Fun fact: we have never had a SHIMMER match in the Retro.

Funner fact: we still haven’t.

This is a SPARKLE (pre-show) match from the volumes 5-6 tapings on May 21, 2006. The promotion was still in its embryonic phase, with new names being added every time, characters being formed and storylines evolving. On volume 5, Amazing Kong (now Kharma) and Nikita (now Winter) made their debuts, while before the tapings even started, an 18-year old from Ottawa, ONT, Canada made the trip to Berwyn to get her foot in the door. That 18-year old was Portia Perez.

Perez would make her official debut on volume 7, teaming with Serena Deeb in a defeat to The Experience (Malia Hosaka and Lexie Fyfe) – her only SHIMMER appearance as a babyface – before heeling it up by using a (yellow) chain to defeat Josie on volume 9 and never looking back. These days, Perez is the ultimate heel, doing everything that she can possibly do to be as hated as possible. And it works, she’s brilliant at it. There is NOTHING to support about Perez, exactly the way a heel should be.

However in this week’s Retro, she is a white meat babyface showing what she can do against SHIMMER original Daizee Haze – who hung up her boots in October after she and Tomoka Nakagawa lost the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship to Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada on volume 45. Following this SPARKLE match, Daizee was slated to meet Rebecca Knox in a 2/3 falls contest on volume 5 after Haze beat her in the main event of the previous volume. And guess who would get involved after the match is over…