Eve Torres turned full blown heel on Raw when she admitted she used Zack Ryder then said that she planned to use John Cena. Her plan came unstuck seconds later as Cena had overheard everything and then insulted and blew her off. Essentially, she turned and received her comeuppance in the first 11 minutes of the show. However, the biggest problem was the misogynist views that were purported by Cena and consequently, the fans in the arena in Minneapolis, MN.

After calling her a “hoeski”, Eve was treated like a wanton harlot or a gold-digging whore, and then was having a breakdown in the ring. Cena couldn’t help but throw her an insult before leaving about being disease-free and he’d like to keep it that way (because, women have to be carrying a sexually transmitted infection), leaving Eve to be escorted from the ring in tears. Cena could have been more compassionate and tell her to re-evaluate her life, but instead, led the crowd in chanting insults at her, belittling and humiliating her in public.

John Cena is meant to be a role model and head cheerleader for taking the high road these days. So why was it OK for him to verbally destroy a woman for 5 minutes in front of the world – ostensibly saying that you can still be a nice guy but treat someone who is vulnerable like shit. No question, this was bullying, and totally went against everything that Cena, and WWE’s BA STAR(D) campaign stands for.

In the first segment of Raw, Eve Torres went from being a confused soul to a prick-teasing, manipulative, gold-digging hussy, and then made to look small, pathetic and broken. Clearly, WWE didn’t know where they were going with the story when they started it, found an out and got rid of it before allowing Cena to focus of his match with the Rock. She was cannon fodder to get Cena over as a babyface. The question is: considering the backlash this has received online (and the meatheads saying that “all women are the same”), was it really all worth it?

Stephanie McMahon had “slut” chanted at her back in 1999 when she was wed to Triple H while drugged and unconscious, as if it was her fault that she had been tricked – keep in mind, she was still the innocent babyface at the time. After she turned heel, those chants intensified and she became the target of sexist abuse for the following three years from the fans and the wrestlers – Chris Jericho and The Rock being the guiltiest parties. Trish Stratus received the same treatment when she turned heel in 2004 and went with Christian instead of Jericho, though she was also part of the horrendously bad taste angle before WrestleMania X7 when Vince McMahon made her strip, crawl on her hands and knees and bark like a dog – a segment that was cut from the British transmission of the show.

Lita heard the same chants when she was in that storyline with Kane, and the real life revelations of her cheating on then-boyfriend Matt Hardy with Edge then spilling over onto TV. Anyone remember that promo with her and Trish in the ring in Madison Square Garden in April 2005 where the “slut” chants were so loud that Trish had to address them as if they were being aimed at her? In a remarkable double standard, that situation propelled Edge to the top of the card and Lita was pilloried – even on the way out of WWE, when Cryme Time humiliated her live on pay-per-view at Survivor Series 2006. That situation, more than any, just showed that WWE still sees women are conniving bitches who will screw you over and deserve any and all insults that subsequently follow, while guys are allowed to be dicks and it’s shrugged off with a “boys will be boys” mentality.

Sorry, but that’s bullshit, and quite how head writer Stephanie McMahon can agree with Eve’s treatment on Raw is beyond me, unless she has the McMahon mentality of “well, I’m willing to do it, so everyone else should follow my lead”.

How about turning the tide, WWE? You did well putting on a decent Divas title match the previous day between Beth Phoenix and Tamina Snuka, where the crux of the feud was the spirit of competition and settling issues in the ring. Sadly, that’s been nullified by the first quarter hour of Raw. Recovery? Possibly. However, it’s more likely that WWE will either turn Torres full-blown heel or vanish her from TV. Either way, it’s a disservice to her, and the damage has already been done.


