When we spoke to Evie a week ago, she could barely contain her excitement at possibly becoming the first ever Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion, progressing to the final against Britenay and headlining the Destiny show last Saturday night. She was keen on winning the belt in her home promotion, and always having the moniker of being the first Women’s Champion in the promotion – an achievement that nobody can take away from her. However, the one on one contest between the two of them was turned upside down just moments before the bell would ring…

Destiny opened with Commissioner Dion McCracken addressing the crowd as well as the competitors. He told Evie and Britenay that this match would be determined under a one on one contest, and then proceeded to ban ‘Handsome’ Danny Jacobs from ringside for the match later on, much to the delight of the sold out crowd. Evie’s BFF Megan-Kate was also ruled out, so there would be no excuses, and a rightful winner would be decided. Someone else had alternative plans though, and it would result in the Commissioner’s credibility being undermined, the two competitors being thrown a curve-ball, and a strong friendship being put to the test in the quest for the gold.

Just when it seemed the match was about to get underway, the Commissioner ran out to stop the match from starting. Looking out of breath and a little dishevelled, he then hastily told the two girls that he would be adding none other than Megan-Kate to this match to make it a triple threat, with MK flicking the Commissioner’s tie as she passed him. Confused and slightly fustrated, Evie addressed her BFF in the ring, but shook hands after a quick discussion – but as they went to lock up, an irate Britenay quickly disposed of Evie to confront Megan-Kate herself.

In a fairly even contest between the three women, the end came down to MK setting Britenay up in the ‘Bitch Tamer’ (Lion Tamer). As Britenay was about to tap, Evie struggled back to the ring with a kick on MK to break the hold and finished her BFF with her TTYL finisher to score the win and the title.

There are still some questions to answer and some issues that have been left hanging in the air. How did Megan-Kate sneak her way into the main event after being beaten twice by Britenay in two semi-final encounters? What does Evie think about her BFF not letting her compete one on one for the belt? Does Britenay feel hard-done-by because her singles match was turned into a three-way? It seems as is there is a lot to sort out over the coming shows.

However, before that can happen, Evie will look to double the number of championships when she faces Jessie McKay for the PWWA Interim Championship at Call To Arms on Saturday in Casula, Australia. McKay, meanwhile, will be looking to become the first woman to win the PWWA title on three occasions. With both being fan favourites but McKay enjoying the advantage of having worn the gold before and wrestling in her home province against the visiting New Zealander, the odds may be slightly against Evie – but with her riding high in confidence after snaring her first piece of wrestling hardware, you can’t dismiss her. Either way, we will find out this weekend, and we will bring you a report as soon as we receive it.

– Lee Burton