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Faby Apache wins her second Reina de Reinas Title

BFmtqi_CUAA1hO-Moments ago at the Plaza de Toros La Monumental in Monterrey, Mexico, Faby Apache captured the vacant AAA Reina de Reinas championship in a four way match over Canadians LuFisto & Taya Valkyrie and her own sister Mari Apache. The match, part of AAA’s Rey de Reyes supershow – one of the company’s biggest events in the calendar – was to fill the vacancy left last month when previous Reina de Reina holder Sexy Star fell pregnant. It is unclear whether Sexy Star opted to vacate or whether AAA wouldn’t allow her to drop the title in the ring.

Mari Apache was first eliminated, at the hands of LuFisto. Taya Valkyrie was the next to go, after missing her moonsault and being pinned by Faby. Faby then went on to win her second Reina de Reinas by defeating LuFisto. Apache’s first run with the title lasted about a year and a half, from May 28, 2008 to September 26, 2009 and is the longest in the championship’s fourteen year history. The match featured the winners of four qualifying matches from earlier this month in Mexico City, when LuFisto beat Cinthia Moreno, Faby Apache beat Sexy Lady, Mari Apache beat Lolita and Taya Valkyrie beat Jennifer Blake (the latter two of which you can watch on YouTube)

Also of interest on the show was the apparent AAA brand split announced by Marisela Pena, into AAA Fusion and AAA Evolution, with the understanding that AAA Fusion would remain the Mexico brand (under Joaquin Roldan), while AAA Evolution would be the American brand (under Dorian Roldan) to coincide with the planned expansion into the US on the forthcoming El Rey network. Assuming AAA Evolution continues to use luchadoras, this could be an interesting new place to work in the US for some female talent.

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Flashback 2012: The other interviews

dynamic_mic1As was mentioned in the previous Flashback 2012 article, Ringbelles was created as a host for our flagship Women Of Wrestling Podcasts, which offers thorough insights into wrestlers, their pasts and what they’re up to at the moment. They’re also quite lengthy – with the longest going for close to two hours. With that in mind, we made the decision to offer other interview segments on the website – ones which were shorter, and dealt with current news rather than being a career retrospective. For that reason, Fight Like A Girl was born back in May last year, with Faith Lehaine being the first guest. However, the show really gained a life of its own in 2012, and also saw it joined by another interview segment – but we’ll get to that. Firstly, let’s have a look at who gave us some of their time over the last 12 months for Fight Like A Girl… (more…)

In Video: Taya Valkyrie’s AAA TV debut

Hopefully by now you’ll have heard of Canadian talent Taya Valkyrie – the Storm Wrestling Academy graduate has been a guest on a previous edition of Fight Like A Girl, and now contributes to this very website with her brand new “South of the Border” blog series where she plans to write about her experiences with AAA and Los Perros Del Mal in Mexico. In fact, her first blog dealt was written as she prepared for her first televised match on AAA TV – and said match has now turned up on YouTube!

Like much of lucha libre, you kind of need to turn off any preconceived notions about pro-wrestling. Lucha exists in a unique bubble – as can be seen in the teams for this trios match, as each team features a woman, an exotico (transvestite) and a mini. These “mixed” matches used to be a trademark booking staple of the late AAA founder Antonio Pena. In this match, ruda Taya finds herself teaming with exotico Polvo de Estrellas and AAA World Mini-Estrella Champion Mini Psicosis to take on Lolita and her team featuring exotico legend Pimpinela Escarlata and one of the most astounding talents in the world regardless of height, weight or gender – Mascarita Dorada. Click to after the cut for the match.


NEW BLOG SERIES: South Of The Border with Taya Valkyrie

The last year has really seemed like a blur or a dream. So many things both good and bad have crossed my path. My determination, drive and passion for what I do was all tested. A year ago I would have never guessed that I would be now living in México, working for one of the biggest wrestling, pardon me, lucha libre companies in the world, training every week with legends and learning and working with people who I consider some of the best female talent in the world.

I’m currently writing this while sitting on the tour bus as we make our way to Guadalajara for a house show. We left at 6 am to make the 7 hour journey. There is Mexican folk music playing through the speakers. Everyone is either sleeping or listening to their iPods as the air-conditioning blasts and we drive past more and more rolling Mexican hills. There will be a quick food stop at a roadside stand and then straight to the venue. Its moments like this where I cant help but smile and really reflect back on what the last 7 months of my life have been.


Ringbelles Roundup (28 August 2012) – the Aussies & Kiwis, April Davids & more

There has been a lot of focus on the continent of Australasia recently, and most of it centres around one kick-happy wrestler from New Zealand.

As we have documented, Evie has been catapulted into everyone’s line of sight, winning both the IPW Women’s and PWWA Championships in the space of seven days – the first in a triple threat match with Megan-Kate and Britenay, and the latter against Jessie McKay just last Saturday.

When approached for comment, the Auckland resident told Ringbelles:

Winning the IPW Women’s Title and then the PWWA Interim Title… words can’t pinpoint the feelings I felt over those nights. I was extremely emotional… a few tears were shed, and it definitely is the highlight of my career to date. I came away from both matches battered and bruised, but it was all worth it in the end… after five years, I finally feel like a champion.

The fans have also been rad… I can’t believe how much support I received through those tournaments, both online and in person. It was amazing!


Fight Like A Girl: Taya Valkyrie

From Canadian indies to performing in front of 21,000 fans at AAA‘s TripleMania XX in Mexico City – Taya Valkyrie has had a pretty amazing 2012 so far. On this edition of Fight Like A Girl, we discuss the what the move from Canada to Mexico meant for her both culturally and from a working point of view, how easy it was to adjust, and whether she had to unlearn/relearn how to wrestle with the lucha style. We also talk about World of Hurt, where Taya was a cast member on both the first and second seasons, and compare how working with Lance Storm on Season 1 was to working with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper on Season 2 – and just how much anybody knew about what was going on. We also touch *very* briefly on the reported WWE deal she was offered late last year, her short term goals in Mexico and she reveals her wrestling inspiration.

You’ll hear more from this woman, so get the lowdown now.

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Follow Taya’s adventures south of the border by following her on twitter or liking her facebook fan page.
Learn more about AAA and World Of Hurt at their official websites.