Before July’s Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s Special Edition show in July, Nikki Storm made the point that despite she being a WWE Diva and TNA Knockout, it was Kat Waters who was the one who was at the disadvantage. After all, she was the visiting team, and was entering unfamiliar territory. The same could be said of Angelina Love, who will wrestle Scotland’s Carmel Jacob on EVE’s Wrestle Fever show on November 10 - and Jacob will be flanked by her Glamour Gym partner Sara Marie Taylor, which puts the Canadian at a further detriment.

In addition, Jacob has been busy wrestling TNA & WWE talent recently, taking on former Knockouts, Women’s and Divas Champion Mickie James in singles and tag team matches last weekend, though came out on the losing end on both occasions.

To show Love what’s waiting for her, we have a video of one of Carmel’s matches from the summer, taking on Portugal’s Perfect Athlete Shanna, who also makes her return to EVE in November following a long period on the shelf with injuries, starting with a separated shoulder in the winter and then having her torn ACL repaired. This match took place for ABC Catch in late July, just 75 days after having the surgery on her right leg.