It’s called Absolutely Intense Wrestling for a reason, and the match we bring to you today from said promotion proves it.

Hailey Hatred and John Thorne had traded victories in singles and tag team matches from late 2008, including one which saw Thorne beat Hatred in a No-Rope Barbed Wire affair. The match presented after the jump is a bloody and violent I Quit Dog Collar match from Absolution IV on June 12, 2009.

By the way, this match adds more to the intergender match discussion we have been having stemming from last week’s Roundup. Feel free to add your thoughts and feelings on matches with men facing women in the comments, and we will collate the best ones for a follow-up on Tuesday.

RWM says:

I haven’t seen anything that brutal since Lufisto beat the Necro Butcher!

I think that if done correctly and properly, intergender wrestling can enhance the overall quality of professional wrestling. I’ve evolved from being just a fan of women’s wrestling – ranging from very, very bad to very, very great – to being a fan of *good to great* women’s wrestling. As an extension of that, intergender wrestling started to peak my interest, too.

We’re in a more modern era and a new age, so seeing more an emphasis on excellent women’s wrestling is a great thing. Also on the plate is the further development and acceptance of intergender wrestling. As you guys pointed out, LuFisto is a great – if not the PERFECT – example of how intergender wrestling can be believable and entertaining. I’m a fan of it and feel it can be used to enhance a feud, a rivalry, a storied history between two groups of competitors. Hell, I even write a bunch of fanfiction matches that feature women and men more often than at going head-to-head in competitive match-ups (for the most part).

It’s only a matter of time before it’s pushed heavily just like women’s wrestling has been over the past 4 years. Maybe we’ll see the first ever intergender matches-only promotion in the coming years? Who knows, but I hope to find out.