Against a backdrop of reported financial problems (spawning the twitter hashtag of #saveaiw), Ohio’s Absolute Intense Wrestling presented the sixth edition of their popular “Girls Night Out” series from Turners Hall, Cleveland, OH. You can get yourself up to date on what’s going on with AIW’s women’s division with website reviews of Girls Night Out 4 & 5, our exclusive Women of Wrestling Podcast with former AIW Women’s Champion Mickie Knuckles and our recent Fight Like A Girl audio show with debutante Taeler Hendrix.

Main-evented by Allysin Kay and Mia Yim, their rematch stemmed from GNO5’s nose-breaking incident which resulted in an unsanctioned no-rules grudge match for the currently vacant AIW Absolute Women’s Championship – a title held most recently by Knuckles. Click through to after the cut the results, collated courtesy of David Muscarella…

Before the start of the event, Acting President of AIW Mr. Wadsworth discussed the future of the promotion, as well as the outpouring of support from the fans, and how they are the sole backers of AIW, seeing as they have no financial support or corporate sponsors. He also insisted that Girls Night Out 6 would not be AIW’s final show, contrary to some fans’ fears.

1. KC pinned Miss Heidi with the Low Down. Heidi has had a change of appearance since GNO5, sporting white gear and black hair. A 5-minute match that never really got going.
2. Hailey Hatred used a lariat to defeat Leva Bates. Bates was booked to wrestle Canadian Gabriella Vanderpool, but she never made it. Bates, dressed in a Star Trek: TNG uniform, offered to do Star Trek trivia until Hatred challenged her. The match went about ten minutes and was good, but the crowd didn’t really get into it.
3. Melanie Cruise beat Taylor Made with the Widowmaker. The longtime partners/rivals met in their respective AIW debuts with Taylor as the babyface. Cruise nailed the Widowmaker after Taylor missed a spear.
4. Crazy Mary Dobson pinned Trash Cassidy in a deathmatch with a small package. A little short (just 5 minutes or so), but in that time, they used staple guns, light tubes and a water cooler on a pole, with a number of shots to the head.
5. Cherry Bomb defeated Sassy Stephie with a superkick. Quite a few submission holds in this one, as well as a little comedy – the finish came when Stephie’s manager Chest Flexxor’s distraction on Cherry failed, and Stephie ate a superkick for her trouble.
6. Taeler Hendrix pinned Annie Social with a roll-up. A successful debut for the OVW Women’s Champ, who suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her top came loose, which may have hastened the ending, as the contest was quite short. Social was accompanied by Sammie G, who is a friend of CHIKARA‘s Veronica.
7. Jennifer Blake beat Kimber Lee with a Michinoku Driver. Blake has apparently come on a great deal during her time in Mexico, and was reportedly a riot. Lee reportedly also impressed, especially considering how new she is.
8. Sara Del Rey made Veda Scott tap out to a crosface. Del Rey spent the early minutes stretching Scott’s arms and legs. Veda tried to retaliate with flurries but was cut off, though got on top with a tornado DDT. Despite her best efforts, Veda was felled by Del Rey’s power and forced to tap out. Afterwards, Del Rey offered her hand, but Veda walked away.
9. Hailey Hatred pinned Jenny Rose with a belly-to-belly suplex in the match of the night. Described as a hard-hitting joshi affair, the pair started at 100mph and increased speed from there in an intense battle with plenty of chops, forearms and suplexes. The finish came when Rose nailed a top rope clothesline for a 2, but came unstuck when she tried it again, only to be caught with the belly-to-belly for a pinfall at the 20 minute mark.
10. Allysin Kay defeated Mia Yim with a flash pin to win the AIW Women’s Championship with a screwy finish. The unsanctioned affair also allowed fans to bring the weapons – such trinkets included an ironing board, toy machine gun, hose, broom, bat and golf clubs. Along with the fans’ offerings, Yim brought pink and black light tubes, and Kay brought a machete. Aiming to damage each other’s noses in a throwback to their previous match, Mia missed the Skytwister press, and was then distracted by Stephie and Flexxor, allowing Kay to get the pin, only for her to nail Flexxor afterwards, saying she wanted to win on her own, effectively turning the new champ babyface.

Afterwards, it was announced that Yim v Kay III would take place at Absolution 7 on July 1 to determine the undisputed AIW Women’s Champion with the order of no outside interference.


Fans who attended have dubbed Girls Night Out 6 as the best GNO so far, with a range of match styles – from technical, to hardcore to strong-style – and saw names like Blake, Lee and Rose knock it up a notch. If you were not there, you won’t have to wait long to find out if that’s true, as AIW told Ringbelles earlier today that it intends to have the show available for purchase in “about two weeks”. That means we could see it land by the end of April.