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Alpha Female opens up to HONOUR

HONOUR 26Alpha Female says she doesn’t want any partners for her War Games match at Pro Wrestling: EVE Special Edition II on February 23 against Champion Nikki Storm, Shanna, Rhia O’Reilly and Amazon Ayesha Ray. She tells HONOUR Magazine that after asking Janey Britannico and getting a negative response, she is happy to go it alone, 4 on 1. Also in the interview, the former EVE champ talks about her start, Queens Of Chaos, winning the title, TNA, WWE, Japan and more. It’s a comprehensive read, so it’s worth you checking it out.

Reby Sky is also interviewed, with the topics including Lucha Libre USA, SHINE, being a model-turned-wrestler, and her dealings with Jessicka Havok. Also inside the latest issue is a look at female achievements at past Royal Rumbles, the TNA Gut Check and British Boot Camp, as well as reviews of SHIMMER DVDs, SHINE 5 and WSU‘s Full Steam Ahead.

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Amazon Ayesha Ray gets the HONOUR treatment

HONOUR Magazine reaches its 25th issue with its current release, with its main feature being an interview with Amazon Ayesha Ray, who has had an impressive 2012, wrestling for WAWW, Pro Wrestling: EVE and more in her native UK, as well as venturing to Australia for PWWA‘s most recent show in October. As part of the interview, she discusses her time in Australia, and also has some words for former EVE Champion Alpha Female.

Elsewhere, there is a look at Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly‘s WWE departures, the rise of Allysin Kay and Reby Sky, potential new TNA Knockouts, as well as the usual reviews of iPPVs and DVDs.

There are also the top 10 moments involving women at the Survivor Series, a look at WWE’s recycling of gimmicks, an introduction to Ryo Mizunami, and coverage of Rachel Summerlyn’s ACW Heavyweight Title win. Click the picture to your right to take a read of HONOUR issue 25.

Rhia O’Reilly has issues with HONOUR

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, you can still raise the ire of someone, and that’s exactly what has happened with HONOUR‘s article about the new partnership between Rhia O’Reilly and Amazon Ayesha Ray. She took to YouTube to talk about how she is not merely the instigator of fights and leaves them for Ray to finish, displaying her newly-won WAWW British Championship as proof that she can get it done by herself.

Elsewhere in HONOUR’s 2nd anniversary issue – which is now being released on a bi-monthly basis – Nikki Roxx, Athena and Veda Scott are all interviewed, there is a look at SHIMMER‘s latest DVD releases and Mercedes Martinez‘s shoot interview, how AIW‘s Girls Night Out series has grown, and a new feature which will track the progress of eight women – including Brooke Tessmacher, Courtney Rush and Evie – over the next year.

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Trinity talks to HONOUR

Former TNA and WWE star Trinity has been filling in her fans as to what she has been up to since stepping away from the ring in 2007 as part of her interview in the latest issue of HONOUR. She also looks at some of her memorable moments as part of a Knockout and also as an ECW Vixen when WWE relaunched the promotion in 2006.

Another interview sees Hannah and Holly Blossom answer questions about working in Ohio Valley Wrestling and Pro Wrestling: EVE, as well as what their future may hold.

Elsewhere, there are looks at Cherry Bomb, Mistress Belmont, the resurgence of Jazz, the downfall of the Knockouts Tag Team Titles, female managers and a second blog by CHIKARA‘s Veronica.

For all that and more – including reviews of SHINE 1 and The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family – click the picture to the left and have a read.

Aussie invasion in HONOUR

Australia’s Shazza McKenzie is one of the two big interviews featured in HONOUR Magazine this month. The bouncing cheerleader discusses starting out, her relationships with Madison Eagles, Jessie McKay and Veda Scott, wrestling in SHIMMER and also being a part of the Captured Beauty forum – which is the same group which produces this very e-mag. Also, fellow Aussie and NHB Girls founder Rhi Lockwood discusses her love for wrestling and talks about supporting your local promotions.

Allysin Kay is the cover girl, and talks about the Midwest Militia, working in WSU, her feelings on Mia Yim and the broken nose she suffered earlier this year. It’s a pretty candid chat, so it’s worth a read.

