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Ringbelles Retro: Ivelisse is back in the Hunt

Being able to pick yourself up after being released from WWE is a positive character trait that we have already experienced in the last few days with Su Yung, who has gone from strength to strength since being let go in August last year, and made a great showing for herself at SHIMMER last weekend (results here and here).

Just over two months ago, Ivelisse Velez was released from WWE, but similarly, she is looking to stay involved in wrestling, as evidenced by her name being included in the list of wrestlers announced for SHINE Wrestling‘s SHINE 5 on November 16.

She – along with Nikki St John, Athena, Niya and Marti Belle – will be making their SHINE debuts, though no matches have been announced yet.

To prepare for her debut for the promotion, we have a retro match from June 26, 2010 between she – wrestling under her old name of Juliet the Huntress – and Melanie Cruise – who also had a good SHIMMER weekend – in Purely Obsessed Wrestling World‘s Summer X-plosion show in Elk Grove, IL. Incidentally, Cruise wrestles St John and Stacy Shadows in a triple threat at POWW’s WrestleRage X show on November 10 in Melrose Park, IL, so it seems everybody’s very busy at the moment… (more…)

A good half year for… Sweet Saraya

Stunned. Shocked. You can use a hundred different descriptors to try and properly encapsulate the reaction of the crowd on March 18th at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL. To the red headed woman maniacally grinning and holding the SHIMMER Championship above her head, I imagine it felt a lot more like redemption.

Saraya Knight was never supposed to get over like she had in SHIMMER. In fact, when she and her daughter came over to the US for their SHIMMER debuts a year earlier, Saraya told us on the WOW Podcast (Episode #19) that she almost felt she was there as an “add on” on the back of her daughter, Britani, who was skyrocketing to fame in her own right. However, much to her own genuine surprise, Saraya was like nothing Berwyn had ever seen – SHIMMER reinvigorated Saraya’s dedication to the business, and as a result, the havoc wreaked by the Knight Dynasty was immense. (more…)

WOW Podcast #39 with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Part One

Episode 39 with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Part One

It’s the first time we’ve spread a single guest over two WOW Podcasts, but when that guest is a three time former WWE Women’s Champion, it’s quite understandable. The former Ivory, Lisa Moretti, joins us on just before she sets off to the Los Angeles premiere of “GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” to discuss the documentary and her time as Tina Ferrari, the fact the GLOW fanbase still exists after over 20 years, training as a raw rookie with Mando Guerrero vs training raw rookies herself on Tough Enough, bimbos in wrestling, creative freedom at GLOW, a live performance of her RAP(!), transferring from GLOW to POWW, earning respect of the “real” wrestlers, being honoured at Cauliflower Alley this year, who she would have had to kill if she’d seen her and STANDING UP RICKY STEAMBOAT for a poolside vodka! We’ll talk to Lisa again next week where she’ll report on her experiences at the LA premiere, and we’ll talk about her WWE run in depth! Look, it’s Lisa Moretti – her enthusiasm is infectious. Listen immediately!!

May 12th in New York, NY | June 5th in London, England

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)

Ringbelles Retro: Vintage doesn’t always mean good

The year was 1987 and Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling was still a minor fixture in the wrestling world. In some ways GLOW was the blueprint for Wrestlicious with its slightly hammy wrestling and very lame comedy, but it lasted for a while – until internal warring saw the founder David McLane leave the promotion and set up a rival in Indianapolis call Powerful Ladies Of Wrestling.

POWW was more wrestling-focussed, doing away with the comedy and skits in favour of in-ring action. It aligned itself with the World Wrestling Alliance and recognised the Women’s and Tag Team Championship. The match we feature this week is from the doubles division, and features champions Luna Vachon and Hot Rod Andie against Pocohontas and Paisley. (more…)