Amazing Kong Rain SHINE 7After aligning at the conclusion of SHINE 6 – the video of which you can watch after the jump – the five members of Valkyrie are all in action tonight as part of three matches which form the card for SHINE 7, taking place this evening at the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL. The highest-profile match features Rain returning from a wrist injury suffered at SHINE 5 against the woman who was used as the target for the formation of the stable, Amazing Kong.

Elsewhere, April Hunter debuts alongside her buddies in Made In Sin (Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) to take on Mia Yim and the West Coast Connection of Su Yung & Tracy Taylor. The final Valkyrie member, Ivelisse Velez, faces the debuting LuFisto in what is an intriguing match.

The main stipulation match on the event sees Leva Bates and Kimberly square off again, only with it being a Last Woman Standing match. We will see if Kimberly can double her win count in SHINE, or if Leva can tame her unhinged former tag team partner. We discuss the match in greater length in our preview which was written when the card was announced, which you can jump to by clicking here.

You can order the event right now by clicking here to go to If that’s not possible, click the jump to see the results as they happen by hitting refresh – and later on, we’ll offer our thoughts on the show, which is likely to produce a number of developments.

Tina San Antonio Luscious Latasha La Rosa Negra SHINE 71. Brittney Savage pinned Heidi Lovelace following a roundhouse kick.
2. Tina San Antonio defeated Luscious Latasha & La Rosa Negra in a 3-way. Tina pinned Latasha with a Mangaliser.
3. Santana Garrett beat Jessie Belle with the Shining Star Press.
– On SHINE 8 on Saturday, March 23, Reby Sky faces Jessicka Havok in a Career v Respect match. If Sky loses, she’s out of SHINE, but if she wins, Havok must say on the mic that she respects Reby Sky.
Angelina Love was brought out as the newest member of SHINE, and will have her debut match on SHINE 8. This brought out Valkyrie, who bully her out of the ring.
4. Ivelisse Velez pinned LuFisto with a DDT.
5. Allysin Kay, Taylor Made & April Hunter beat Mia Yim, Tracy Taylor & Su Yung. Taylor pinned Yim following the Eighth Deadly (Dudley Death Drop).
6. Nikki Roxx defeated Mercedes Martinez with the Barbie Crusher.
7. Leva Bates beat Kimberly in a Last Woman Standing match after Kimberly had a chair kicked in her face. Kimberly attacked Bates after the bell and locked in the Texas Cloverleaf.
8. Rain defeated Amazing Kong via DQ after pretending she had been hit with a chair. Valkyrie attacked Kong after the match but Roxx, Garrett, Yim, Taylor and Yung made the save.

Angelina Love SHINE 7Thoughts:

