24 Hour Insanity

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24 Hour Insanity

Michelle and I had been dating for a few weeks. The sex we were having had become simply amazing. Intercourse was all pleasure and no pain. We acted liked the normal boyfriend and girlfriend, until we got into the bedroom. Michelle was getting used to my length and girth and I was still trying to last longer. Size is not everything. Sure the extremely tight fit feels good, but the girl wants it to last as long as possible. Sometimes I would last over an hour or I would spurt in only 10 minutes. I would make up for my quick release with some quality cuddling. Which all guys should partake in.

I spent most of my time at Michelle?s Mom?s house. Mary was fantastic in letting us hang out in her home. Being a single mother, she loved her /daughter/">daughter a lot. Michelle was living with her while she attended college. She was a sizzling senior and I was a well /hung/">hung college freshman. My girl was up in her room studying, so I decided to sit in the living room and watch television with her mother. 

Unlike the majority of the time, Mary was fully clothed lying in the sofa. She usually would at least be bare breasted trying her hardest to flirt with me to see me get an erection. When I saw the images of Michelle?s perfect unclothed body and Mary?s titanic tits in the same room, I almost always became fully aroused. Michelle would then lead me off to her room for some astounding intercourse.

One day Michelle had to spend time studying in her room. I took the occasion to get to know her mom better. Mary?s husband left her when Michelle was a young teenager. She spent most of her time running her successful business and keeping her daughter happy. She told me I was so much more than sex to her daughter and that Michelle told her she loved me the night before. After the sentimental moment, Mary bragged about the sex she got out of me when she first caught us in the buff together. She acted cocky to how she took my full length and girth and enjoyed every minute of the forceful intercourse. She told me how Michelle said the /first-time/">first time I only lasted 5 painful minutes and the second time we took precautions to make it last and feel fine. I did not want to retort back with the fact that the sex that her daughter and I had now was marvelous and that the reason Mary?s sex went on for so long was because I was turned off by her dimpled ass and very hairy snatch. 

Mary liked my personality because Michelle did, but to her I was mostly a sexual man to flirt with. I reassured Mary that she would someday find a new gentleman. I went over and gave her a hug; she then clasped on my crotch and began chuckling. I was not wearing underwear under my shorts and she had a tight grip. I tried to gently pull away, but her smothering of my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls was to strong. ?What are you doing,? I exclaimed. ?Michelle told me you were critical of my body, well if it was not for your giant cock, you would have never gotten Michelle,? explained Mary. I agreed, gave her awesome tits a strong squeeze and she released me.

I explained to Mary that I originally disliked her. However, now that I knew her better, I had fallen for her open-ended attitude. I also told her she had some of the /boobs/best-boobs/">best boobs I have ever seen. I soon noticed her nipples poking through her taut sweater. She began rubbing her nipples through the cloth and told me we needed to get naked.

Michelle was perfectly fine with her mother and boyfriend practicing nudism. I hastily peeled off my shirt and slipped off my baggy blue shorts. When I looked up, Mary was just staring. I said, ?This is a two way deal.? Mary said, ?I just need to check and see if you?re healthy.? Maybe she felt sorry for the extreme squeeze? I shook my hefty junk at her and relaxed in the recliner. Mary stood up and lifted her shirt up, then her 36 D breasts dropped out. She explained that after our sex romp she began acting and dressing sexier. She commented on how men took greater notice when her erect nipples tried to poke through her tight shirt at work. She kept her khaki shorts on and went back to her couch. She devilishly explained to me that I would not want to see her unattractive vagina. 

We talked for a long time, she was on her back and her breasts spread out towards her sides. Whenever she laughed her boobs would faintly jiggle. At one point my softy began to grow, I told her I was going to check up on Michelle. Mary turned her head towards me and said, ?Is this old gal?s titties getting you aroused.? I said, ?Yes!? I then went upstairs.

