Fight Like A Girl: Thunderkitty

Thunderkitty Gilda Pasquil

We’re fans of Thunderkitty here at Ringbelles, so it’s a real treat to finally get the chance to speak with her on a range of topics – the most pressing one being her return to Absolute Intense Wrestling on March 29 for her Girls Night Out 11 match against Marti Belle, which can be seen as a second chance to make a first impression. We discuss her GNO7 match during this 25 minute chat, along with her happiness at returning after a year and a half away.

We also cover the women’s wrestling scene in the Midwest with the likes of RESISTANCE and IWA Mid-South, and what she has coming up over the next month or so.

In addition, there is talk on the inspirations behind the Thunderkitty gimmick, whether it has cost her opportunities in the past, being a cult star, having a mere sleeper hold as a finisher and how she is very careful to not be seen as a novelty act. It’s an interesting chat and is certainly worth a listen.

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FLAG Thunderkitty "FLAG Thunderkitty". Released: 2014. "FLAG Thunderkitty"

Fight Like A Girl: Bête Noire

Bete Noire

Former My Name Is guest Bête Noire has achieved quite a bit since she was busy introducing herself to the world in 2012 – not least of which was taking the time to go and live and train in Japan at the ICE Ribbon Dojo earlier this year. We’ve got that to talk about, but first… she’s just had laser eye surgery, and *newsflash* – apparently it kinda hurts. We talk about fun trips to A&E/ER rooms, including that time she had the imprint of a title belt basically TATTOOED across her forehead… whilst accompanied by BBC Documentary cameras. Speaking of the Beeb, we discuss last week’s Insane Fight Club documentary profiling Insane Championship Wrestling (BBC iPlayer link for UK residents), the reaction to the documentary and its stars, and naturally talk a bit about ICW’s spin-off female promotion Fierce Females, where Bête has gone to war with the likes of Viper and Crazy Mary Dobson. And of course, there’s Japan. How it happened, how it went, missing home, training differences between Scotland and Japan, and the feeling on whether she’ll be back there soon. Oh, and tea. Naturally. An intriguing 40+ minute chat. Enjoy.

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FLAG-Bete-Noire "FLAG-Bete-Noire" from Ringbelles by Ringbelles. Released: 2014. "FLAG-Bete-Noire"

Fight Like A Girl: Jasmin


Jasmin is doing pretty well for herself. A year into her career, the 19-year old from Toronto is getting regular bookings across Canada and is also making a dent in the US. She wrestled in Massachusetts last weekend – which caused a geographical problem which she talks about during the interview – and is set to return to Absolute Intense Wrestling in Cleveland, OH at the end of the month of Girls Night Out 11 & 12.

This 20 minute chat also covers the new wave of Canadian stars, getting her name and brand out there, her parents’ thoughts on her her photoshoots and training with former TNA Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde. We also discuss being involved in the match which saw Courtney Rush break her collarbone and whether it has affected her mentally.

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FLAG Jasmin "FLAG Jasmin". Released: 2014. "FLAG Jasmin"

Fight Like A Girl: Solo Darling


We’ve sang the praises of Solo Darling here at Ringbelles on recent SHINE shows, and with good reason – she’s one to watch in 2014. Now firmly ensconced in Daffney‘s A.S.S. (indeed…) and tagging with Heidi Lovelace as The Buddy System, Solo’s really found her niche. So Stew finally caught up with the self-confessed Wrestler/Musician/Chemist/Baker/Insatiable Sponge to get the inside scoop.

We talk SHINE, her chemistry with Heidi and how far they can go, her *actual* chemistry experience, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Stew pines for Solo’s old “Bronx” accent, in-ring influences, the art of selling, and her eventual aims in the business. It’s about half an hour of an effervescent party for your ears – and you’re invited!