• Brittney Savage has been the subject of a lot of discussion over the last few days, so she had an opportunity to remind us about her wrestling skills. However, she tweeted about a sprained ankle before the show – though that didn’t stop her going with a kick-based offence. It wasn’t much of a match, and left me waiting for that standout Heidi Lovelace match which I am still confident is just around the corner.
• La Rosa Negra was a last-minute addition to the Tina San Antonio/Luscious Latasha match, and I was happy about that as it confirmed that I like her. She’s spirited and exciting to watch. Latasha was as spunky as ever, though I’m still trying to work out why I should dislike Tina – her character is a bit undefined.
• Despite not having any backstory, the crowd – which were the most audible of any SHINE show so far – were really into Santana Garrett v Jessie Belle, especially since Jessie disrespected Daffney before the match, while it’s impossible to dislike Santana. Go ahead, try. The match itself was also an enjoyable romp, which served to knock the show up a notch.
• The introduction of Angelina Love to the roster should add a bit more attention from fans who may not be that clued into women’s wrestling, but are aware of TNA and its Knockouts. It was also interesting to see her slope away without putting up a fight when Valkyrie came to crash the party. Words were exchanged, so we’ll see if anything comes of it in the future.
• Ivelisse Velez became a player on SHINE 7. Her match with LuFisto was the best of the night, with a lot of elements going to make sure she was given the star treatment. For example, her Valkyrie buddies vacated the area for the bulk of the contest, allowing Velez to get the heat by herself. The Super Hardcore Anime did a great job putting her over, but also managed to generate some real noise from the fans for her great offence too. There was a mild miscue when Velez’s running buddies didn’t come out while she was being hoisted up for the Burning Hammer, but following some swift improvisation they repeated the spot with Pegaboo eventually being abducted to cause a distraction, allowing Ivelisse to hit her guillotine choke into a DDT for the win. Great match.
• The six-woman tag’s result was more of a foregone conclusion as far as the result would go, but I wouldn’t have anticipated it being Yim who went down for the fall. However, by doing so, it showed that Valkyrie have what it takes to beat most of their peers.
• April Hunter’s work was minimal due to her longstanding injuries, but Made In Sin were more than enough to compensate. Everyone worked their tails off, which made for a fun yet chaotic match. Kay and Made also debuted their new finisher the Eighth Deadly – a 3D – which is obviously one better than their other tandem finisher the Seventh Deadly. God knows what the Ninth Deadly will be.
Kimberly Leva Bates SHINE 7• Nikki Roxx is usually in the process of preparing for a fitness comp or having just finished one, so it was a surprise to see her looking a little less… fitness-like. However, it didn’t affect her wrestling ability, which made sure her match with Mercedes Martinez was almost up to the level of what you would expect for these two. The result was a surprise though – Martinez has been floating around the top of the card for all this time and was rolling after winning last month’s main event, so to see her lose clean to Roxx was not what I was expecting. It opens things up though…
• It’s the little touches which make the feud between Leva Bates and Kimberly so great. When the latter came out she was nervously looking around, because she was jumped from behind on the last show to start the match. She was also petrified by Leva’s outfit, which was styled on the Scarecrow from Batman Begins, complete with burlap sack hood and powder designed to act as a hallucinogen.
• The match went all over the ring, outside area and onto the elevated stage in the Orpheum, using fire extinguishers, chairs and the noose which Bates brought to the ring. The finish came when Leva superherokicked the chair into Kimberly’s face and she fell to the floor. Bates managed to get to her feet before the count of 10, but the end felt like a bit of a disappointment because the kick looked a bit light.
• The pair kept fighting afterward, so it looks like we may get Leva/Kimberly III. I’ve got no problem with that, considering they have one win each.
• Rain’s win over Amazing Kong was right out of the Eddie Guerrero playbook. After the ref was knocked down, all the members of Valkyrie hit the ring, only to be swatted away by Kong. From there, Rain brought in a chair, hit it on the mat, threw it to Kong and then sold it like she’d been clattered by the foreign object, leading to the ref calling for the bell for the DQ. The finish did what it needed to do – it gave Valkyrie the clean sweep over their opponents, yet didn’t have Kong lose for two shows in a row, which would have been a big blow. The show ended with the babyfaces standing tall in the ring after seeing off Valkyrie, so it looks like the roster has decided to take a stand against the stable. Plus, with Roxx and Ivelisse Velez LuFisto SHINE 7Garrett helping to make the save, it looks like they’re going to be getting in on the act – which is a major shot in the arm for Santana, who is rising up the pecking order.


Overall, it was another strong outing for SHINE with story developments with Valkyrie and the Leva/Kimberly plots, had some good wrestling and saw Ivelisse Velez and Santana Garrett make huge strides. Thinking about it, a feud between those two could be amazing.

– Lee Burton

dvb says:

Watched Ivelisse vs LuFisto. Thoughts:

Bad. Ivelisse was very much a Diva here – weak offense, strikes looked like they wouldn’t bruise a grape, add the cute leg work and she was like a female Hiroshi Tanahashi, and her being fairly uncoordinated led to awkward moments. LuFisto looked like a backyarder. Highlight was her embarrassing Kobashi chops/cosplaying in the corner, and that double foot stomp spot was annoyingly cooperative. Match was poorly built, felt way too long, and about halfway or so in, I was actively wanting this shit to end already. Thankfully though, the last few minutes were made easier to sit through due to some unintentionally hilarious stuff.