I walked in on Michelle as she sat studying on her bed. She wore baggy boxers and a tight white tank top. In the most ordinary clothes, Michelle looked extraordinary. She looked up and saw me stroke my dick to achieve a full 8 ¾ inches. I went through the previous happenings and asked Michelle what xxx sex video download free com her mom was up to. She just told me the old woman was just horny, and unlike her, has not had a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck since I was with her. I told her I needed to have sex now; she walked over to me, squeezed my balls, and told me she had to study. I respected her commitment towards her schooling. She lifted up my cock allowing her to give me a passionate kiss and turned around. ?That is all good honey, but what should I do with this?? I said. Michelle replied with a smile, ?I don?t know, I am sure Mary could lend a hand.?

I descended the steps and thought about what to do with my hard-on. Then I saw that Mary had fallen asleep. I sat back in my chair and started masturbating. I rubbed up on down on my full length. As Mary would breath her breasts would heave. I started jacking at a frantic pace and let out a little moan. Mary opened her eyes and began laughing. She must have found it hilarious that I took advantage of her bare bosoms. She arose and started swaying her breasts while walking towards me. I told her that Michelle said I should get her help with my wood. While I was sitting, she rubbed her breasts on my face and reached down for my dick. She yanked on it and I followed her down to the floor. Mary exclaimed, ?titty fuck me now!? She squeezed together her mounds as I slid my manhood between her smooth peaks. I then superceded her expectations when I ferociously spurted all over her face. I pulled away and propped myself against the couch to gather my thoughts. Mary stood up, wiped the zombie mask away from her eyes, and made a comment about how she never expected my balls to shoot so much. She leaned down and gave my limp dick a hand shake and headed for a shower. 

I was left with cleaning up my manly mess. When I was almost finished Michelle entered the room and I explained to her what had happened. She smiled and asked me if I enjoyed myself. I told her I did, and grabbed her waist, pulling her close to my still nude body. I French kissed her and stretched open her little boxer shorts. I then lifted and dropped my dangling white meat into her shorts and rubbed it against her firm, smooth skin. She told me that she was still too busy to do anything, grabbed my penis and pulled it out, then turned around, grinded her booty against my package and then sexily walked up the stairs. She is such a tease. As she reached the top, she told me to assist Mary with her shower. I was tired of her teasing, so I agreed to take that shower.

I had yet to hear the shower running; I peeked into the bedroom to find a clean-faced Mary lying on her bed with what appeared to be a vibrator under her sheets. I watched as Mary reached her orgasm and fondled her breasts. ?Was it as good as it looked,? I hollered. Startled, Mary put her vibrator away, put on her black underwear under the sheets, and tried to explain. I went to clarify to her not to be embarrassed; hell I just fucked her boobs. I then leaped onto the bed and took the missionary position. I nonchalantly tapped her clit through her black panties with my soft head. I could feel she was very wet, but I was not thinking of breaching her slit. She looked anxiously into my brown eyes, preparing for her underwear to be ripped off and to be stretched out once again. I told her I cherished her daughter too much to do what her vibrator could, but I could help her in the shower. With some disappointment, Mary sat up and gave me a supple punch in the stomach. (I would like to point out that I did have vaginal intercourse with Mary one time before, you can read about it in the /sex/sex-first-time/first-time-sex/">first time sex section and it is titled Michelle, Mary, and I. However, that little romp occurred in an even stranger situation.)

I strolled into the adjoining bathroom and began to run the shower, when I turned around Mary was leaning against the doorway in her birthday suit. She had shaven her vagina just like her daughter! She was much heavier, but her maturity was attractive. I stared into her eyes as I made my way towards her. Mary was short, so my dick pressed flat against her ample stomach. I whispered to her that she looked beautiful. I reached around and grabbed her ass as I used my muscles to pick her up and fling her against the wall. I was a little disappointed that Michelle would not make time for me. Since she did not care what I did with her mom, I probably could have just fucked her, but I began to heavily kiss and caress her body. I spent a great time kneading, licking and kissing her boobs. It was the one feature that Mary had that I believe Michelle was jealous of. Mary?s breasts were nearly perfect. If one was to see her face and the type of clothes she used to wear, you would be totally blown away. Mary?s tits were much bigger and featured much larger nipples than her daughter?s perfect cans. However, they suffered from only a little sagging. 

