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Ringbelles Retro: Akira Hokuto juices a gusher

There is a term known as the Muta Scale – a measuring stick to judge blood loss in a match, stepping from the Great Muta‘s match against Hiroshi Hase in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1992, where he was a total mess. Bleeding is graded on the scale, with 0.0 Muta being a light scratch, up to 1.0 Muta, where it is comparable to the 1992 match and the wrestler is probably going to be going for a blood transfusion.

On April 2, 1993, Akira Hokuto invoked the Muta Scale in her match with Shinobu Kandori at All Japan Women‘s Dreamslam show (an interpromotional event featuring “dream” matches between women from rival promotions), with Hokuto representing AJW, while Kandori was part of Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling. The match is rated as a five-star contest in some places, partly due to the hard-hitting action, intensity, and the blood adding to the drama – showing that in the right circumstances, at the right time with the right size crowd, bleeding can work as a positive, and not just as a prerequisite for hard-hitting matches. (more…)

One more appearance for Bull Nakano

Earlier this week, Ringbelles found out about a show taking place on January 8, 2012. We knew nothing about it except that it was taking place at the Tokyo Dome CIty Hall and would be called Bull Nakano Produce “EMPRESS”. And that’s all we knew… until Dave Meltzer furnished us with more information as part of this week’s mammoth Wrestling Observer.

Keiko “Bull” Nakano will be appearing – but not wrestling – on her retirement show on her 44th birthday. Barring a very brief nostalgia comeback when she teamed with her mentor Dump Matsumoto in 2001, Nakano has had very little to do with wrestling since retiring in 1997 at the age of 29 due to injuries suffered because of her hard-hitting style and weight, which was around 220 pounds at the time.

After her retirement, Nakano dropped a shedload of weight – last year, she was reportedly down to 130 – and took up professional golf in 1998. The learning curve turned out to be very steep, and finished 250th place of 251 in a LPGA Futures (essentially a farm system for rising golf stars) Qualifying Tournament in November 2004, and didn’t fare much better the following year when she finished 261st out of 271. However, she managed to make it into Futures in January 2006 a couple of weeks after her 38th birthday. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Here’s how you do an entrance

November 20, 1994 was a big day for women’s wrestling. More to the point, November 20, 1994 was a LONG day for women’s wrestling. All Japan Women presented Big Egg Wrestling Universe – a ten hour show in front of more than 42,000 fans in Toyko’s Egg Dome. You read that right – TEN HOURS, and FORTY TWO THOUSAND FANS. Featuring women’s wrestling matches from competitors across the world, it pulled in a record $4 million, unheard of for an all-girls show.

Most of the show was dedicated to the Five Star tournament which was won by Akira Hokoto, but the second to last match featured a contest which was shown on WWF TV – that’s because the WWF Women’s Title was on the line, and even changed hands, in what may have been the final WWF/E title change that didn’t take place on a WWF/E show.

Alundra Blayze and Bull Nakano had been feuding for months – not as hated enemies, but as competitive rivals, both believing that they were the best and fighting to be WWF Women’s Champion. Blayze held the title, and had beaten Nakano in their highest-profile match up to that point at SummerSlam 94. The rematch took place at Big Egg Wrestling Universe. (more…)