Kay Lee Ray and April Davids are recovering from concussions following the EVE show on Saturday. In Davids’ case, she has been told to avoid any head trauma for the next 6 weeks, and her final booking before her hiatus from the ring will start after her match against Nikki Storm on Friday. Considering the number of concussions we’ve heard of in the last 5 months (Serena Deeb, Mercedes Martinez, KLR and Davids), I’d implore all wrestlers, male or female, to be careful when it comes to injuries to the head or spine. Protect yourself, don’t work hurt. It may be the traditional thing to do, but sucking it up can make things worse in the long run, and considering what we know about concussions these days, it’s really not worth the risk. You’ve got a whole life to live, and doing it with potential constant migraines or degenerative brain diseases isn’t worth any five star match.


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The best of the rest

Looks like the Gail Kim/Madison Rayne team is set to implode. Rayne won a battle royal on last week’s Impact Wrestling to becoming top contender to Kim’s Knockouts Title… Meanwhile the match itself drew the highest rating of the show by a large margin, stopping the episode from suffering its lowest rating of the year… Malia Hosaka announced her retirement effective immediately last Friday. She was meant to be wrestling a triple threat match on April 7 against Cheerleader Melissa and Mickie James, but that’s now been revised to be a singles match… Kellie Skater, who has been in Japan since before Christmas, has been added to the SHIMMER lineup. Kana has been announced too… Queen Maya will defend the WAWW/RQW European Title against Miss Mina on March 24. Swiss wrestler Laura Welling will also make her debut in WAWW on that date. Jetta, Julie Starr and former FWA valet Buttercup have also been added to the WAWW roster… The Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon 2 show that was talked about at the tail end of last year isn’t happening. The proposed date for the show to take place (March 20) is now the date being used for Ice Ribbon March 2012… Speaking of EVE, there was meant to be a Tag Team Championship tournament at last weekend’s show, but the belts weren’t ready in time. Nikki Storm won the replacement tournament, while the Jenny Sjodin/Alpha Female title bout ended in a double count out… Also, the Project Eden shows that were meant to start in London on Sunday never materialised and haven’t been mentioned since the announcement in December… Erin Angel and Niki Nitro never ended up going to India as part of the EPW show that we mentioned last month. It was called off because of elections in Mumbai… Brodus Clay’s been taken off TV, so that that means Cameron Lynn and Naomi Night’s dancing schtick is history for now too… Veda Scott and Nicole Matthews have decided to ask for fans to donate to their chosen charities, rather than having Amazon wishlists… Britani Knight’s received another name change in FCW. She’s now known as Paige. The website originally had her billed as a whopping 264lb though. She made her first appearance on FCW TV on Sunday with Seth “Tyler Black” Rollins… Longtime rivals/enemies Carmel Jacob & Kay Lee Ray will team up later this month to take on Mikey Whiplash… There’s the Bellas, the Blossoms, and now the Owens. The British twin sisters will wrestle each other on a BWP show in Wales next month… Winter, Gail Kim and Brooke Tessmacher are part of a new independent movie called Double Fury. It’s in pre-production at the moment… After saying it would never happen, AIW’s booked a rematch between Allysin Kay and Mia Yim for Girls Night Out 6. Yim broke Kay’s nose in their first encounter last month… Lady Apache, Dalys, Goya Kong, La Comandate, Zeuxis, Princesa Blanca and Princesa Sujei are all off to Japan for REINA for the promotion’s first anniversary… Ludark Shaitan & Sexy Lady won the Xtreme Wrestling League Hardcore Tag Team Championship recently… Congratulations to former TNA Knockouts Champion Taylor Wilde, who got married on Saturday… Maria Kanellis has slammed WWE for the farting gimmick that it’s dealt to Natalya, calling it disrespectful… Aoi Kizuki will challenge Hikaru Shida for the Ice Ribbon’s ICEx60 Championship. Not a bad comeback for Kizuki, who returned to wrestling less than two months ago at RibbonMania… Melanie Cruise defeated Sassy Stephie at Resistance Pro on Friday. Cruise’s Matrix teammates Nikki St John & Taylor Made interfered, causing Serenity to dive from the balcony onto them to even up the odds… Blue Nikita wasn’t at the EVE show on Saturday because she was in Germany beating Jennifer Sofie… Talk about life imitating art – after working a knee injury at Against All Odds last week, Tara legitimately injured her knee during a TNA house show on Saturday… Jillian Hall and Rebecca Reyes (Reby Sky) have been added to the Lucha Libre USA tour taking place in March. So far, dates in Reno, NV, Stockton, CA, and San Jose, CA have been announced… Desmond Wolfe’s former valet Chelsea returned to Impact Wrestling last week at the side of Eric Bischoff… Jewells Malone defends the PWA Elite Women’s Championship against Seleziya Sparx in a Lumberjill Match on Friday… Miss Heidi and Camron Star wrestled in a cage on Saturday at a New Era Wrestling show on Saturday. Miss Heidi won… Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle was at the Elimination Chamber PPV. It was held in her home town of Milwaukee… Skarlett went into overdrive after defeating Rhia O’Reilly on Sunday. After being eliminated in a Rumble match which closed the WrestleForce show, she threw a fireball into Terry Frazier’s face… LuFisto’s return to wrestling after a 4 month layoff ended on Sunday. She won the Lucha POP Women’s Championship in Tlalnepantla, Mexico by beating Vaquerita… Impact Pro Wrestling in New Zealand is going to crown their first women’s champion in the near future.