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FLAG-Solo-Darling "FLAG-Solo-Darling" from Ringbelles by Ringbelles. Released: 2014. "FLAG-Solo-Darling"

My Name Is… Scarlett


Kiwi Pro Wrestling‘s Women’s Champion Scarlett is on a roll at the moment. After snaring the title last November, the New Zealander has already notched up a number of successful defences – the most recent being a win over JPE at last weekend’s Maniacs United show. Not bad for someone who has been wrestling for less than two years.

We spend around 20 minutes discussing things like getting into wrestling by watching the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, finding it hard in training, the size of the women’s wrestling scene in New Zealand, whether learning a martial art can help with wrestling, enjoying the success of fellow Australasian Emma in WWE, and what her children think of her stepping into the ring.

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MNI Scarlett "MNI Scarlett". Released: 2014. "MNI Scarlett"

Fight Like A Girl: Liberty


The last time we spoke to Liberty, she said that she would like to become the RQW European Women’s Champion. 18 months on, not only has she accomplished that goal but she’s now going for the big one. The 20-year old challenges Courtney Rush for the Bellatrix World Championship at Bellatrix 8 on Sunday in Norwich, England, and there’s bad blood between the two.

In this 15-minute interview we discuss the background to this title match, her European Title run, the 30 woman Rumble also taking place on the card, and tomorrow’s NXT ArRIVAL show with Paige defending the Women’s Championship against Emma.

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FLAG Liberty 2 "FLAG Liberty 2". Released: 2014. "FLAG Liberty 2"

LAYNE’S BRAIN #3 with Angelus Layne – and guest Allison Danger

Layne's Brain
LAYNE’S BRAIN #3 with Angelus Layne, featuring Allison Danger
Angelus Layne returns with another edition of Layne’s Brain, exclusively here on Ringbelles – and she’s got company, namely Allison Danger! Fresh off surgery for skin cancer just a month ago, Danger is here to warn us on the perils of Basal Cell Carcinoma and talk everybody through how it all went down from discovery to stitching up. Danger also talks her retirement weekend from April 2013, life as a retired wrestler and whether she misses it. There’s also talk of the formation of a new gang, just what SHIMMER wrestlers get up to backstage between matches, Danger’s thoughts on Layne’s injury and return, Kendall being five years old and a proposed Allison Danger… book?! Surely not!!

Note: Last minute mic issues means audio quality isn’t up to the normal high standards, but shouldn’t affect enjoyment of the show! Download and enjoy!

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Danger Podcast Final "Danger Podcast Final". "Danger Podcast Final"

WOW Podcast #66 with Amazon Ayesha Ray

WOW Ayesha

Episode 66 with “The Female Predator” Amazon, Ayesha Ray
Almost two years after doing her very first wrestling interview on our My Name Is show here at Ringbelles, the UK’s “Female Predator” Amazon steps up to a full Women of Wrestling Podcast appearance – and why not? She’s international news these days, fresh off a three month tour of Japan which saw her win the Artist of STARDOM Trios Titles at Korakuen Hall, and wrestle on shows promoted by legends such as Meiko Satomura and Keiji Mutoh/The Great Muta. That was her second tour of Japan in 2013, in fact. Not bad going for someone we first clocked as a trainee with potential about six years ago. Apart from discussing Japan, the language, the loneliness and spending Christmas in Japan, Ayesha discusses her hidden talents, breaking into wrestling under Justin Richards in the UK, her early association with London Inc, spreading her wings in WAW, the tag team match that got four women legitimately suspended from Premier Promotions, the “Amazon” character, her real-life friendship turned in-ring tag team with Rhia O’Reilly, working with Alpha Female (and a car door) at Pro-Wrestling: EVE, wrestling in Australia and we try to get some scoops about her plans for 2014. Oooh, there’s even a creepy clown story. What more could you want?