Mary seemed surprised by my passion, but I was horny young man. I ran my hand from her breasts down to her smooth vagina. I inserted two fingers into her pussy. I shoved my tongue into her mouth as she moaned. I then quickly pulled away. Mary had begun sweating and whispered, ?Why did you stop.? I signaled to her that she should join me in her enormous shower. As she passed me, she reached out and tugged my flaccid dick. I slapped her /chubby/chubby-ass/">chubby ass and followed her inside. When we were inside, I watched as her neck-length hair became wet and stuck closely to her head. I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her portly body. I kissed her forehead and moved as if we were slow dancing. All Mary needed in life was a strong man and I needed her incredible daughter.

She put her head against my hairy chest and closed her eyes. She was completely relaxed, but the constant rubbing of breasts awoke my flesh dragon. My penis was totally hard while she tightly held me. Mary said, ?Would you like some room to stretch out?? She stepped back and I sprang to life. Mary took her wet washcloth and hung it on my rod. ?See, you are good for something!? Mary proclaimed. I laughed as Mary turned around to get shampoo. She was bent over and I stared at her vagina. I took the tip if my dick and inserted it a tiny bit in her slit sexxxx video ful hd and move upward. She moaned and braced herself to take my beef. I positioned behind her and inserted the head of my cock into her established booty. She snapped up to full attention, while clenching my head between her buttocks. Mary gave out a little moan, lightly shook her ample ass, and clenched and unclenched her butt cheeks. She sternly told me that she never wanted /butts/butt-sex/">butt sex with my dick again. Even though she said the head felt good. I pulled out, apologized, and helped shampoo her light brown hair. My erection would not diminish, so I stuck the tip in Mary?s belly button as I massaged her scalp with the shampoo. Mary then took the bottle and squirted it onto my dick. She jacked me off while talking dirty to me. She made claims of all the things she would have done with me if she was younger. At one point she was standing behind me and stuck her head under my armpit, gently biting on my nipple. This old slut got me all riled up and I had to ejaculate all over the wall in a matter of minutes. 

The shower was over; I dried off and wrapped myself in a towel. I went to Mary?s bed stand and retrieved her vibrator. I left Mary the way I found her and proceeded to the downstairs to retrieve my clothes. As I passed Michelle?s room, I heard her call my name. As the door swung open, I saw my lover lying on her bed wearing a g-sting and a matching red bra. ?I am ready for you now,? Michelle alluringly stated. I was spent from her mother?s magic hands so I decided to get back at her. I walked to her, placed my strong hand on her tight and petite butt and leaned close to her pierced ear. ?Your mom and her /tits/big-tits/">big tits just wore me out. She worked my dick with her hands like never before,? I whispered. I dropped my towel allowing her a near eye level view of my raw schlong. ?But honey, I need you now,? whined Michelle.

I felt sorry for this beautiful girl so I told her I would give her a massage. I got onto her bed and rested my balls on the top of her butt crack. My dick sat on her lower back and I started in on her back massage. Eventually Michelle took off her bra and threw it to the floor. After quite some time, seeing Michelle?s /adorable/">adorable relaxed face started to make my loins stir.

I got off of her and started to pull down her g-string. Once the very little fabric was off, she sat up and looked down at my package. She started stroking and told me to get a condom. When I had my rubber on I turned around to see Michelle in a very sexy pose as she tweaked her nipples. The areolas were the size of quarters and her breasts were all around better than her mom?s.

Michelle wanted it doggy style and I delivered. I grabbed hold of her upper thighs and pulled her towards me, thus burying myself to the balls. As we were engaging, the perspiration started to gather on our bodies. I looked over to the side of the room and noticed I got a nice view of Michelle?s wiggling tits and fine-looking face in the mirror. I briefly stopped and asked her if she wanted to change positions. ?No! Keep on going!? yelped my lover. She came and was very wet. Michelle threw her head back and sexually whimpered. 

I told her that I was not through and continued ravaging her vagina. Due to her mother, I was able to last longer. Michelle?s beauty, coupled with the draining her mom gave my balls allowed me to continue on. I picked Michelle off the bed and she rapped her legs around me. I had sex with her standing up and I then noticed Mary, in a partially see-through white nightgown, standing at the door watching me. She winked and I continued bouncy Michelle up and down my shaft. I noticed Mary?s eyes go down to watch my testicles flop about as I nailed her daughter. I then lifted my girl off my rod and tossed her on the bed. I gave her missionary until I filled my condom soon after her second orgasm.