February 11: OZ Academy (Osaka, Japan) – Aja Kong & Sonoko Kato b Mayumi Ozaki & Yumi Ohka; Mio Shirai b Hiroyo Matsumoto; Chikayo Nagashima b Mika Iida; Ran Yu-Yu b Sawako Shimono; Manami Toyota & Nao Komatsu b Takako Inoue & Tomoka Nakagawa; AKINO & Ayumi Kurihara b Carlos Amano & Tsubasa Kuragaki

February 12: Norsk Elite Wrestling (Lillestrom, Norway) – Adrian Storm b Miss Mina

February 12: REINA (Tokyo, Japan) – Saori b Bambi; Silueta & Dorami Nagano b Hoshi Hamuko & Cassandra; Yumiko Hotta b Kellie Skater; Mima Shimoda b Saya; Lluvia & Luna Magica b Aki Kanbayashi & Aoi Ishibashi

February 14: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Goya Kong & Marcela b Tiffany & Zeuxis

February 14: CMLL (Guadalajara, Mexico) – La Comandante, Princesa Blanca & Princesa Sugheit b Dalis la Caribeña, La Seductora & Lady Apache

February 14: Perros Del Mal (Pachuca, Mexico) – Mr. Aguilita, Sexy Star & Súper Nova b Celestial, La Vaquerita & Zumbi

February 15: TNA Xplosion (Orlando, FL) – Mickie James & Velvet Sky b Sarita & Rosita

February 15: Premier Promotions (Camberley, England) – Amazon b Erin Angel

February 15: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Epiphany b Taeler Hendrix

February 16: Impact Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Madison Rayne won a 10 Knockout battle royale

February 17: WWE SmackDown (Fresno, CA) – Alicia Fox & Tamina Snuka b Beth Phoenix & Natalya

February 17: Top Rope Promotions (Franklin, MA) – Alexxis Nevaeh b Luscious Latasha

February 17: 19 Pro (Saitama, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto b Tomoki Yagami; Kurumi & Dorami Nagano b Aoi Kizuki & Sayaka Obihiro

February 17: Resistance Pro (Chicago, IL) – Melanie Cruise b Sassy Stephie

February 18: Riot City Wrestling (North Adelaide, Australia) – Harley Wonderland b Eliza Sway; Miami b Vixsin

February 18: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Dorami Nagano b Meari Naito; Kurumi b Miyako Matsumoto; Maki Narumiya b Neko Nitta; Riho & Hikari Minami b Tsukasa Fujimoto & Sayaka Obihiro; Hikaru Shida & Aoi Kizuki b Tsukushi & Hamuko Hoshi