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episode66 "episode66"

Fight Like A Girl: Barbi Hayden

Barbi Hayden NWA
After speaking to Barbi Hayden just a few months ago, and tipping her for big things in 2014, we had little choice but to revisit Texas’ finest following a month where she added the ACW Televised Championship and the NWA World Women’s Championship to her growing trophy cabinet. You want to talk about starting the year strong? Here’s your perfect case study. We talk about winning the NWA World Women’s Championship from Kacee Carlisle this past weekend at NWA Houston, winning the ACW Televised Championship from Angel Blue at ACW’s Guilty By Association 8 (and how that came around as a last minute sub for the planned Barbi vs Su Yung match), and making her debut in Florida all in the last month. We look forward to her (non iPPV appearance) for WSU at their upcoming Mutiny show vs Santana Garrett, and Barbi lays out her ambitions of where she’d like to defend her NWA Title this year and where she eventually wants her career to take her. A motivated and fun conversation with the new Champ!

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FLAG-Barbi-Hayden2 "FLAG-Barbi-Hayden2"

My Name Is… Miami


We go Down Under for our next My Name Is interview, though she’s curiously named after an American city. Don’t worry – Miami discusses the origins of her name in this 20 minute chat.

We cover her training with Riot City Wrestling and her friendship/rivalry with Savannah Summers, whether her dance background was a help or hindrance with learning to wrestle, generating a crowd reaction, developing a character, the RCW Women’s Championship tournament and her alignment with Hard Way Inc. We also talk about international aspirations, and whether fellow Aussie Emma‘s graduation from NXT to WWE is something she would be interested in emulating.

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MNI Miami "MNI Miami". Released: 2014. "MNI Miami"

WOW Podcast #65 with Shanna

Episode 65 with Portugal’s Perfect Athlete Shanna
It’s taken over two years since she said “yes” to a podcast appearance to get everything aligned for this show to come together, but the delay has been all for the better because she had a big year last year with US tours taking in appearances in WSU, AIW and SHINE – and she’s on the verge of a third US visit next month to challenge Jessicka Havok for the WSU World Championship at WSU Mutiny on February 8th. We talk to Shanna about all manner of things, including her experiences on her last two US tours, the origins (and pronunciation) of her ring name, her initial years in the business, working with ABC Catch in mainland Europe, injuries, the match that Shanna describes as her “best match ever”, thoughts on TNA (where she finished second in last year’s GutCheck voting), exclusive news and teasers about upcoming US tours and possible bookings and some of her loves away from wrestling… including, yes… 80s rock music~!

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episode65 "episode65". "episode65"

My Name Is… D’Arcy Dixon

D'Arcy Dixon

There must be something in the water in North Carolina. Much like fellow Carolinian Chasity Taylor, D’Arcy Dixon has an infectious passion for pro wrestling that you can’t help but admire. She got in touch with us for some interview time for My Name Is, and we were keen to chat with the current RESISTANCE Pro Women’s Champion.

In this near half-hour chat, D’Arcy talks about how she is still relatively new to the business but has already achieved one of her wrestling goals, whether she feels she is ready to be a champion, and her relatively glamorous introduction to the wrestling industry. She also talks about her upcoming title defence against Thunderkitty on January 17, why that belt is so darned big, separating her time between Illinois and the Carolinas, and running a marathon on a whim – and that’s a story you want to hear.

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Learn more about: RESISTANCE Pro

MNI D’Arcy Dixon 1 "MNI D'Arcy Dixon 1". Released: 2014. "MNI D’Arcy Dixon 1"

Fight Like A Girl: Kirsty Love

Kirsty Love

Kirsty Love is someone who’s looking to turn the corner in her wrestling career and leave 2013 behind her. While it had its moments, the 21-year old Scot admits that in a professional standpoint, the last 12 months have not fulfilled her expectations, despite a number of real high points. However, it’s another year, and that means the slate has been wiped clean.

