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Ringbelles Roundup (25 February 2014) – Paige v Emma, Xandra Bale injured again & Bellatrix 8

Paige Emma NXTThe first live show of the WWE Network takes place on Thursday with the first live broadcast of NXT. Dubbed ArRIVAL, it features three matches – one of which sees Paige defend the NXT Women’s Championship against number one contender Emma, in a match which has been a long time coming.

The cheerful Australian earned her crack at the title back in August and then had to defend her right to challenge for the belt by beating Natalya at the start of this year. While carrying on her #EMMAlution in Florida, she also graduated to the main WWE roster by originally appearing in the crowd – antagonising fellow NXT alumni Summer Rae in the process – before taking part in dance-offs and making her in-ring TV debut last night on Raw, defeating Summer with the Emma Lock. While fans who haven’t seen her NXT character evolve are getting used to the newcomer with the awkward dance moves, it seems as if things are going in the right direction.

It could be argued that the NXT Women’s Champion has been ready to make a similar jump for a while. As the sole titleholder – winning the title tournament last June, but the show being broadcast the following month – she has turned back the challenges of Summer Rae and Natalya, though hasn’t wrestled on a show since the end of November. Injury was cited as the reason, though the Wrestling Observer said the layoff was for personal reasons. Thursday’s match will be her first match in more than three months, and in that time, her opponent – and the woman she beat in the tournament final to win the belt in the first place – has caught up with her success. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Memories of Maryse

MaryseWe at Ringbelles miss Maryse.

It’s not important that she wasn’t the best wrestler in the world, made a lasting mark on the industry or inspired any women to follow in her footsteps – I personally liked her and looked forward to segments involving her. Her character was one of the best in WWE at the time – self-obsessed, cocky and secure in her belief that she was the greatest thing that has ever or will ever exist. Her character believed it so strongly that there was never a question in the viewer’s mind that she thought she was the greatest thing since an egg-white omelette. Plus – the dismissive hand she threw in people’s faces? Awesome.

Despite her lack of ability, Maryse still won two Divas Championships – the first of which, at 216 days, is still the longest Divas Title reign in history. Her original title victory is the match we have for you for today’s Retro. (more…)

Fight Like A Guy: Pat Laprade


We are joined by one of the authors of new book “Mad Dogs, Midgets & Screw Jobs: The Untold Story of how Montreal Shaped the World of Wrestling”Pat Laprade – for a half-hour historical discussion about wrestling in Montreal. Being Ringbelles, we steer to the side of women’s wrestling, and discuss Quebec Wrestling Hall of Famer Vivian Vachon (watch 1973′s ‘Wrestling Queen’ movie here), Luna Vachon (and how she nearly won the WWF Women’s Title three times and missed out each time), LuFisto (and how she dismantled the Ontario Athletic Commission – a story she recounted in her own words back on WOW Podcast #9) and former WWE Divas Champion Maryse Ouellet. We also touch on the ALF promotion, which was the spiritual predecessor to today’s NCW:FF. The book is available now at ECW Press and pretty much everywhere that sells books.

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)

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Ringbelles Roundup (29 November 2011)

Friday, December 2 will be a big day in Sara Del Rey’s life, as she finally get the chance to wrestle her hero.

“Something I grew to understand about her was her idolisation of Aja Kong,” said CHIKARA’s Mike Quackenbush when discussing Del Rey in the latest Women Of Wrestling Podcast. It is due to the 31-year old’s continued great body of work and the first opportunity to have them in the same place at the same time which has led to Del Rey and Kong facing each other in the main event of the first of three days of JoshiMania shows spanning the northeast of the United States.

Their paths have never really crossed during Del Rey’s tours of Japan, and there has been no chance of Aja being on the same card as her in the US, as she hasn’t been in the country since late 1995 when she was working with the WWF and was set to challenge Alundra Blayze for the Women’s Championship before the titleholder jumped to WCW, taking the belt with her – Sara didn’t debut until 2001. However, their paths WILL cross on Friday with one of the best joshis of her generation meeting one of the best female wrestlers in the world at this moment. It should be a titanic encounter, and while Del Rey may be all intense on the outside, you can expect her to be a giggling mess inside, and who can blame her? I know that Skye felt the same way when she wrestled her idol Daizee Haze at ChickFight VII back in 2007…

Del Rey also gets the chance to repeat her epic match with Ayako Hamada that took place at SHIMMER Volume 28 in late 2009 on the third and final JoshiMania show, while the second evening’s main event will complete the round robin with Hamada taking on Kong – not bad on Hamada’s part, seeing as she was brought in as a late replacement for the injured Meiko Satomura, who will still be there as part of a training seminar, but isn’t cleared to wrestle. She’s been announced as a participant at Ice Ribbon’s Ribbonmania on December 25, so here’s hoping she’s given a clean bill of health before then. (more…)

Maryse: “Vince McMahon; your loss”

Looks like Maryse still isn’t fussed about her release from WWE.

