Jennifer Blake returns to Absolute Intense Wrestling next Sunday for Girls Night Out 6, after beating Brittany Force then losing to Hailey Hatred at the original GNO on May 15, 2009, and being defeated by Jessicka Havok at GNO2 on October 10 of the same year. In 8 days time, she takes on Kimber Lee, who has gone from valeting at Combat Zone Wrestling to putting on the boots and stepping into the ring.

Girl Dynamite was touted as one of the next big things in women’s wrestling back in 2008 when she travelled from her native Canada to debut in SHIMMER: Women Athletes on volume 17. That seemed like a lot of pressure to heap on someone’s shoulders when they were starting out, and it showed, as nerves seemed to get the better of her in the early matches. However, Blake did have some good outings in the promotion, one of the notable ones being against Rain on volume 25.

As well as the aforementioned AIW bookings, working for Wrestlicious as Autumn Frost and a solitary appearance in Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Blake withdrew from wrestling in the US to try her luck in Mexico for AAA, where she briefly changed her name to Jennifer Blade before reverting back to her standard ring moniker. Starting out as a cohort of Konnan in rudo stable La LegiĆ³n Extranjera, she hooked up with Christina Von Eerie, Sexy Star and Rain, and formed a splinter stable called Las Gringas Locas. As time passed, Von Eerie and Rain departed, leaving Blake and Sexy Star to cause havoc.

Barring the Wrestlicious tapings, a one-shot deal against Carmel Jacob in Scotland and a brief SHIMMER return in 2010, Blake has spent the last three years in Mexico, where she has become a fixture in AAA, and is currently the co-holder of the World Mixed Tag Team Championship with Alan Stone, having held the title for close to 13 months at press time. However, Blake recently returned to Canada, losing to Leah Von Dutch, and will return to AIW in Cleveland, OH next Sunday.

The match for today comes from December 3 of last year featuring Blake and Sexy Star against Fabi Apache and Lolita. See what Girl Dynamite has been up to south of the border.