As part of this near-20 minute chat, Kirsty discusses her affection for her new home promotion RAD:PRO Wrestling, its similar ethos to CHIKARA, her tag team partnership with Rubix Roach and taking on the likes of Fire Ant and Jigsaw. She also talks about her ongoing issues in ICW: Fierce Females with James R Kennedy, her desires for both the near and long-term future and cooking Christmas dinner.

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FLAG Kirsty Love "FLAG Kirsty Love". "FLAG Kirsty Love"

My Name Is… Nadia Sapphire

Nadia Sapphire

Nadia Sapphire is enjoying a second bite of the cherry. After taking four years off due to a crushing knee injury, the 22-year old from Wales is getting back on the bicycle and is getting herself out into the British wrestling scene, joining the British Bombshells and LCW Roses rosters.

In this 20 minute interview, Nadia talks about her LCW Roses match which was announced earlier today, what she thinks of women’s wrestling in Britain at the moment, who she looked up to when she started out, and what her father would say about her stepping into the ring… if he knew anything about it.

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MNI Nadia Sapphire "MNI Nadia Sapphire" from Ringbelles by Ringbelles. Released: 2013. "MNI Nadia Sapphire"

LAYNE’S BRAIN #2 with Angelus Layne

Layne's Brain
LAYNE’S BRAIN #2 with Angelus Layne, featuring Alex Castle
Angelus Layne is back with another slice of audio for your consideration. Back in Episode #1, Angelus was talking about her then upcoming return match at VWAA against Jordynne Grace. Find out about how that went (clue: not great), and find out what happens next on the road back. As well as recounting other recent adventures in wrestling, Angelus also has some thoughts to share about some of the email correspondence she’s received from “fans” – and is joined by her first podcast guest (and fiancé), Alex Castle, who gives some feedback on her VWAA match and shares his thoughts on living with some of Angelus’ health issues over the last few months. As usual, feedback is both appreciated and encouraged. Enjoy!

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Also, check out Alex Castle’s own podcast series, “Fed Up with Alex Castle”

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LaynesBrain2 "LaynesBrain2" by Angelus Layne. "LaynesBrain2"

New Podcast: LAYNE’S BRAIN #1 with Angelus Layne

Layne's Brain
LAYNE’S BRAIN #1 with Angelus Layne
We’re very proud here at Ringbelles to bring you a brand new audio series, fronted by one of our favourite podcast guests from this year – Angelus Layne! If you’ve listened to our her two audio appearances on the site this year (June & October) you’ll know the story of how her promising start to 2013 was curtailed with some pretty serious health issues – namely Post Concussion Syndrome – leading to her cancelling her bookings for the last few months of the year. Then, out of nowhere the news comes through that Angelus is cleared to wrestle and is facing Jordynne Grace in an actual wrestling match at VWAA *this weekend* in Addison, IL. Uhhh… what?? Let Angelus take you through the latest happenings in her life as she starts her comeback from PCS on her new podcast series exclusively here on Ringbelles. Comments, feedback and questions welcome – interact with Angelus for upcoming episodes (and possibly even help choose the permanent name of the Podcast) using one of the forms of communication below!

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Laynes Brain Podcast 1 "Laynes Brain Podcast 1" by Angelus Layne. Released: 2013. "Laynes Brain Podcast 1"

WOW Podcast #64 with Taeler Hendrix

WOW Taeler

Episode 64 with Taeler Hendrix
It’s been just over a year and a half since we last caught up with Taeler Hendrix for a chat, and it’s fair to say she’s done quite a lot in the intervening months, so with her spreading her wings on the indy circuit, we ask her how she’s enjoying her post TNA life and talk about future plans. We find out how a (fortunate) mistake last year led to her heel turn in OVW, and the very personal inspiration behind her heel characterisation. We talk some of her best story lines in OVW, specifically her work with Dylan Bostic in 2012, her run with Heidi Lovelace over this past Summer and her Four Way Ladder Match in September. Taeler also has a big announcement to make regarding a new tag team she’s going to be unleashing on the indy scene very shortly – find out who she’s teaming with right here. We also touch on the so-called “weight issues” during her time in TNA, and go back over her whole (albeit brief) TNA career – from what she knew (and didnt know) about her Gutcheck with Tara last year, through her various TV appearances and clarify some misconceptions out there. We also bring up the debacle of last year’s aborted GLOW revival in Vegas, ask just where she found one of our T-shirts, and discover her hidden creative talents and non-wrestling goals. A really fun show!