February 18: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Sudbury, England) – Nikki Storm b Hannah Blossom; Holly Blossom v Sara-Marie Taylor went to a no-contest;April Davids b Rhia O’Reilly; Kay Lee Ray b Carmel Jacob; Viper b Janey Britannico & Kirsty Love in a 3-way; Nikki Storm b Viper via DQ; Kay Lee Ray b April Davids; Jenny Sjodin v Alpha Female ended with a double count-out;Carmel Jacob & Sara-Marie Taylor b Hannah & Holly Blossom; Nikki Storm b Kay Lee Ray

February 18: Nordisch Fight Club (Hamburg, Germany) – Blue Nikita b Jennifer Sofie

February 18: New Era Wrestling (Shelbyville, IN) – Miss Heidi b Camron Star

February 18: NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling (Johnson City, TN) – Tasha Simone b Misty James

February 19: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – Masa Takanashi, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Yuiga b Akito, Hiroshi Fukuda & Hikari Minami

February 19: SMASH 25 (Tokyo, Japan) – Nanae Takahashi, Tomoka Nakagawa & Kagatsu b Makoto, Lin Bairon & Aki Shizuku; Syuri b Kana to win the SMASH Divas Championship

February 19: WWE Elimination Chamber (Milwaukee, WI) – Beth Phoenix b Tamina Snuka

February 19: WrestleForce (Harlow, England) – Skarlett b Rhia O’Reilly

February 19: Lucha POP (Tlalnepantla, Mexico) – LuFisto b Vaquerita to win the Lucha POP Women’s Championship

February 19: World Association of Wrestling (North Walsham, England) – Penelope b Liberty

February 19: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Live Oak, TX) – Just Willie b Lillie Mae, Aiden Colt & Jordan Jensen in an elimination match; Darin Childs & Angel Blue b Rachel Summerlyn & Gregory James, Davey Vega & Athena and ACH & Mia Yim in an elimination match; Lady Poison b Barbi Hayden; Rachel Summerlyn b Athena; Angel Blue b Mia Yim

February 20: WWE Raw (Minneapolis, MN) – Brie & Nikki Bella b Aksana & Kelly Kelly



February 22: Joshi4Hope (Tokyo, Japan) – Ayako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara v Hiroyo Matsumoto & Misaki Ohata; Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa v Yumi Ohka & Courtney Rush

February 24: AAW (Merrionette Park, IL) – Mena Libra v MsChif

February 24: Melbourne City Wrestling (Tullamarine, Australia) – Eliza Sway v KC Cassidy

February 24: Squared Circle Wrestling “Girls Grand Prix” (Binghamton, NY) – Rachel Summerlyn v Veda Scott; Portia Perez v Cherry Bomb; Allysin Kay v Sara Del Rey; Mercedes Martinez v Mia Yim

February 24: Pure Wrestling Association (Kitchener, ONT, Canada) – Jewells Malone v Seleziya Sparx

February 24: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Nottingham, England) – April Davids v Nikki Storm

February 25: CHIKARA (Reading, PA) – Sara Del Rey v Archibald Peck

February 25: Family Wrestling Entertainment (New York City, NY) – Tara v Maria Kanellis; Winter v Brooke Tessmacher

February 25: REINA 27 (Tokyo, Japan) – Aki Kanbayashi v Courtney Rush

February 25: St Louis Anarchy (Granite City, IL) – Serenity v Rachel Summerlyn

February 26: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Carmel & Kay Lee Ray v Mikey Whiplash

February 26: CHIKARA (Long Island, NY) – Sara Del Rey v Saturyne

March 3: Women Superstars Uncensored (Deer Park, NY) – Mercedes Martinez v Jessicka Havok; Sassy Stephie & Allysin Kay v Brittney Savage & Alicia; Annie Social v April Hunter; Leva Bates v Athena; Becky Bayless v Jennifer Cruz; Rick Cataldo & Ezavel Suena v Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks & Jenny Rose; Rain v Lexxus; Tina San Antonio v Marti Belle; Lexxus & TBA v Luscious Latasha & Jana

March 3: East Coast Wrestling Association (Newark, DE) – Shazza McKenzie v Kylie Pierce

