Japan can come up with some amazing stipulations, and even better names to hype them. Here’s the background to this contest at Union

Back in February, Cherry claimed had a big announcement to make, and it was that she wa moving the host site to her blog. To be fair, she’s “Forever 18″, and that’s a big deal for a teenager. However, Mio Shirai came out, saying that she expected that the announcement was going to be that Cherry was going to finally reveal her age – one of the best kept secrets in wrestling. She then challenged Cherry to a match at the March 18 show, where if Shirai won, Cherry would have to tell everyone how old she really is. Cherry ended up winning that contest, making sure her secret remained so.

However, GAMI stole her passport that she had brought along as a proof of age in the event that she lost, with GAMI saying that Cherry could only get it back if she won a match against her on April 8, but would have to spill the beans on her age if she lost. Cherry won – but it didn’t end there, as Shirai once again challenged Cherry, but the extra caveat was put on top so both had something to lose. If Shirai won, Cherry would have to reveal her real age, but if Cherry won, Shirai would have to remove all of her makeup and expose her bare face to the world.

In the week before the match which took place at Golden Union yesterday, Shirai had to pull out due to injury, but a replacement was found in new JWP and Daily Sports Tag Team Champion Emi Sakura, though the original stipulations would stand. Click after the jump to watch the match, where the price for losing for both Cherry and Shirai is horrendously high.

02. Cherry vs Emi Sakura – (UNION 05/04/12) by SenorLARIATO