Michelle and I lay motionless as she had her eyes closed, breathing in deeply. I rolled off my condom and laid back as well. I glanced at the alarm and noticed it was 11:45 P.M. ?Is okay if I stay the night baby,? I asked. ?Sure, hey Mom, shut off the lights and wake me up for my final tomorrow,? said Michelle. I was surprised she had noticed her mom, but I cuddled her close as my limp dick lay dormant pressed against her soft left buttock.

I awoke in the morning to find that Michelle had left, luckily I was through with my final exams. My clothes were placed on the floor, so I dressed and went downstairs. I saw Mary pouring lemonade in her one piece bikini. ?If you want to join me in the hot tub you are welcome.? She gave a devilish smile and went outside. I was thinking how great it would be to get clean and then leave. Being that the house was far in the country, I stripped nude and went outside. The fresh spring air felt good on my skin and then I turned the corner to see a shocking sight. Along with Mary, were three elderly women with cameras. Light bulbs flashed as I turned around and sprinted into the house. I leaned against the kitchen counter as I tried to pull myself together.

?I was just trying to get some revenge,? said Mary as she entered through the sliding glass door. ?You taunted me in the shower yesterday and then I witnessed you give my daughter superb sex, so I invited some old widows over for a pool party. You did not have to come outside with your /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock out, but you gave those senior citizens a pleasant /surprise/">surprise. I just got done telling them about all of our sexual escapades,? Mary calmly stated. I retorted with, ?You can?t just brag to everyone about you, Michelle and I.? As she went into the living room she said, ?They don?t know about your girlfriend, they think you?re my /boy/boy-toy/">boy toy.?

At this point I felt surreal. I was just outside and had three women over the age of 65 take pictures of my thick 6 ½ inch dangler. Now I was arguing with my girlfriend?s mom while still completely nude. I was standing in the doorway talking over the situation when I felt a small feeble hand reach through my legs and yank on my dick. I turned around to see two wrinkled old women looking at my bare body, while one was outside holding onto my clothes, peering through the glass. I did not bother to leave or cover my package. I just stood there with my hands at my sides and allowed them to stare at my package. The sight of three crinkly, short, fragile women wearing old timey bathing suits was a sight that could sterilize. I thought what the hell, and put my arms around the two old bags and headed towards the glass door. I decided to play along with Mary and said, ?Hey honey. What are you waiting for, lets go outside and get wet.? The woman with my clothes opened the door and I felt the sunlight hit my body once again.

The women entered the hot tub and I was about to join when I heard Mary jogging on the deck. I turned around to see a stripped Mary holding a digital camera. She informed me that these lonely women would love some quality pictures of me. After they all promised to keep the pictures secret, I did some flexing and sexy shots directed by Mary. Mary then invited the women to have their picture taken with me. Lenore was up first, she put her arm around my waist and her hand on my penis. Second was Jane, she pulled up my dick and displayed it as if she caught a fish. Third was Marie, and she cradled my balls in her palm while she giggled for the camera.

That was weird! So I headed into the hot tub as the women soon joined in. There were three old women on one side and me and my girlfriend?s mom nude on the other. The elderly told stories of past sexual adventures as I relaxed with my arm around Mary. 

Mary leaned back and rested her legs across my lap. She rubbed her calves against my genitals. I had an engorged boner and she began playing in the midst of if it with her feet. Then Lenore said, ?You know what Russ? I once had sex with a black man who was around your size. It was remarkable!? I said, ?Wow! I never realized Fredrick Douglas had so much spare time during his writings and speeches.? Obviously offended, Lenore took hold of her suit and exposed the two most grotesque, sickly, veined and stretched breasts imaginable. I leaped out of the tub and the ladies hooted and hollered over my erection.

As I dressed inside, Mary came in to say goodbye. I gave her a kiss and told her I felt really uncomfortable around those ladies. I drove off as Mary stood at the door waving her tits goodbye at me. Later when I was talking to Michelle on the phone, she commented on how funny the whole situation must have been. What a strange and erotic 24 hours.