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episode64 "episode64" from Ringbelles by Ringbelles. Released: 2013. "episode64"

My Name Is… Miss Louise Jane

Miss Louise Jane Paul Watts Wattsypics

The latest Ringbelles Roundup featured some coverage on a woman who would be competing in the Miss Great Britain competition in Leicester, England next Friday. Lou Ballard’s media coverage started last month and has grown to hit the national media since then, and considering she is in the early stages of her wrestling journey, it seems appropriate for her to feature in our My Name Is segment.

Under her wrestling name of Miss Louise Jane, the 5’9″, 26-year old from London talks about the Miss GB pageant and how it is a new experience for her. We also discuss her wrestling background, clear up confusion on her experience level, talk about her training and who she has been watching for inspiration, the current British scene, how her age can work in her favour and her goals in the business. Have a listen to a very switched-on woman.

To vote for her in the Miss GB contest, text MISSGB 39 to 64343 – texts cost £1 plus your standard network rate, voting closes on Thursday November 14, votes after then won’t count but may still be charged.

Keep up with Miss Louise Jane: Facebook | Twitter | Website | JustGiving
Photo by Paul Watts

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MNI Miss Louise Jane "MNI Miss Louise Jane" from Ringbelles by Ringbelles. Released: 2013. "MNI Miss Louise Jane"

My Name Is… Debbie Sharpe

Debbie Sharpe

My Name Is… has taken a couple of months off, but it’s back – and we welcome our fourth Scottish wrestler to the segment.

Debbie Sharpe was pointed in our direction by former MNI guest Sammii Jayne, and she has quite a bit to talk about considering the short amount of time that she has been wrestling. She discusses her beginnings, how she started training with Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, what sort of wrestler she thought she would be, which Scottish stars she looks up to, how she is avoiding putting too much pressure on herself, making an impression before she steps through the curtain, and wrestling a 3-way Ladder Match last month. Debbie certainly has a wise head on her shoulders and is one to keep an eye on.

Keep up with Debbie Sharpe: Facebook | Twitter
Photo by Scottish Wrestling Entertainment

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MNI Debbie Sharpe "MNI Debbie Sharpe" from Ringbelles by Ringbelles. Released: 2013. "MNI Debbie Sharpe"

Fight Like A Girl: Team Recovery’s Sarah Robertson on wrestling and eating disorders

Team Recovery

Around a year ago, WWE developmental Divas Raquel Diaz and Skyler Moon hastily vanished from our screens – and while the reasons for Diaz’s departure were shrouded in mystery at the time, Moon revealed that she was getting help for an eating disorder. Just before her return to WWE, Diaz revealed that she had been going to Eating Disorder Anonymous meetings in Houston, TX, though did not outright say that she had a disorder.

In order to shed more light on the subject on eating disorders involving women in sporting environments, we got in touch with Sarah Robertson who campaigns for greater awareness for knowledge on eating disorders, and is recovering from one herself. She spends around half an hour discussing the stigma behind talking about it, the pressures on women in wrestling, health implications and what wrestlers, promoters and fans can do to help. It’s worth a listen to get a better understanding on the internal battle some women in sports and performance can go through.

