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Malia Hosaka retires from wrestling

Former NWA World Women’s Champion Malia Hosaka has decided to hang up the boots after close to 25 years in the business.

Making the announcement on her Facebook page, the 42-year old Hawaiian said:

It has been a great 25 years, and I am grateful to all the fans who have supported me thru the years! but I am officially retired from the wrestling industry as of today. Thank you to all who supported/employed and believed in me thru the years!

This presumably means that the proposed triple threat match with Malia taking on Cheerleader Melissa and Mickie James in Traditional Championship Wrestling on April 7 will be scrapped, considering the retirement has already started.

Hosaka leaves behind a huge body of work, dating back to 1987 when she was trained by Killer Kowalski and former NWA United States Women’s Champion Misty Blue Simmes, before debuting on August 7 of that year, teaming with Simmes against Mad Dog Debbie Irons and Linda Dallas in Holyoake, MA. Speaking to us last year on one of our most frank Women Of Wrestling Podcasts ever, Malia discussed how she perceived wrestling before she started training:

I think I knew that the end was fixed – I didn’t know if the moves were actually real.

She would learn. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Malia Hosaka in ECW… sort of

Believe it or not, ECW featured more women’s action than just rolling around on the mat while Joey Styles yelled “CATFIGHT!” or the bloodbath that was Beulah McGillicutty tangling with Bill Alfonso. However, we’re cheating slightly, as while this week’s Retro features action from ECW, it’s not Extreme Championship Wrestling – instead, it’s women’s action from Eastern Championship Wrestling, the precursor to the wild craziness that followed.

On October 1 and 2, 1993, ECW presented a pair of shows called NWA Bloodfest – see, the names are a precursor already – with the fourth match on the card being Molly McShane taking on Malia Hosaka.

Many of you reading this will already be aware of Hosaka. SHIMMER veteran, former World Championship Wrestling talent in the mid-1990s, part of the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association a few years earlier, a gnat’s hair from becoming part of the World Wrestling Federation at one point, and also a past guest on the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, where you can hear her talk at length about all of those topics, as well as her feelings about Madusa and Molly Holly. It’s a great listen, so feel free to check it out. (more…)

DVD Review: Girl Talk with Shelly Martinez

I don’t know why – I’m sure some will say I’m being pig ignorant or obtuse or something – but I don’t know much about Shelly Martinez. Sure, I know the basics, that she was Ariel in the revived WWE incarnation of ECW, she left there due to some altercation or other with Batista and then she enjoyed a run in TNA as Salinas, the feisty valet of tag team LAX. But that’s about it. I can’t tell you why I don’t know much about her, but that puts me in a fairly privileged position for this review of Girl Talk with Shelly Martinez, a shoot interview from Highspots conducted by SHIMMER interviewer and ArenaChicks commentator Amber Gertner.

This is Amber’s first attempt at a one-on-one extended interview, and straight out of the gate, I’m going to tell you that she did a great job. She has a plan on where she wants the interview to go and what topics she wants to cover, though isn’t afraid to deviate from her crib sheet if something sounds interesting. She also contributes to the conversation – and it’s a proper conversation, not a list of questions rifled to the interviewee – when she has personal opinions or insight into a subject.

It’s something Amber agrees with. Before writing this review, I asked Amber for some thoughts. When it came to the conversation, she admitted that “It was a real pleasure to conduct my first shoot interview with her. I felt it was more like an intimate chat rather than just a shoot interview.” (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: A friggin’ bloodbath

For a couple of years in Extreme Championship Wrestling, there were rumours of a “mole” working within the promotion, negotiating for wrestlers to be signed to World Championship Wrestling. While it was never expressly revealed, ECW founder and on-screen Commissioner Tod Gordon quietly bowed out of the company, leaving many to surmise that he was the one edging his talent towards WCW.

Another person rumoured to be helping with the exodus of ECW’s talent was Bill Alfonso, ex-referee-turned-manager who represented Taz, and later on, Sabu and Rob Van Dam. Alfonso didn’t lose his job, as he was part of one of the most famous matches in ECW history against another non-worker; Beulah McGillicutty.

Trisa Hayes debuted in the promotion in 1995 under the guise of Raven’s girlfriend, though she had made an appearance in Stamped Wrestling in Calgary in 1998 while dating her then-boyfriend Brian Pillman. Her backstory in ECW was that she had been a fat girl at summer camp and had a crush on Tommy Dreamer, but he rejected her. As revenge, she lost weight and hooked up with Dreamer’s arch-rival Raven. Her first match was June 17, 1995 when she pinned Luna, but she was by far a regular worker.

After turning babyface and siding with her eventual real-life husband Dreamer, she started wrestling the odd intergender match with her beau against Shane Douglas and Francine, which led to this famous intergender match that we present to you in this week’s Retro. (more…)

WOW Podcast #21 with Malia Hosaka

Episode 21 with Malia Hosaka

The Women of Wrestling Podcast is proud to bring you an interview with 20+ year veteran Malia Hosaka. We’re working with a broad scope on this show, because frankly, Malia has worked *everywhere* at least once. From training with Killer Kowalski & Misty Blue Simmes in the mid 80s to thoughts on the current WWE product, Malia’s not short of an opinion. We discuss comparisons and contrasts between early female promotions like GLOW, LPWA, LMLW and the like (including how she felt as a relative rookie walking into the LPWA locker room for the first time), and reminisce about her “wrestling mom” Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri. Malia also shares her thoughts on her time in WCW, including her opinions on how Madusa Miceli ran the division, how she was treated there, and a surprising falling out with Starla Saxton (Nora Greenwald, better known as Molly Holly). She talks signing a WWF “Developmental” deal after 12 years in the business, and how two opportunities were whisked away while under that contract. She has words of advice for youngsters like Tenille Tayla, who has just finished up her indy dates and is heading for FCW on the expectations laid on WWE Divas, and general thoughts on SHIMMER, respecting your veterans, and news on her forthcoming book – including how close she is to the final chapter in her career. Clear yourself some time for a history lesson from the Modern Day Moolah!

Malia Hosaka on facebook | Malia Hosaka official website

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)

Tammy Lynn Sytch to be inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame

Tammy Lynn Stych, known better to WWE fans as Sunny, is joining the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2011.

38-year old Sytch has been involved in wrestling for close to two decades, and was a mainstay in the WWF between 1995 and 1998 – along with Rena “Sable” Mero and Terri “Marlena” Runnels she ushered in the era of the female valets, which then evolved into the WWF/E Divas.

Her life in wrestling has massive peaks and even deeper valleys, but what can’t be denied is the impact she has had on wrestling and how women are perceived by the audience. Before Sunny made it big, women in wrestling were either dedicated grapplers like Madusa, demure managers like Miss Elizabeth, or crazy wild women like Sensational Sherri or Luna Vachon. Sunny was different; Sunny was sexy – something that only Missy Hyatt had achieved previously, though she was more Amazonian and unattainable, while Sunny was more All-American – and with the WWF as a platform, her profile went stratospheric… and so did the personal issues.

Sytch started in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1992 with her then-boyfriend Chris Candido, debuting as Hillary Clinton-idolising heel Tammy Fytch in 1993. She managed Brian Lee to the Heavyweight Title and then represented Candido before the couple jumped ship to the WWF in 1995, but didn’t turn into Sunny straight away. (more…)