on my patio is making a mess...let me take care that for you!" So I twisted around, leaned back with my elbows on the picnic table while he situated a towel on the patio so he could be on his knees in comfort. I opened my knees and Gary reached out and gently took my cock into his hands. He spread my pre-cum around the mushroom head, the shaft...and there was enough left over for my balls. By then, I was rock-hard. I'm average (7" measured across the top), but as I looked down that day...I swear I grew another half-inch or so. It had been awhile since I had been that "turned on."

Slowly, Gary put my cock in his mouth. He started going in, out, rotating, twisting, all the while his tongue was darting across the underside of my mushroom head. Here we were...in broad daylight...in Gary's backyard...and he was sucking my cock! Wow! It didn't take long and my balls were started to crawl up and I could feel some spasms, so I knew we had to slow down. I asked Gary to stand up so I could "get a good look at his cock."

Gary stood up and untied his robe letting it fall open and as expected, he had a raging /boner/">boner. Pre-cum was dripping from his cock too. Secretly, I was worried that Gary's cock would be too large for my mouth (since I naturally can't open my mouth very wide), but as I looked at his cock, I knew everything would be OK. Although Gary was about the same length as me, his cock was a little smaller in diameter. Every once in awhile, I had practiced with hotdogs before and Gary's cock was coincidentally about the same size. His mushroom head was a little longer than mine, but not as pronounced.

I didn't engage in hand-stroking with Gary...I was hot and I had been waiting for years to have a cock in my mouth. I quickly put it into my mouth and marveled at the texture. It was soft, yet defined. I spent most of the time with my lips just past his mushroom head...using my tongue to stimulate the underside of his cock...just at the tip.

I could tell Gary was about to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth...and I wanted him to...but he had a different idea on how we should "finish." He put the back of the patio-lounger down so it was flat and laid on his back. Gary said, "it's time to 69!" With that I crawled above him so my cock was in reach milf porn videos of his mouth and visa-versa. Both of us were so-ready-to-cum that it was only a minute or two before I exploded into Gary's mouth. As I was coming down from the orgasm high, Gary exploded into my mouth. I was amazed at the taste. I didn't expect to like it...but it was neither gross or tasty...just sticky. I sucked every single drop out of him and created the best vacuum I could with my mouth. Gary started convulsing so I knew it was time to stop (you know what I'm talking about...after a good orgasm, you can't be touched without convulsing.)

So there we were, Gary found another cock to suck and I sucked my first. It was great. We refreshed our beverages and sat on the patio naked for another hour or so. The conversation was on past sexual exploits and likes/dislikes. Both Gary and I found ourselves reaching for our cocks and giving them a stroke or two. Next thing you know, we've slowly stroked ourselves hard again. We repeated the same scenario. Gary sucking my on the picnic table bench, me sucking Gary while he was standing up and bringing ourselves off in a 69.

Gary and I did meet up a couple of times since then, but he got married again and he is pre-occupied with his /wife/new-wife/">new wife. I do know that he is not going to tell her that he is bi (given /bad/">bad history on that front with his first wife). I have run into him on the street and let him know with a wink and a smile that "if he ever changes his mind and wants to get together again, he is to give me a call." We'll see...you never know!