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Ringbelles Roundup (29 May 2012)

Following her arrest over being arrested for narcotics possession last week, Io Shirai was indefinitely suspended by her home promotion, Stardom. The official statement refrains from making a comment on the current legal situation, but did distance itself from the former Triple Tails member, and apologised to fans. Io’s sister Mio did the same thing in a blog post, saying that their relationship had been strained recently, and Io had distanced herself from her family. She also pointed out that she heard about the arrest in the same way everyone else did – via the media.

Shirai’s suspension should not come as a surprise. Drugs are a serious no-no in Japan, and any wrestling organisation would want to disassociate itself with anything that may trouble or dissuade sponsors.

22-year old Shirai and her boyfriend NOSAWA Rongai were arrested at Narita Airport after returning from Mexico, after a total of 75 grams of marijuana was found hidden in the frames of two paintings given to them from fans. In somewhere like the US or UK, 75 grams is a small amount of cannabis – but this Japan, which has ferocious anti-drug laws to discourage people from smuggling, selling, cultivating or selling them in the country. For example, because caught with weed could result in a five year prison sentence which also incorporates hard labour. That’s a stiff penalty, and really not worth the risk.

At the moment, both Shirai and Rongai (who deny the allegations) are being held in a detention centre where the prosecutor will prepare in indictment. If that happens, the chances of being acquitted is very slim. (more…)

DVD Review: Queens Of Chaos (13 May 2005)

Before SHIMMER existed, France had its own female promotion, featuring wrestlers from around the world, culminating with the crowning of the first ever World Queens of Chaos Champion.

1. Skye pinned Rebecca Knox with a Fisherman’s Suplex.
2. Erin Angel v Jersey went to a no-contest when Kid Kash interfered.
3. Kid Kash & Trinity defeated Sick & Nikita. Trinity pinned Nikita following a moonsault.
4. Sick beat Kid Kash with a magistral cradle.
5. Sumie Sakai defeated Sweet Saraya with a rolling cradle.
6. Nikita won a Rumble to become the World Queens of Chaos Champion.
Order of entry: Nikita, Sakai, Saraya, Angel, Knox, Jersey, Skye, Trinity
Order of elimination: Saraya by Angel; Jersey by Angel; Skye by Knox; Sakai by Knox & Trinity; Knox by Nikita; Angel by Nikita; Trinity by Nikita

• Skye scored an upset pin over Rebecca Knox after being beaten on for much of the contest. Well, it’s considered an upset, but by this time, Skye had trained in Atlanta with William Regal, Chris Benoit, Dave Taylor and Bryan Danielson (now WWE‘s Daniel Bryan).
• Kid Kash interfered in the Erin Angel/Jersey match, caused havoc in his own intergender tag team match, and is beaten up by all the women when he tries to interfere in the main event.
• Sumie Sakai and Sweet Saraya signed a contract for their match, which is just an excuse to get some heel heat on Saraya ahead of the contest. The two had a pull-apart fight to close the angle.
• Nikita (now TNA‘s Winter) won the main event Rumble after starting the match with Sakai. Nikita was the only face left in the final four, and eliminated them all singlehandedly to win the title. (more…)

Former UK wrestler will carry the Olympic torch

Former UK wrestler turned Territorial Army bomb disposal expert Sapper Victoria Swain has been selected as one of the lucky people who will carry the Olympic flame ahead of the London 2012 Games.

The 25 year old facilities manager from Cheshunt was given the honour by the London Evening Standard newspaper, shortlisted her in June. The torch’s UK journey will start at Land’s End at the most southernly point of the UK on May 19, and will end with the flame being used to light the cauldron in the Olympic stadium in London on July 27. Victoria will transport the torch for 300 metres in her local community as it makes its way through every borough of the capital.

She was nominated because of her tour of Afghanistan last year, where she spent six months in the volatile Helmand area of the country, and was the only female is a six-strong High Risk Royal Engineer Search Team. Click after the jump to see how she was nearly killed by a roadside bomb, and how she was nearly shot by the Taliban. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: The night before Chickfight VII

Chickfight VII was the first of the tournaments to take place outside of the US. It would feature four British wrestlers and four from the States, and was a great night of wrestling, won by Cheerleader Melissa. It was that show that made me a full-on women’s wrestling fan, and was also the night that I discovered SHIMMER – so things snowballed from there. But the night before CFVII, Melissa wrestled a pretty historic bout in a promotion that had never featured female action before.

One Pro Wrestling didn’t even have female valets, let alone wrestlers. For some reason, it was a total woman-free zone, for whatever reason. But at the end of 2006, 1PW went under, even though a show had been booked for January 13, 2007. With the help of another British promotion, Will Not Die went ahead, and featured Cheerleader Melissa against the very woman who introduced me to British women’s wrestling a year previous, Skye. (more…)