Team Recovery Facebook | Team Recovery Twitter | National Eating Disorders Association | b-eat | Olympic.org Healthy Body Image

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FLAG Sarah Robertson "FLAG Sarah Robertson" from Ringbelles by Ringbelles. Released: 2013. "FLAG Sarah Robertson"

WOW Podcast #63 with Kimber Lee

WOW Kimber Lee

Episode 63 with Kimber Lee

Halfway through Fight Season, and with appearances at AIW Girls Night Out and WSU Blood and Thunder already under her belt, we catch up with a distinctly raspy-voiced Kimber Lee to see how she’s doing ahead of SHIMMER and NCW:Femmes Fatales on the next two weekends. We talk about how her dance background helps her wrestling (and find out that wrestling *is* ballet sometimes). We find out how a chance meeting with DJ Hyde resulted in her becoming the first female graduate of the CZW Academy, and the pressure that brought. We talk about going through tables in CZW to dressing up as a Princess for Wrestling Is Fun!, name confusion, foul-mouthed promos, flying trips to Japan, wrestling LuFisto in Montreal, her favourite match to date and future plans internationally. Catch Kimber this weekend at SHIMMER and next weekend at Femmes Fatales!

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episode63 "episode63"

Fight Like A Girl: Angelus Layne on Post Concussion Syndrome

Angelus Layne

It’s not even four months since we last spoke to Angelus Layne for an edition of Fight Like A Girl here at Ringbelles, but things are quite different now than they were in June. Just under a month ago, Angelus announced that she was going to be out of wrestling for the rest of the year, having been diagnosed as suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome. The (eventual) decision to listen to her Doctor and her body meant she had to withdraw from all her bookings for the rest of 2013, which would’ve included being part of last weekend’s AIW Girls Night Out 9 & 10 shows, amongst other things. Stew reconnected with Angelus to get the lowdown on her injury, and ended up getting a truly eye-opening and at times quite shocking account of concussions, seizures, blackouts and more. We talk wrestler stubbornness, the people who helped her see sense, her prognosis for recovery and her daily life during her ongoing recovery. An important educational listen for both wrestlers and fans.

Send Angelus a message on Twitter | Facebook

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FLAG-Angelus-Layne-2 "FLAG-Angelus-Layne-2"

Fight Like A Guy: WSU’s Drew Cordeiro talks new ownership?

Drew Cordeiro

So I’m legitimately about to go to bed when I get a call from WSU co-owner Drew Cordeiro. You may well have seen Drew on social media today mulling over an “unexpected yet welcome” offer – and he wanted to talk about it. Fair enough, says I – so I hit record on the call for a quick impromptu Q&A about what this offer entails. We know it involves the addition of a new co-owner of the company… but what does that actually mean? Drew gives specific hints and talks about how the addition of this new partner will help WSU better achieve many of the same aims that Drew originally pledged when he took over the company last year. Apart from WSU going forward, we get some news on next month’s ‘Tournament for Tomorrow’ weekend, WSU’s place as part of Fight Season and a final reminder of the card for ‘Blood And Thunder’ this weekend (and you can read our preview for that right here)

Drew Cordeiro on twitter | Drew Cordeiro on facebook | WSU on twitter | WSU on facebook
StreamWSU | iPPV ordering details

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FLAG-Drew-Cordeiro "FLAG-Drew-Cordeiro"

Fight Like A Girl: Kasey Owens

Kasey Owens

There have been a lot of women doing the extended Japan trips recently. We spoke to Allysin Kay about it last week for the most recent Women Of Wrestling Podcast, and now another grappler has spoken to Ringbelles about her experience and how much she enjoyed it.

In August, we spoke to Leah Owens, who mentioned going to Japan – though at the time, her twin sister Kasey was already out there training with Ice Ribbon. Now that she has returned to Northern Ireland after three months of work, the more tattooed member of the team talks about how she ended up going there, her favourite matches, who she bonded with, wrestling in Korakuen Hall for both Ice Ribbon and JWP, and how she is not happy with it being just one solo trip.

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FLAG Kasey Owens "FLAG Kasey Owens" from Ringbelles by Ringbelles. Released: 2013. "FLAG Kasey Owens"