Let’s get the big question sorted before I continue with the most awesomest blog in the world…

As it currently stands my knee has made some general improvements without the use of surgery, which I am very happy about… BUT I am still having the nagging issues of not being able to run, jump or kneel without running into some serious pain. To look at the progress I have made (from previously not being able to walk without a full leg brace and the use of a crutch), I think im doing fairly well.

This may lead to the question of “Why not just have surgery?”, and the answer for me is fairly simple, if I am slowly (VERY slowly) making improvements without the use of a surgeon then I don’t want to risk the chance that surgery possibly could make it worse OR not help it at all, in which case I would be set back even further in my recovery process.

But for all of you wondering if this is the end of my career you should probably be more focused on wondering what the date of my return to the ring will be. So in conclusion, to make an informed guess to answer this it would have to be that I’ll be back in the ring at the end of this year.

Well, now that that Elephant is out of the room lets start talking some fun stuff.

As some of you might know I am a big advocate for GOOD women’s wrestling, that being the reason I started the first, and only, Australian all women’s wrestling company back in 2007. I wanted to bring together all the girls from around the country so that we could work together to really show everyone what we had to offer as wrestlers.

Back in 2007 PWWA ran its first show which was a tournament to have the victor take the first of two spots to compete for the first ever PWWA Title. To be completely honest I had no idea about most of the girls on this show, because this was when most of the Australian Wrestling Community had no idea about most of these girls. Most were wrestling the same people week in and week out, barely traveling out of their home company to compete against others, and were mostly given throwaway spots at the hands of the male promoters – so it was hard to get much dirt on any of them. All I knew is that I was head strong and wanted to get us all together to create something special. Looking back at it we were defiantly starting to stir something up in Aussie wrestling, as suddenly more girls matches were being used on shows, a lot started traveling interstate to wrestle, and promoters started promoting us as a highlight of their shows.

Over the years we have lost wrestlers and gained wrestlers, the women have started to stand out as individuals because of their more honed wrestling skills. And I think PWWA as a company started to hit its stride at it’s ‘Last Woman Standing’ Tournament back in 2010. Last year’s September show was an even bigger step with us hosting talents from New Zealand and Canada, and this leads all into the PWWA Tournament that we are in the midst of right now.

When I was injured at the end of last 2011 I was the current PWWA Champion, and after realizing that the injury was not going to be miraculously healed we had to look at the fact that we needed to have the belt go to someone else. So in the true spirit of PWWA we decided to hold a Tournament to crown an Interim Champion.

The Tournament has been going strong so far with all the first round match ups out of the way. We saw Kellie Skater defeat the only entrant to the competition that had not worked for PWWA before, Alex Lee. Formally known as Irena, Lee had just gotten back from having an FCW contract and was trained originally by Lance Storm, so we thought she was by far the standout of all the non-PWWA wrestlers we had in Australia. But facing a ‘Rate Tank’ like Skater, ESPECIALLY after she had just gotten back from 3 months in Japan was going to be an impossible task for anyone that doesn’t know how hard all the PWWA Wrestlers work to be known for their wrestling skill.

Next up we had ‘Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend’ Jessie McKay pull a win out from underneath a more regular face in PWA and PWWA lately, Harley Wonderland. And let me say I was more then surprised by how hard Wonderland worked in this match, it was if I was seeing her in a whole new light during this match. For everyone wondering when certain wrestlers have that stand out match that puts them another step closer to their goal at the top, this was that match for Wonderland… by FAR!

Coming off two well fought matches back in April, the only thin that could have topped it was the next match that was held in May between the two New Zealand BFF’s Megan-Kate and Evie. Both stepped up and really put a lot of what they have got on the line in this match up, and they didnt disappoint. Megan-Kate was a definate stand out, just like Evie was last September in her debut PWWA match against Kellie Skater, we just saw a whole lot more of her wrestling skill and abilities then we did when she wrestled Savannah Summers in her own debut PWWA match. I honestly remember thinking to myself “Wow! She can wrestle!”. Suplexes, submissions, Powerbombs… nothing was off limits to Megan-Kate in this match. Both worked so hard and both really did deserve a spot in the semi-finals of this tournament, but in the end Evie took the step up to continue fighting for the gold.

The one unfortunate we did have was that Eliza Sway, who was suppose to wrestle Shazza McKenzie in a first round match on May 5th, was unable to compete due to emergency health issues. She is OK now and recovering well, but we did have to make the choice about what to do in this match, and instead of having a replacement found in a very short amount of time, we decided to let Shazza have a pass and continue in the tournament without having wrestled that initial match.

So as of now we have three Australians and one New Zealander competing on the 15th of June in the Semi Finals for the PWWA Interim Title. Evie and Kellie Skater are set to go head to head again in a rematch from the September 2011 PWWA show, both have increased their wrestling skill since then and I’m sure both will be giving it their all in what could easily be the best match to come out of the Tournament. On the flip side we have Shazza wrestling Jessie, another rematch from recent PWWA matches, that being the Time Limit Draw they had in May. Shazza has recently come back from her first tour of the USA, and trust me, she will tell you all about when you buy the PWWA Tournament DVD, available in August (Cheap plug!), but we are yet to see if her training and new found ego is enough to get one over on PWWA and SHIMMER favorite Jessie McKay.

Going into this weekends matches it really does look like it could be anyones gain, as all four girls do possess what it takes to hold the PWWA Title and be the new face of Australian women’s wrestling…

…for the moment

— Madison Eagles

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Matthew says:

Glad to hear that Madison is
not using a brace or crutch to
get around nor did she turn to
knee surgery since I went there
and life only got worst as a
result.Also is Serena on a step
ladder or did Madison stand on
a lower step to make 6 foot 1