Elsewhere, there is a look at Maxine‘s departure from WWE, LuFisto celebrating 15 years in wrestling, intergender rivalries, double standards between women and men, and a preview of SHINE later this month. Click the picture to jump to the magazine and have a read.

HONOUR Top 50 list revealed

Last year, HONOUR magazine – then known as RESPECT – produced its first ever Top 50 list, revealing who it believed were the top female grapplers out there. It was won by then-WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez, who was more than two years into her reign at the time.

Well, it’s time for the 2012 rundown, and there are risers, fallers and new entries galore. You can click the picture to have a read of the latest issue to see if Martinez retained the top spot – and if not, who knocked her from that lofty perch.

Also included in the issue is a look at the importance of WSU’s Uncensored Rumble V next weekend, reviews of SHIMMER Volumes 43 and 44 (the latter of which was reviewed by new women’s wrestling addict Alex Greenfield) as well as nCw Femmes Fatales VIII, and a new fan feature called “Why I Love Wrestling”. Check it all out.

New HONOUR mag, plus other bits from round the net

The statuesque April Hunter graces the front cover of this month’s HONOUR Magazine, and has a long interview with Mary Hunt about her beginnings with the New World Order in WCW, training with Killer Kowalski, travelling to Japan and also how she hated working in Mexico, as well as whether she sees herself as a better valet or wrestler.

Elsewhere, HONOUR talks to Davina Rose and Buggy Nova, reviews Pro Wrestling: EVE’s Return of the Jetta, Part One, bids farewell to the Bella Twins, looks at the strengths and weakneses of Madusa and Beth Phoenix, considering their ongoing back and forth on Twitter, and also has a look at the recent GLOW revival debacle which has been heavily covered by us in the last few weeks – so click the picture on the right to have a read.

However, there are some other tidbits to feast your eyes on, so clcik after the jump for more… (more…)

HONOUR looks at the top 28 WrestleMania moments

There have been some big moments that have involved women at WrestleMania since its inception on March 31, 1985. This month’s HONOUR Magazine recaps the top 28 moments in commemoration of last weekend’s WrestleMania XXVIII.

Sable‘s in-ring debut at WrestleMania XIV, Miss Elizabeth‘s involvement at WrestleManias VI and VII, and Trish Stratus winning the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania XIX all feature in there, but are any of them placed at number one? You can find out by clicking the pic to jump to the magazine.

Also in this month’s issue: interviews with Kellie Skater and Nikki Storm, a look at the ongoing rapport between Madusa and Beth Phoenix, reviews of SHIMMER volumes 41 and 42, the Maria Kanellis DVD featuring her talking to Jessicka Havok and Brittney Savage that Havok discussed during her Women Of Wrestling Podcast, news, results and more.

Malia Hosaka’s career covered in HONOUR

Malia Hosaka‘s decision to hang up the boots ints the big story in the latest issue of HONOUR Magazine. Using some quotes from our write-up of her career last month which stemmed from our interview with her from the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, it’s a solid write-up of the “Modern Day Moolah”, and a fitting acount of her career.

Also in this month’s issue, there’s a piece on Natalya‘s farting gimmick and a look at the Divas-to-be in Florida Championship Wrestling. There is also a look at two shoot interviews featuring Terri Runnels and Jillian Hall, with more praise for the former than the latter, as well as thoughts on SHIMMER Volume 29, Jersey All Pro Wrestling‘s Women’s Division from years gone by, and a review of Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s latest show.

There is also a roundup of the month’s news and results, and have a look at the back cover to see how you can get involved with HONOUR. Just click the picture to jump through to the magazine.

Jessicka Havok sits down with HONOUR

As part of the build-up to Women Superstars Uncensored‘s 5th Anniversary show on March 3, HONOUR Magazine has spoke to one half of the main event (and Ringbelles’ Breakout Star of 2011) Jessicka Havok about her career and aspirations. In the interview, the Spirit CHampion discusses getting into wrestling, how there were no other women in her area when she started, and the upcoming WSU Title match against Champion Mercedes Martinez.

