When Kharma‘s Twitter account was bumped to WWE‘s Alumni section on its own Twitter, acknowledged by her on July 12 by saying that she had been “promoted” to that area, we held our tongues. Yes, it appeared that the former TNA Knockouts Champion may have been given the future endeavour situation, but because it was not voiced by WWE as they tend to do, we waited. Even when her profile was moved to the Alumni section on WWE.com too, we waited.

Twelve days on, WWE had still said nothing, and barring a message to say that she would not be accepting any bookings at the moment, Kharma was staying quiet too. It all looked as if she and WWE had parted ways, but without something concrete, we decided to not start shouting about what was rumour and speculation. However, last night, Kharma admitted what everyone had suspected – she was no longer a WWE employee.

When asked on Twitter by a fan on whether she was released by WWE, Kharma replied:

yes, I was. It doesn’t mean I’ll never be back.

It’s a big shame for the 34-year old, whose WWE run was stunted for one reason or another. Following her departure from TNA in 2010, she returned to the indies as Amazing Kong before getting signed by WWE at the tail end of the year. Following a series of short vignettes showing her tearing the heads of dolls, Kharma debuted at Extreme Rules on May 1, 2011, destroying Michelle McCool after she had just lost a Loser Leaves WWE match to her former partner Layla. On the subsequent TV shows, she destroyed a few poor souls while focusing her attention on Kelly Kelly, but three weeks later, she was written off TV because of her discovery that she was pregnant. As she made her announcement on Raw, the Bella Twins poked fun at her, with her promising that she would get them on her return, if they were still with the company. She never got that chance.

At the end of 2011, Kharma announced that she had given birth to a boy, but it was later revealed that the child did not survive the pregnancy. However, before that became public knowledge, she returned to WWE at this year’s Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant, battering Michael Cole and Dolph Ziggler, and eliminating Hunico before being dumped out by Ziggler. Believe it or not, that was her sole official match in WWE.

After that, she disappeared again, with word that she was back to full health around early spring and would likely be the challenger for Nikki Bella‘s newly won Divas Title at Extreme Rules, but that was nixed by WWE when it became pretty common knowledge that she would be the surprise opponent when Beth Phoenix would not be able to compete. Therefore, instead of Kharma getting her revenge against the Bellas, winning the belt and helping to resurge a floundering division, WWE had Layla win the title instead in a confusing piece of booking that did the new champ no good.

I’m sure the “creative has nothing for you” line was bandied about if WWE did the releasing rather than Kharma deciding to walk, but that’s clearly creative’s fault and not the talent. In fairness, the story wrote itself in a number of areas and the company never seized the moment. However, judging by her tweet, she is optimistic on a return at some point, and with her unique look and style, it is a possibility that she may be back.

So what next for Kharma? Well, as mentioned in yesterday’s Roundup, there are a lot of shows coming later this year when her 90-day no-compete clause expires including SHIMMER, nCw Femmes Fatales, SHINE, and likely WSU too. She also has the Japan option, as she has been a success there in the past, and she would be an asset to whichever promotion books her. For whenever Kharma chooses to return to the ring, she will have her pick.

For the meantime though, it is hard to look past the shoulda coulda wouldas which WWE has missed out on. The company could have a healthier Divas division right now, but decided against it because picking Kharma to face Nikki at Extreme Rules would have been “obvious”. Let us never forget – sometimes, it’s obvious for a reason.

– Lee Burton

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