The World Association of Women’s Wrestling returns today with the second show since its return, entitled Bellatrix, though its big money matchup for the show in Norwich, England has had to be scrapped.

Former Women Superstars Uncensored Champion Mercedes Martinez was unable to gain access to the United Kingdom on Thursday, meaning that her scheduled match against fellow hard-hitter Amazon will not take place. Instead, a four woman tournament has been announced to determine a number on contender to the British Championship, currently held by Liberty – though she defends against Amy Lee Kramer today. That tournament will consist of Amazon, rookie Penelope, the 4’9” Violet O’Hara & Rhia O’Reilly, fresh from her travels to the US and Canada for SHIMMER and NCW: Femmes Fatales.

Speaking of SHIMMER, its current titleholder Sweet Saraya teams up with Extreme World Wrestling Women’s Champion Skarlett against veteran Busty Keegan and WAW stalwart Destiny.

The RQW European Championship is also on the line as titleholder Queen Maya – who was defeated by Saraya at last night’s WAW show – puts the belt on the line against Jewel from Norway.

Ringbelles is on hand to offer results as the happen, so click after the jump and keep hitting refresh to get the latest updates.

1. Rhia O’Reilly pinned Violet O’Hara with a double arm DDT to advance to the final of the #1 contender tournament.
2. Amazon beat Penelope with a choke bomb to advance to the final of the #1 contender tournament.
3. Lady Lory made Chanelle tap out to a cobra clutch crossface.
4. Liberty made Amy Lee give up with the Queen Angelita Stretch to retain the WAWW British Championship.
5. Amazon defeated Rhia O’Reilly with the choke bomb to become the #1 contender to the WAWW British Championship.
6. Queen Maya beat Jewel with a lariat to retain the RQW European Championship.
7. Sweet Saraya and Skarlett beat Destiny and Busty Keegan by 2 falls to 1. Keegan made Skarlett tap to a half crab for the first fall, Skarlett pinned Destiny with an axe kick to equalize, and Saraya slammed Skarlett onto Destiny to win. All four women had a pull-apart brawl afterwards.


As someone who isn’t a regular attendant at WAW shows, it is nice to be able to witness them from time to time, as they have a unique feel to them that I haven’t experienced at other shows. For example, the fans are loud, mouthy and always ready to heckle and chant supporting things, as well as being fully clued up on the wrestlers, their backstories and and storylines they are involved in. Many of the wrestlers themselves have faced each other on many occasions, which leads to more fluid encounters.

The first two matches were a little awkward though. Both the O’Reilly/O’Hara contest and Amazon/Penelope had moments where there were awkward pauses in the action as they worked to get back into a rhythm. Both matches overcame those issues in different ways – Rhia’s new heelish character, coupled with Violet’s diminutive size helped to generate the crowd sympathy and support for the match, while Amazon v Penelope was kept short. Both O’Hara and Penelope have come along nicely since the last WAWW show in November in terms of ability, appearance and personality, so that is to be commended.

Speaking of new faces, tonight was Chanelle’s debut, and for her role, she was perfectly fine. She sold the beating of Lady Lory well, got in a couple of pretty sunset flips – one out of the corner was especially impressive – and helped to get the crowd behind her. A decent debut that she can be happy with.

Lory, meanwhile, was great. With the facepaint, sharp attire, mouthy attitude and aggressive ring-style, she made a believer out of me immediately. Most of her offence was clubbering, but it – along with her cobra clutch crossface – was great to watch.

My first Amy Lee (having now dropped the Kramer surname but meaning it clashes with the current WSU commissioner) match was her contest at the last WAWW show, where I was left feeling a bit cold. This time was very different, as she was fiery, aggressive and easy to get behind. Part of that also comes down to Liberty, who has really settled into her heel persona since winning the British title from Britani Knight in November. The pair started off rolling around on the mat exchanging punches before getting into some chain wrestling, pairing it off with some high-speed rope-running spots. Amy’s Code Red attempt went awry when Liberty was spilled out of the ring, and the second was still messy, but her screaming at the ref helped to get fans past it quickly enough. Having Liberty use the same move to finish the match that Knight (as Paige) used in FCW in her TV debut last week was a subtle nod to the intimation that she is being groomed for great things in WAWW. Overall, this match was a thumbs-up.

Amazon v Rhia allowed them to beat each other up, as they have some size to them to allow them to take it. Following four minutes of stalling as O’Reilly worked up the crowd, it was a tidy match that had some nice sequences in it – the best of which was Amazon reversing Rhia’s double-arm DDT into a spinebuster for a near-fall – and I finally got to see what Amazon’s “Angel Wings” move was that she had been talking about. It turns out, it’s a double-slap to the kidneys that will probably see Rhia peeing blood until Wednesday.

Having a prospective Amazon v Liberty match for the title in the future is interesting, considering the heel is the smaller of the two, but these two should be able to work around it. It won’t be the first time they’ve faced each other, I’m sure.

Jewel is adorable. Dressed in some pretty basic gear – black sports top, black sports leggings – it allowed us to focus on her face, which is expressive and sweet. She also saw Queen Maya have one of the best matches I’ve seen her in, as the Norwegian isn’t far off the European Champion’s height. Some neat chain wrestling with headlocks transformed into a couple of hard chops from Maya, the pair of them trading forearms, and then Jewel levelling the Queen with three great lariats. A little wobble in quality was then rescued with a giant lariat from Maya for the win. I had a good first impression of Jewel, and Maya had a respectable showing too.

Sweet Saraya was adored by the fans when she came out with the SHIMMER Championship – a far cry from her hissing, spitting, venomous visigoth of a character that she portrays in the US. Considering her heavy schedule over the last two weeks and the jetlag that she is yet to shake off, much of the match on her team was handled by Skarlett, who is now Saraya’s tag team partner and on-screen pet project. It led to Skarlett working a slightly naïve character by asking Saraya for advice and taking direction from her veteran partner outside of the ring. Not sure if it benefitted Skarlett’s character, but we’ll see where it goes from here.

Also, it was a massive pity that the match-ending move didn’t work out, as it massively deflated the conclusion. Skarlett was on Saraya’s shoulders, and went to lean back so Saraya could grab her feet and flip her forward onto Destiny, but she slipped back too far for the SHIMMER titleholder, who lost her grip and Skarlett tumbled to the mat. Instead, Saraya bodyslammed her partner onto Destiny for the three.

Speaking of whom, I’m starting to enjoy Destiny’s work. Her tag team with Viper on the last show and working with Busty Keegan – who lives up to her name, as the oversized Miami Dolphins shirt that she wore could barely contain them – has seen her be more aggressive and motivated. I still say she needs some proper tailored wrestling gear, but as for her work inside the ropes, I’m starting to appreciate it. I wasn’t blown away by Keegan though – I’m aware of her history, but I’m not sure how relevant she is for a main event in 2012.

Overall, despite the absence of Martinez, which was a huge blow for this writer, it was a thumbs-up show. It wasn’t perfect – some of the wrestling had holes and errors which hurt the matches attempt to reach a crescendo – but WAWW is starting to hit a stride, showcasing matches with clean finishes, no screwy endings and the focus on the in-ring action. Looking forward, we would see Liberty v Amazon for the British title, and we could see singles matches involving the participants in the main event.

– Lee Burton