We’re tying in this week’s Retro with the latest edition of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast which was released earlier today – a great chat with GLOW original Little Egypt about the upcoming documentary on the TV show, as well as her days as a GLOW girl – debuting after mere days of training, getting injured and reuniting with her colleagues after all these years – advice on marketing yourself as a wrestler, and what to do after you hang up your boots. Be you wrestler or fan, there’s something in there for you, so check it out.

We talked with Egypt about her wrestling days, so it would be worth showing some of it to you. After the jump are two matches from her GLOW days – the first is against the militant Attache, and the other is her taking on the unhinged Dementia. Yes, it’s a little camp, and yes, it’s a little cartoony, but remember that GLOW was shown in one way or another around the world for a decade after original programming ended, so it obviously did something right.