Pro Wrestling: EVE returns later, with five women’s matches and three men’s ones, topped off with an EVE title match – Champion Alpha Female makes her first defence of the championship against the Amazon, Ayesha Ray.

Differing from the technical prowess of her matches with former champ Jenny Sjodin – who takes on Blue Nikita as part of this Special Edition card – Alpha’s opponent this time around is more of a powerhouse, so this is likely to be a thumping, bruising affair, and it will be interesting to see how each of them adapts to facing an opponent similar to themselves, as they are usually the one with a clear strength and size advantage.

After the jump, you can see the video Ayesha Ray released earlier this week – her first spoken promo – and we’ve also got an example of how they both like to take advantage of their dominant nature…

The match for this weekend is from Wrestling Stars in France, which has a fairly large women’s roster which includes Sweet Saraya, Viper and Erin Angel. This match is from February 26 last year, when Amazon and Alpha teamed up to take on Miss Agthe and Divine Isabelle.