When approached by the paparazzi following her Halloween party, she passed on the message in the title, just pointing out what her former employer is missing by letting her go from the company. Hopefully it won’t rub off badly on her current boyfriend The Miz.

However, don’t be fooled that Maryse was caught off guard by the release and is putting on a brave face for the cameras. Considering her position on TV as the host of NXT and fixed to enter some kind of gimmick with Hornswoggle, the writing was clearly on the wall for her, and she knew that the chances of her being pushed as a top star were pretty much over. Consequently, while she was recovering from hernia surgery, she started taking part in more risque photoshoots for her website featuring photos like the one on the left which has her legs spread and is much more PG13 than WWE’s current PG direction.

Still, by pretending to not care, she could be bluffing by playing hard-to-get. It could all be an elaborate ruse to make herself seem as if she is valuable to the product and the company was foolish for letting her go. Granted, that’s a long shot, as she has a world of opportunities available to her – including Playboy, if rumours are to be believed.

You can watch the footage for yourself after the jump. (more…)

Maryse released from WWE

WWE has announced the release of former Divas Champion Maryse Ouellet, and they announced it in their usual clinical manner:

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Raw Diva Maryse as of today, October 28, 2011. WWE wishes Maryse the best in all of her future endeavors.

Not that she’s that upset, if you check out her Twitter:

I’M OUT and sexier than ever! Thanks to all my fans, colleagues and @WWE Universe. Time to party! Im Happy, im Smiling, and FREE, now its time to get Naughty …………BE SEXY

The 28-year old has been hosting NXT during this season that will never end, but has been treading water all year after her alliance with Ted DiBiase fizzled into nothing and was concluded in April, with her romantic attention then split between Yoshi Tatsu and Lucky Cannon. Hardly the best use of one of the best characters that WWE had, be they male or female.

Many say that a wrestler’s character is the real them with the volume turned up to 11. In Maryse’s case you could believe that her wrestling character was her with the volume turned DOWN to about 7. The French-Canadian from Montreal first found her way into WWE as part of the 2006 Diva Search but was one of the first women to be eliminated. However, WWE saw something in her and signed her to a developmental deal and first showed up on WWE TV welcoming Montreal viewers back to SmackDown‘s season premiere in September 2006. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (12 July 2011)

After withdrawing from CHIKARA and moving back to Australia, many would have expected SHIMMER and PWWA Champion Madison Eagles to rest up her injured shoulder and prepare herself for the return of PWWA on September 3 for her next SHIMMER title defence against both Nicole Matthews and former tag team partner Jessie McKay.

But this is Madison Eagles we’re talking about. This is the woman who perforated her eardrum during her #1 contenders’ match against Cheerleader Melissa in SHIMMER and came back the next day to wrestle MsChif and win the title. This is the woman who fractured her wrist and elbow last year and carried on training through it. This is the woman who had racked her shoulder up in a car accident in April and still went balls to the wall against Courtney Rush at nCw Femmes Fatales VI less than two months later.

So when she returned unannounced to her home fed of PWA in Liverpool, Australia on Friday after living in the US for six months, she wasn’t there to stand and wave at the fans. Instead, she turned heel by kicking Jessie McKay in the face and delivering a Hellbound (Death Valley Driver over the knee) to Robbie Eagles, setting the stall for the SHIMMER title match Before the turn, it would have been heel Matthews against babyfaces McKay and Eagles. Now, the pressure is on Everybody’s Favourite Girlfriend, who has her longtime SHIMMER rival in Matthews, and former tag team partner and regular opponent Eagles gunning for her. (more…)

Ringbelles TV Review (13-19 February)

Oh boy. This was not what you’d call a good week as far as TV wrestling is concerned, which is a shame as I had been quietly looking forward to Eve vs Natalya on Raw. To be honest, Eve & Natalya wasn’t bad – it started tremendously and then kinda went off a cliff towards the end, but it was a creditable performance, and with practically zero competition this week, it’s our TV match of the week.


Ringbelles TV Review (23-29 January 2011)

Welcome to our Television Digest of the week, where you can catch up with all of the goings on from TV during the last week. In this edition, we tick a lot of boxes… singles, tags, six women matches, mixed tag matches and even include couple of title matches.  Excited?  Well, it’s alright…

TNA narrowly grab “TV match of the week” honours this week with a six woman elimination match that was given some time. Sarita teams with Tara and the Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne to take on Mickie James and The Beautiful People.