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Blog: Madison Eagles assesses the PWWA Interim Title tournament to date, plus exclusive injury update

Let’s get the big question sorted before I continue with the most awesomest blog in the world…

As it currently stands my knee has made some general improvements without the use of surgery, which I am very happy about… BUT I am still having the nagging issues of not being able to run, jump or kneel without running into some serious pain. To look at the progress I have made (from previously not being able to walk without a full leg brace and the use of a crutch), I think im doing fairly well.

This may lead to the question of “Why not just have surgery?”, and the answer for me is fairly simple, if I am slowly (VERY slowly) making improvements without the use of a surgeon then I don’t want to risk the chance that surgery possibly could make it worse OR not help it at all, in which case I would be set back even further in my recovery process.

But for all of you wondering if this is the end of my career you should probably be more focused on wondering what the date of my return to the ring will be. So in conclusion, to make an informed guess to answer this it would have to be that I’ll be back in the ring at the end of this year.

Well, now that that Elephant is out of the room lets start talking some fun stuff. (more…)

Blog: Madison Eagles on last weekend’s SHIMMER tapings

The weekend just past saw the first weekend of SHIMMER Women Athletes shows of 2012 come and go in the USA. Coming off the end of last year, losing the SHIMMER title and subsequently injuring my right knee, unfortunately I was not a part of them. And trust me, I held out hope until the last possible moment to make that decision, hoping for some sort of modern day miracle to occur just like I had in the past with my many other injuries. I even thought that maybe if I could just out up with the pain for the weekend I might be able to compete, but my knee is too unstable when straightened and the thought of re injuring it at the cost of my pride just didn’t make sense (even thought my pride can sometimes seem like Godzilla).

So what did I do leading up to the weekend? I trolled! I sat on my computer and figured out all the girls that were going to take part on the show, sat amazed, thinking what kind of match-ups there would be, and took my pick on whether I thought the Champions would retain their titles or not. So to break it down, I was acting like a fan.

So what did I do the weekend of the shows? I hit refresh on my iPhone’s internet about a hundred times!!! Excited to see what matches the SHIMMER office had come up with, deciding whether or not I would have booked them that way or not, swearing at my internet connection for not letting me see who were winning the Title matches fast enough. Again, I was acting like a fan. But why shouldn’t I? I love SHIMMER. It’s where I went to spread my name worldwide, and it and the girls gave me the kind of matches that helped me win the 2011 PWI Female 50. I love SHIMMER because it really does bring so many women from across the World together to compete. Many of the girls are my best friends, and I love watching them wrestle, whether it be on the screen backstage, on the TV once I get the DVDs or when I am face to face across the ring from them. And yes I do have my favorites, the ones who (as I read the match reviews) I cross my fingers for hoping they had an awesome match and that I fist pump for when I find out they won a big match up or title. (more…)

Blog: Madison Eagles on gaining acceptance as a wrestler, and thanks those who help make it possible

We at Ringbelles are very happy to announce the addition of Madison Eagles to our ongoing site coverage. Currently on the DL with a serious knee injury, Eagles will hopefully be weighing in on a regular basis with her unique take on the wrestling world…

So, here we are. I have been wrestling for going on 11 years now, across Australia, the USA, Canada and Japan. And all my adult life has been highly dedicated to the sport we know as Professional Wrestling. I have been hit, chopped, dropped, kicked and thrown so hard around the wrestling ring that I have torn, fractured, bruised, crippled, and burst almost every part of my body while doing it. I have missed parties, engagements, weddings and even my own birthday to bring my whole life down to the little piece of hope I have dangling in front of me. The hope that my knee will heal. And while I wait patiently, although not in my nature, for my body’s healing chemistry to take effect, I am here, writing this tiny little blog, for people who I have some very high respect for. So when deciding what I would write about as an introduction to my crazy perspective on this wacky world I love so much, it was easy to pick this – the people who support us. Not us as wrestlers, but us as in FEMALE wrestlers.

All I have craved my whole career is the acceptance as a wrestler, and not just a female wrestler. I’m not anti women, nor am I a massive girl power type either. I just want to be accepted in a way as a wrestler (male or female) who has worked my ass off to be able to produce an entertaining, highly skilled and belief suspending match. And who has helped me reach this goal? All of you! The fans, promoters, news correspondents and supporters who have said women can be equal to men. We can produce matches that can rival those of our male counterparts. Our characters are so emotion evoking that we can take you to extreme highs and lows. Our work ethic is bar none. And it’s you that have brought our names, the women of the wrestling world, to the forefront of the independent wrestling industry. (more…)