March 3: Extreme World Wrestling (Hastings, England) – Skarlett v Exodus

March 3: Ring Wars Carolina (Red Spings, NC) – Mia Svensson v Mercedes KV

March 3: Squared Circle Wrestling (Toronto, ONT, Canada) – Xandra Bale & Gabriella Vanderpool v Cherry Bomb & Seleziya Sparx

March 3: Millennium Pro Wrestling (Simi Valley, CA) – NY Knockout Nikki v Amanda

March 3: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (St Neots, England) – Nikki Storm v Erin Angel

March 3: Britannia Wrestling Promotions (Wrexham, Wales) – Leah Owens v Kasey Owens

March 4: Io Shirai 5th Anniversary (Tokyo, Japan) – Io Shirai & Dark Angel v Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa

March 9: Pro Wrestling Syndicate (Rahway, NJ) – Brittney Savage v Reby Sky v Spyra Andover

March 10: nCw Femmes Fatales (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – Kalamity v Mercedes Martinez; LuFisto v Jazz; Hailey Hatred v Cheerleader Melissa; Kellie Skater v Kira; Jessie McKay v Angie Skye; Rhia O’Reilly v She Nay Nay

March 10: Combat Zone Wrestling (Philadelphia, PA) – Mia Yim v Greg Excellent

March 10: IndyGurlz (Lebanon, PA) – Shazza McKenzie v Simply D’Vyne

March 17: Crossfire Entertainment (Nashville, TN) – Jessicka Havok b Angel Dust

March 17: Mecca Pro Wrestling/Canadian Wrestling Action (Cornwall, ONT, Canada) – Jewells Malone v Persephone Vice

March 17-18: SHIMMER Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

March 18: UNION (Tokyo, Japan) – Cherry v Mio Shirai

March 20: Ice Ribbon March 2012 (Tokyo, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto & Tsukushi v Manami Toyota & TBA; Hamuko Hoshi & Kayoko Haruyama v Mochi Miyagi & Nana Kawasa

March 23: Northeast Wrestling (Poughkeepsie, NY) – Melina v Velvet Sky

March 24: Northeast Wrestling (Waterbury, CT) – Melina v Velvet Sky

March 24: World Association of Women’s Wrestling (Norwich, England) – Queen Maya v Miss Mina

March 24: IndyGurlz (Boonton, NJ) – Simply D’Vyne v Veda Scott

March 29: NWA Ring Warriors (Ft Lauderdale, FL) – Jesse Neal & Christina Von Eerie v Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett

March 30: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Nanae Takahashi v Meiko Satomura

March 30: Pro Wrestling Australia (Camden, Australia) – Mikey Broderick & Jessie McKay v Bishop Sommers & Harley Wonderland

March 31: Adrenaline Unleashed (Las Vegas, NV) – Ny Knockout Nikki v Michelle Morgan; Allison Danger v Davina Rose

March 31: Rock n’ Roll Wrestling (Melbourne, Australia) – KC Cassidy v Nikita Naridian

April 4: Purely Obsessed Wrestling World (Onley, IL) – Sassy Stephie v Nikki St John

April 6: Dynamo Pro Wrestling (Glen Carbon, IL) – Santana Garrett v Christina Von Eerie

April 7: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Hailey Hatred v Mia Yim

April 7: Traditional Championship Wrestling (Fort Smith, AR) – Mickie James v Cheerleader Melissa

April 14: WrestleReunion (Toronto, ONT, Canada) – LuFisto v Kalamity

April 14: Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers (Toronto, ONT, Canada) – Cherry Bomb v Seleziya Sparx

April 15: Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 6 (Cleveland, OH) – Allysin Kay v Mia Yim

April 21: East Coast Wrestling Association (Sewell, NJ) – Veda Scott v Kimber Lee

April 29: Apex Pro (Huntington Park, CA) – El Jefe & Terra Calaway v Tyler Bateman & Raze

May 5: Ice Ribbon ‘Golden Ribbon’ (Tokyo, Japan)

July 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Sudbury, England)

– Lee Burton

Z says:

Thanks for addressing the situation that happened on RAW this week. I think it speaks to a broader topic that needs to be addressed.