RingbellesDiscovery of the Year 2011 Kay Lee Ray, Alpha Female and Erin Angel have all been featured in The Sun UK’s Saturday magazine Fabulous to profile the life of a female professional wrestler in Europe.

The three sat down with journalists amidst the Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon weekend last October (results and interviews of which you can see here, here and here) for in-depth conversations about being a woman in wrestling, juggling their regular lives around their ring time, and how their families feel about it. As a piece, it wasn’t your normal mainstream media piece about wrestling where it is written in a snidey, patronising format – instead, it’s a primarily positive three-page spread, charting the pros and cons of being a wrestler outside of the bigger promotions like WWE and TNA. The article has been published now, as it stems from Stacy Keibler‘s relationship with George Clooney.

As part of the article (which you can read in full by clicking here), KLR revealed that her family has reservations about her wrestling:

My mum and gran have never come to see me wrestle. They support me but they can’t bear to watch their little girl get hurt.

Meanwhile, Alpha describes how she is a full-time wrestler, though while she is following her dream and travelling across Europe, it’s hardly lucrative:

I got into wrestling when I was 18 and went full-time five years ago… I’ve given up everything for it. I don’t touch alcohol, I have just a few friends and I haven’t had a boyfriend in years. I travel all over France, Turkey, Spain and Italy, so there’s no way I can hold down a relationship when I’m away so much… As a wrestler, I’m pretty poor – last year I only earned around £8,000, but it’s worth it to do what I love.

But it’s not got a negative slant, as Erin explains when she describes how young girls approach her after her matches:

Female wrestlers are strong and I think we show young girls you can follow your dreams… I get lots of little girls coming up to me after a show, saying how much they love me, asking for pictures and an autograph. You can see that you’re an inspiration to them, and that’s really satisfying.

It is great to see wrestlers like KLR, Alpha and Angel being given the spotlight in one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the UK, and can only help to raise their profiles in the future. Hopefully it is something that they can capitalise on in the future.

– Lee Burton