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GLOW promoter: Women’s wrestling show can work

Sylvester Stallone’s mother is a big supporter of women’s wrestling, believe it or not.

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – the promotion based out of Las Vegas between 1986 and 1992 – was the brainchild of 89-year old Jackie Stallone. Filming shows at the Riviera hotel on the Strip, GLOW ran for 4 seasons on TV and was famous or infamous) for its campy look, it’s comedy sketch interludes between matches and its range of characters – including Babe The Farmer’s Daughter, Corporal Kelly, Jailbait, Jungle Woman, Little Fiji, Matilda the Hun, and Tina Ferrari (who went on to become Ivory in the WWF).

GLOW came about after producer David McLane expanded on Stallone’s women-only gym Barbarella’s, and turned it into a wrestling promotion, producing a pilot episode in late 1985 and then getting it syndicated across America. While McLane concentrated on expanding the brand, Jackie worked with the girls to create characters. Speaking to Jim Varsallone at the Miami Herald, she explains:

I put it together, the shows, the training, the choreography, everything… I interviewed them, and I trained them how to fall and tumble… they loved it, and I loved them all. I was so proud of them.