It’s Allison Danger‘s birthday today, and to celebrate, she’s going to be getting into the ring. She will be taking on her friend and recent SHIMMER debutante NY Knockout Nikki at Adrenaline Unleashed in Las Vegas, NV, with Nikki’s Women’s Championship on the line as part of the Extreme Thing 2012 card – which also features a second women’s match between Liz Sassi and Davina Rose.

To whet the appetite a bit, and also offer a throwback to days of yore, today’s match sees a reunion of the Dangerous Angels – Danger and Sara Del Rey – whose paths went in different directions in 2008 after Del Rey turned heel in SHIMMER. However, they have teamed up sporadically since then in promotions where both of them sit on similar sides of the track. One such occasion was in CWF Mid-Atlantic last year, where both were heels and saw them being berated by a woman in the audience as they left, with the pair of them looking on, nonplussed. However, this match is from Dungeon Championship Wrestling from October 15, when Danger and Del Rey wrestled Nikki and Morgan, collectively known as Bump N’ Grind, with some less-than-impartial refereeing from Thunderkitty.

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