Women Superstars Uncensored has announced that its Champion Mercedes Martinez will not be able to defend the title in the new year against Jennifer Cruz in Stirling, NJ, as had been planned. Martinez was not permitted to travel by air due to the concussion that she suffered at the Breaking Barriers 2 iPPV back on November 19.

Making the announcement on its Twitter, WSU said:

Mercedes Martinez can not do 1/21… being told not to fly by Doctors and still has concussion symptoms/stinger. Martinez will be cleared by march, forcing her to wrestle in January risks us losing her in March, she is also being told not to fly. We will announce new 1/21 line-up in light of Martinez’s injury… Martinez promises to release a new video next week addressing everything. Martinez vs Jessicka Havok, Title vs Title will still go on March 3rd [at the 5th Anniversary show].

The stinger that the tweets refer to meant that Martinez had to be taken to hospital following the hard-hitting War Games match at the iPPV last month featuring her, Alicia and Brittney Savage against the Midwest Militia trio of Havok, Sassy Stephie and Allysin Kay. WSU captured the aftermath to show the seriousness of the situation at the time.

Click after the jump for that footage, as well as more thoughts.

Martinez’ concussion is a slightly different situation to Serena Deeb‘s who is also convalescing from a similar injury, and also spoke to Ringbelles about it before anyone else as part of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast. While she was permitted to fly but not wrestle, it is the opposite for Martinez, who is booked to wrestle on Friday and Saturday for World Xtreme Wrestling in Florida (where she lives), defending the WXW Women’s title against Kimberley Maddox on the first night, and then will be involved in a 6-person match on the following evening. I assume because of the air pressurisation in the cabin, flying could prove dangerous. The brain is a complex thing, so it’s understandable that there are different restrictions for different people.

While it’s possible to work through other injuries – Madison Eagles, for example, has been wrestling for the bulk of 2011 with a hurt shoulder, and more recently, has been working on an injured knee – injuries to the head should be treated with a much greater respect, so we at Ringbelles support WSU’s decision to encourage Mercedes to rest up ahead of March and take the situation day by day. The promotion is likely hoping that she will be given the all-clear by then to return to the ring for the main event at the 5th Anniversary against Havok, as it is the culmination of what will be an 18 month storyline for the current Spirit Champion. However, health comes first, and if Martinez is not ready, she shouldn’t be stubborn and wrestle.

We hope that the concussion symptoms and stinger effects clear up and Martinez is given the all clear very soon.

– Lee Burton