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Fight Like A Girl: Jasmin


Jasmin is doing pretty well for herself. A year into her career, the 19-year old from Toronto is getting regular bookings across Canada and is also making a dent in the US. She wrestled in Massachusetts last weekend – which caused a geographical problem which she talks about during the interview – and is set to return to Absolute Intense Wrestling in Cleveland, OH at the end of the month of Girls Night Out 11 & 12.

This 20 minute chat also covers the new wave of Canadian stars, getting her name and brand out there, her parents’ thoughts on her her photoshoots and training with former TNA Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde. We also discuss being involved in the match which saw Courtney Rush break her collarbone and whether it has affected her mentally.

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FLAG Jasmin "FLAG Jasmin". Released: 2014. "FLAG Jasmin"

Ringbelles Retro: The Knockouts get festive

Taylor Wilde TNAHopefully everyone who has read this has enjoyed a healthy and happy Christmas filled with wrestling joy – I, for example received the Wrestling’s 101 Strangest Matches book featuring contests like the Original Screwjob and when June Byers and Mildred Burke tried to resolve a title dispute with a legitimate contest. While we’re having a bit of a rest day at Ringbelles, we couldn’t resist adding a Retro featuring the TNA Knockouts from the Christmas Day episode of Impact in 2008.

Another reason why we’re posting this match is because of the nib we posted in yesterday’s Roundup about Taylor Wilde doing some wrestling appearances next year. She is featured in this contest alongside Roxxi (Nikki Roxx), ODB and Christy Hemme against the Kongtourage faction consisting of Sojo Bolt, Rhaka Khan, Raisha Saeed (Cheerleader Melissa/Alissa Flash) and the Knockouts Champion Awesome (Amazing) Kong. The baby faces get into the Christmas spirit by getting into costume, so click the jump and get into some festive fighting. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (24 December 2013) – Courtney Rush cleared, awards insight & more

23 Courtney RushYou know you have intrinsic importance when people seem to work around you to make things work.

Courtney Rush participated in her first training session after receiving clearance from her doctor. She has been given a clean bill of health after fracturing her clavicle on September 15 in the pre-show ahead of Smash Wrestling’s CAN USA event in Toronto, ON, Canada. At the time, nobody knew she was hurt as she was wrestling under a hood under the name of La Tigre Diablo against Jasmin, and the break happened in what Rush described at the time as a “freak accident”. She didn’t appear on the show as planned, and instead was rushed to hospital with the fear in her head that the plans she had for the following month or so were out of the window.

Rush had been due to travel to England to defend the Bellatrix World Championship at Bellatrix 7 on October 6, but the match between Liberty and she was pushed back – meaning that she would not have to relinquish the title which she won from Allison Danger at NCW Femmes Fatales XI in March. She still participated in the proceedings, turning heel and costing her title challenger the RQW European Championship, which she dropped to Sammi Baynz.

Like Bellatrix, Femmes Fatales also made concessions to accommodate Courtney’s literal tough break. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: When the rockstar was a groupie

We have had quite a week for new audio shows. Not only have we got a new segment called My Name Is with Luscious Latasha and a Fight Like A Girl with TNA‘s Tara, as well as a new full-on podcast with Courtney Rush, entitled Rush Hour. For that reason, let’s take a look back at Miss Rush, before she metamorphosed into the suplex machine that she is now, back when she was PJ Tyler.

As she mentioned back on the Women Of Wrestling Podcast last year, Rush equated PJ Tyler to being the groupie, whereas now she is the rockstar. Besides, it was probably a good reason to change the handle, as PJ Tyler also seems to be the name of an astrologer

The match we bring to you today is from Border City Wrestling, a promotion created by former TNA booker Scott D’Amore in 1993, and went out of business in 2010. Based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Tyler was a staple in the promotion along with her first Rush Hour guest and longtime friend/rival, Haley “Cat Power” Rogers, as well as fellow former TNA employee Jamie D, who wrestled in Orlando as Sirelda.

Her opponent in the contest is Taylor Wilde, who at the time of this match (June 28, 2009) had just finished her feud with Daffney, with it culminating in a Monsters Ball intergender match (Wilde & Abyss v Daffney & Raven). Tyler’s playing heel, so it will be a departure for any fans who have only seen Rush’s recent work in SHIMMER – so click after jump and enjoy… (more…)

Retro DVD review: SHIMMER volume 1

This retro DVD review is all ass-backwards. Instead of us doing a review of a show from days gone by, instead, it is the review which is old and it is of the (then) newly-released SHIMMER: Women Athletes volume 1 – a show that you can still buy as part of the Collectors’ Edition.

Back in February 2006, Stewart Allen decided to pick up a DVD of this new SHIMMER thing – based on Beth Phoenix v Allison Danger – and wrote a review for Figure Four Weekly. So let’s jump in the time machine and go back five and a half years to see what Stew’s first impressions of SHIMMER really were…


I was initially attracted to the idea of checking out the new SHIMMER promotion for the sole intention of being able to see Beth Phoenix in competition. I’ve been a fan of Beth’s in OVW for some time (where she works as the valet to Aaron “The Idol” Stevens) and while she’s quick to get physically involved in his matches, I’d never seen her wrestle a proper match. It was a further bonus that on this Volume 1 release, she happened to be facing Allison Danger – one of the relatively few other women I know from the US indy circuit. So, the promise of some Phoenix/Danger action coupled with the fact that the promotion name was based on a song title by one of my favourite bands (“Shimmer Like A Girl” by Veruca Salt) meant that I actually laid down some dollars and ordered a DVD from Yay me.

I’ve got to say, I was very surprised to hear that the DVD is reportedly one of ROH’s fastest selling DVDs of all time. “Why??” asked a friend of mine when I told him this piece of information. I honestly didn’t know. I know why *I* bought a copy – but what was the attraction for everyone else? Either way, I unwrapped the DVD with some excitement tonight and stuck it in the machine. Fingers crossed it won’t suck. (more…)

The Pocket Volcano Erupts: In TNA The Buck Stops… Where, Exactly?

It’s a news story that continues to build. There’s more and more direct and circumstantial evidence that comes out each month. More people are willing to tell their story, no matter the consequences – they want the truth to be known. The woman at the center of it all has done her best to keep quiet, despite the storm around her. But her silence speaks volumes. Even though higher ups have the cash to keep things flowing, and have the final say on all decisions, effectively this woman is the face of the company.

All this fits perfectly with the woman who is at the center of the massive hacking scandal – Rebekah Brooks, former editor of News of the World in Britain. Even though News Corp is owned by Rupert Murdoch, Brooks was the Chief Executive of News International, which is the British newspaper publishing branch of News Corporation. So Brooks reports directly to Murdoch, and since she was editor at the time of the alleged phone hackings, responsibility falls directly onto her shoulders. At this time, she has been arrested and bailed on criminal charges pending further enquiries, and an investigation is being launched into how much (if anything) that she knew and if so, when she knew it.

However, the first paragraph also fits the description of another high profile woman at the head of a company. Dixie Carter is President of Impact Wrestling (or Total Nonstop Action, whatever). She has, at times, been seen in an on-screen role, warring against Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. However, she has been conspicuous by her absence, not appearing on Impact since late 2010. Once a frequent Twitter-user, since March 1st her tweets have been few and far in-between, only sporadically using the social media tool to promote the change from “TNA” to “Impact Wrestling” and promote the X-Division-based PPV Destination X.

Much like Rebekah Brooks, Dixie Carter has gone silent in the wake of several scandals that have become public knowledge (or, in the case of previous controversies, never commented on them when they were made public). Where, oh where, to begin? (more…)