Also in the issue, there’s a look at the four hottest prospects for 2012, an interview with Rachel Summerlyn, analysis of the WSU/nCw Femmes Fatales relationship, a look at Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s next show on February 18 headlined by Jenny Sjodin v Alpha Female, plus reviews of SHIMMER Volume 28, WSU’s 3rd Anniversary and Maria Kanellis‘ YouShoot interview. Click the image to have a read.

Tara talks to HONOUR

Former WWE Women’s Champion, TNA Knockouts singles titleholder and Knockouts Tag Team Champ Tara has taken some time out to talk to HONOUR Magazine about the beginnings of her career, all the way up to her departure from WWE in 2009. She discusses debuting as a ho for the Godfather, training with Ivory, working with Trish Stratus and getting teased for wearing the Women’s title belt backstage.

Also in the issue, HONOUR asks why Naomi Night hasn’t been called up from FCW to WWE yet while fellow NXT contestants AJ, Maxine and Kaitlyn are making paths for themselves. It also looks at the upcoming return of Arisa Nakjima to JWP, the fortunes of Divas after they leave WWE, and Leva Bates geeks it up with some top fives.

Throw in a preview of Alpha Female v Jenny Sjodin at Pro Wrestling: EVE next February and DVD reviews, and you’ve got another great edition. Click the picture above to jump to the latest issue.

Hailey Hatred talks to HONOUR

Hailey Hatred sat down with HONOUR magazine for its latest cover story for an interview which covers topics which we did not have time to get to in our Women Of Wrestling Podcast with her back in July. The JWP Openweight Champion expands on how she got into the wrestling business, her move to Japan, working with Sara Del Rey in Jersey All Pro Wrestling and her opinions on REINA. But that’s not all that this month’s HONOUR is offering…

It covers Gail Kim‘s transition from WWE to TNA as well as a review of her shoot iPPV, a retro review of ChickFight VI, a commentary on how Jackie Moore could help the Knockouts division, lists some of the most controversial exits from WWE, asks a number of wrestlers are thankful for and looks at the fortunes of Extreme Expose.

On top of that, our very own Jennifer Logsdon’s articles on alternatives to the Women Of Honor are reprinted. It’s 40 pages of awesomeness that you can check out by clicking the image.

HONOUR: Danger/Leva interviews & Trish part 2

HONOUR magazine returns for issue 14, with a slew of interviews, reviews, news and opinions.

The cover is dedicated to the interviews with the ReGeneration X tag team of Allison Danger and Leva Bates, though the magazine also chases down Mia Yim for a chat, and there is the second part of their giant interview with former WWE Women’s Champion and Tough Enough trainer Trish Stratus.

If that wasn’t enough, there are pieces on Kalamity‘s nCw Femmes Fatales title win, Velvet Sky winning the TNA Knockouts Championship, and the struggles which used to haunt SMASH Diva Makoto.

Throw in reviews of ACW’s American Joshi Queen of Queens 2011 and AIW’s Girls Night Out 3, and you’ve got 46 pages of great reading. Click the picture to get stuck in.

HONOUR magazine: new name, more content

Over the last few months, we have been telling you about RESPECT magazine – an e-mag which shares an ethos with Ringbelles, in that it wants to showcase the best women’s wrestling from across the planet, no matter what promotion it comes from. Last month, it celebrated its 1 year anniversary. This month, it has undergone a metamorphosis to HONOUR magazine, though the mantra remains the same.

This month’s mammoth 60-page issue heavily features a biopic and interview with former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus, who discussed Tough Enough, her WrestleMania 22 match with Mickie James, her retirement match at Unforgiven 2006 against Lita (though she has wrestled since, most famously at this year’s WM) as well as her yoga and movie ventures.

Elsewhere in the issue, Terra Calaway talks about becoming the #1 contender to the WILD Championship, and there is also an interview with WILD’s Travis Leland about working with former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro. There are also previews to Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s upcoming title match between Jenny Sjodin and April Davids and CHIKARA’s Joshimania, as well as columns from SHIMMER’s Jessie McKay and Allison Danger. Meanwhile, if you’re after reviews of CHIKARAsaurus Rex and SHIMMER‘s latest DVD offerings, you get those too.

Take a read of it by clicking on the image above to support HONOUR.