Sometimes a great Retro just falls into our laps, and such an occurrence happened earlier today, when the official YouTube channel of the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association uploaded one of its home videos for everyone to see.

LPWA wasn’t around for long – a mere three years in its original incarnation between 1989 and 1992, before coming back for a further two between 1998 and 2000 – but differed from Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, which preceded it by a couple of years by being more about the in-ring action, making it more similar to Powerful Women of Wrestling, which was set up by GLOW creator David McLane after he left his original concept.

You may also notice a few of the women featured on the video, such as former World Wrestling Federation Women’s Tag Team Champions the Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai & Judy Martin), as well as former WWF Women’s Champion Madusa “Alundra Blayze” Miceli, D-Generation X member Terri Power, who went on to be better known as Tori, and Reggie Bennett, who went on to win the All Japan Women All Pacific Championship (a title that both Kai and Martin also held prior to their LPWA days).

Click after the link to see the video, as well as the match listings.

Reggie Bennett v The Beast
Miss Linda v Leilani Kai
Misty Blue Simmes v Susan Sexton
Madusa Miceli v The Goddess
Locomotion (Reggie Bennett & Cheryl Rusa) v The Nasty Girls (Kat LeRoux & Linda Dallas)
Bambi & Magnificent Mimi v The Glamour Girls (Judy Martin & Leilani Kai)
Team America (Misty Blue & Heidi Lee Morgan) v Despina Mantangas & Rustee Thomas
Terri Power v Denise Storm
Susan Sexton v Leilani Kai
Reggie Bennett v Judy Martin