Ringbelles Retro: Daizee Haze in early TNA

I miss Daizee Haze.

After bowing out of wrestling last October following her and Tomoka Nakagawa losing the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship to Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada, nothing has been heard from Haze, as she has stayed out of the public eye, with no real indication of what she has been doing to fill the time. On the second day of the weekend, Haze was collecting donations for an animal charity, and there was talk of her going to college, but as has been the case during her life, Daizee’s private life remains totally private. She has no Facebook or Twitter to speak of, and keeps off the grid as much as she can. It’s like she’s John Connor in Terminator 3 or something.

Still, I got to thinking about Haze, and took a look back into the archives (and by that, I mean scoured YouTube) to seek out a match from days gone by. And here’s what I found; a contest from TNA Xplosion on July 2, 2003 in Nashville, TN featuring Daizee – barely a year after her debut – teaming with her Gateway Championship Wrestling running buddy Matt Sydal taking on Gathering teammates Alexis Laree (better known now as Mickie James) and Julio Dinero. As you would imagine, with 14 months experience, Daizee is still somewhat green, but she and Laree do fine, and admittedly, much of this glorified squash features the men wrestling, but there aren’t many videos out there which show early Daizee in Daisy Dukes and a tie-dye tank top, before she busted out the sewing machine and knocked up some of the awesome outfits we saw from 2005 onwards…