At the end of last month, The Wrestling Press published an interview with Davina Rose, where she discussed a number of subjects, including debuting in SHIMMER last year, her thoughts on WWE and her ambitions for the future. One main subject which came up for discussion was her relationship with mentor Serena Deeb, and how she has helped to further the California native’s wrestling career:

I first met Serena in October of 2010 when my promoter, Kirk White of BTW, booked her as my tag partner for our anniversary show. Serena is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet, and everyone who’s met her knows that. It doesn’t matter if she’s known you for years or meeting you for the first time, she’s just naturally nice no matter what. We talked a lot the day of the show and the next day when we took her to a signing and got along very well. Since then she has always been the one I go to for any wrestling advice I need. She’s so helpful in anything I ask and so willing to help me in my career. Serena Deeb helped me get to SHIMMER, and I owe everything and anything that comes out of it to her. I’ve already met some of my favorite people, had some of my favorite matches, and got to travel further than I’ve ever gone before because of SHIMMER and because of Serena. She doesn’t take all the credit for it when I thank her but I am truly lucky to have a mentor like her.

The match she is speaking of took place on October 22, 2010 at Big Time Wrestling‘s 14th Anniversary card in Newark, CA, featuring Rose and Deeb taking on Buggy and Jessica James – referred to as Jessica Jane by the commentators – and we have it here for this week’s Retro. Click after the jump to watch Rose be taken under the wing of one of the best wrestlers out there.