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In Video: When in doubt… Thunderkitty

ThunderkittyWe at Ringbelles became big fans of Thunderkitty at the last SHIMMER tapings back in April, especially during her victory over Sassy Stephie on volume 57, where she got the win with a sleeperhold.

The great thing about her style – which would be considered modern in her mentally-defined era of the 1950′s – is that her fundamentals mean her matches can stick to the KISS principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid. In addition, how can you dislike anyone who has “Ladies champion of lady midget-tossing in Ohio at 11 feet and 3 inches” and “Rumored to win a battle royal against 15 grizzly bears in the old territory days” as other notable accomplishments on her own website?

We’ve got a couple of Thunderkitty matches for you – her SPARKLE match from last October where she wrestled Montreal’s Angie Skye, and a contest from Millennium Pro Wrestling in 2011 against NY Knockout Nikki. (more…)

In Video: A match to mark Allison Danger’s birthday

It’s Allison Danger‘s birthday today, and to celebrate, she’s going to be getting into the ring. She will be taking on her friend and recent SHIMMER debutante NY Knockout Nikki at Adrenaline Unleashed in Las Vegas, NV, with Nikki’s Women’s Championship on the line as part of the Extreme Thing 2012 card – which also features a second women’s match between Liz Sassi and Davina Rose.

To whet the appetite a bit, and also offer a throwback to days of yore, today’s match sees a reunion of the Dangerous Angels – Danger and Sara Del Rey – whose paths went in different directions in 2008 after Del Rey turned heel in SHIMMER. However, they have teamed up sporadically since then in promotions where both of them sit on similar sides of the track. One such occasion was in CWF Mid-Atlantic last year, where both were heels and saw them being berated by a woman in the audience as they left, with the pair of them looking on, nonplussed. However, this match is from Dungeon Championship Wrestling from October 15, when Danger and Del Rey wrestled Nikki and Morgan, collectively known as Bump N’ Grind, with some less-than-impartial refereeing from Thunderkitty.

Click after the jump to see the match in its entirety. (more…)

SHIMMER volumes 47 & 48 results – title changes (now updated with live observations)

It’s day two of the SHIMMER tapings in Berwyn, IL (you can find out the results, thoughts and photos from yesterday’s DVD tapings by clicking here), and a number of matches have been announced.

After defeating both Canadian Ninjas in singles matches yesterday, Cheerleader Melissa defends her SHIMMER Championship against Jessie McKay, aware that Sweet Saraya has apparently put a bounty on her head.

Elsewhere, the Tag Team Championship will be on the line as holders Ayako Hamada and Ayumi Kurihara defend against high-fliers Ray and Leon in an all-joshi affair, Mercedes Martinez takes on Hailey Hatred, and the unlikely team of Sara Del Rey and Courtney Rush will meet ReGeneration XAllison Danger & Leva Bates.

As with yesterday, we will be adding the results to this post as they happen, and Stew will offer his thoughts from ringside later. Click after the jump and keep hitting refresh to follow the goings-on. (more…)

SHIMMER volumes 45 & 46 results (now updated with live observations)

We’ve had WSU; we’ve had Femmes Fatales, and now it’s the turn of SHIMMER as part of wrestling’s March Madness.

Cheerleader Melissa walks into these four DVD tapings as the SHIMMER Champion, while Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada hold the Tag Team Championship. Although no matches have been announced, we offered some thoughts about what could happen, but they are just musings and nothing more. We will all find out together how things will unfold.

Stew is in Berwyn, IL watching the shows live, and will offer up thoughts on the tapings later on. For now, we will bring you results as they happen, so keep refreshing the page to keep up with all the developments.

Click after the jump to dive in. It’s going to be a busy one. (more…)

Fight Like A Girl: NY Knockout Nikki

Before you listen to this interview, have a read of this to get up to speed.

As someone who wrestles in southern California, NY Knockout Nikki was right in the middle of the controversy about EPIC WAR promoter Gary Yap, as she was the promotion’s champion, but elected to give up the title in the wake of the storm which erupted following Yap’s podcast.

As part of this episode of Fight Like A Girl, Nikki discusses the effect the comments about SoCal wrestlers being “clothed porn stars” and “stroke material” had on her peers, as well as her feelings about cleaning up the perception of women wrestlers both in front of and behind the curtain. It’s a pretty absorbing interview that highlights Nikki’s passion for wrestling, and how she wants others to have the same passion. Have a listen.

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)

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Keep up with NY Knockout Nikki at her website or blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter

SoCal female wrestlers called “clothed porn stars”

A huge can of worms has been opened by Gary Yap, [UPDATE: he's a promoter, so this could all be one big work] who took to his BlogTalkRadio channel overnight to discuss the situation concerning women’s wrestling in California.

As part of his 30 minute broadcast/rant, Yap called most of the female grapplers in the area “clothed porn stars” and “stroke material”, claiming that their wrestling was no good and they were there for guys to ogle. Calling out Lucky O’Shea and even more pointedly, Terra Calaway, he described the SoCal area as being “inbred”:

I think a lot of women’s wrestling is inbred. There are no real quality workers to elevate the greener ladies in the area and because of that, the green ladies are now the ones with the power.

It’s the same five workers working each other over and over again. There’s no room for growth – the bar has been lowered so much that it’s criminal, and in my opinion I think the women’s scene should be killed.

He goes on to address what he feels is the wrestlers’ and promoters’ defence when it’s claimed that there is no quality wrestling in the area, which is the numbers generated on social media like Facebook and Twitter, as well as videos uploaded to YouTube. See what he has to say about that after the jump. (more…)

Allison Danger’s Womanist Revolution spreads

Allison Danger has returned to her blog to tell us about her Womanist Revolution, and it seems the fever is spreading.

It all started back in June when Danger informed us about her new campaign, and how she was directing her attention at more than just other women in wrestling, but also towards promoters and fans. In her latest entry, the 11-year veteran tells us she is leading by example by being more selective with her bookings – refusing some offers because of how women will be portrayed by her actions – as well as speaking out about untrained or uncaring women being thrown into a women’s match because of who she knows, or who she’s sleeping with. Below is a snippet from her most recent musings:

A few years back I was booked to do a show in North Carolina. I was part of a baby face tag team against a heel team of a female with similar time in as me and another female with a little less time but a monster build. Both good opponents to share a ring with. Unfortunately, the worker booked as my tag partner had to cancel off. The promoter, instead of finding a suitable female wrestler, decided to put in a worker’s girlfriend who, I believe, had never even taken a bump yet. Good times! We were able to structure a match around this person’s limitations and the match was go. Sadly, about two minutes into the heat, this gal tags out and leaves the rings because….wait for it….SHE GOT BORED TAKING THE HEAT. Thankfully, the remaining members of our match, who were not bored, were able to pull together a somewhat decent ending that didn’t kill them and told a story. In the back we get no apology and no explanation other than the “I was bored” and “I was in there for so long I thought you guys were playing a joke on me”. She spent the rest of the night suction cupped to her boyfriend while fixing her hair so she could manage him in the main event. Worst part is, neither the boyfriend (who was also her trainer) nor the promoter saw any problem with this behavior.

It seems other women in the industry are just as annoyed with being put in there with unskilled or apathetic girls who are in the position they are in because of who they are associated with, rather than how skilled they are – and the most vocal has been the NY Knockout Nikki. (more…)