It has been four months in the making, but after an absence of more than two years, the World Association of Women’s Wrestling is back.

Appropriately entitled The Return, WAWW’s latest card is headlined with another return – this time of Allison Danger back to the UK after her initial tour of the country in early 2007. As part of her whistlestop tour of the country, Danger arrived yesterday morning, then wrestled in the evening and Herts and Essex Wrestling against Sweet Saraya Knight where she was defeated for the HEW Women’s Title in what was a precursor to tonight’s event, where she faces Saraya again, before making her final appearance of the weekend tomorrow evening at a World Association of Wrestling show before flying back to the US on Monday morning.

Three of the women on tonight’s card – Saraya, daughter Britani and Lucy Clayden – featured on the last pure WAWW card back in May 2008 – the most recent WAWW show before tonight was held in conjunction with WAW in March 2009 – so expect to see a number of debuts from newer talent from Britain and Europe, as well as the regulars of WAW.

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Britani Knight came out to forfeit her title belts. Liberty issued a challenge for the WAWW British title and Britani accepted.

1. Amy-Lee Krammer made Miss Mina tap out to an improvised leg choke.
2. Rhia O’Reilly pinned Penelope with a bridging fallaway slam.
3. Skarlett made Lucy Clayden tap out to the Cattle Mutilation to retain the EWW Women’s Title.
4. Destiny & Viper beat Kirsty Love, Violet & Kandy Leigh with a double pin after stereo splashes from Destiny & Viper on Violet & Kandy whilst Love was incapacitated on the floor.
5. Liberty pinned Britani Knight after Allison Danger interfered with Brass Knux to win the WAWW British Ladies Championship.
6. Queen Maya pinned Amazon following a spear to win the RQW British Championship.
7. Allison Danger (w/ Tommy Lee) beat Sweet Saraya with an assisted sitting armbar to win the WAWW World Championship.

A thoroughly entertaining show from WAWW top to bottom, with an interesting mix of veterans and rookies. Funnily enough, it didn’t even dawn on me until I left the venue that (apart from a couple of match tweaks from the originally announced card) there was no sign of the previously announced Busty Keegan vs Nikki Knight match. It mattered not, because everybody else worked damn hard to give a great first impression for WAWW’s return.

Happy surprise of the night was the unexpected appearance of two of the Scottish ladies who were so entertaining at EVE vs Ice Ribbon in Nottingham – Kirsty Love and Viper. Viper in particular turned heads teaming with her perfect partner, Destiny. From a body shape and wrestling style point of view, Viper had definitely reminded me of a younger Destiny, so it was great to see the two work together. Destiny had her working boots on too. In fact, the Alaskan (handicap) tag match with those two against Kirsty Love, Kandy & Violet was an absolute heap of fun. Much like at EVE, Kirsty got tremendous support almost immediately. Violet, by the way, is 4’11” (I asked afterwards) and is *tiny* beside the other girls, but she makes it work for her. One of my abiding memories of the match was seeing Saraya peering through the window, checking out how the match was going with a HUGE grin on her face. She loved it. So did I.

Another pretty awesome bit of business was the match between Rhia O’Reilly and Penelope. I’d never seen Penelope before tonight – she’s a rookie trainee with only a few months under her belt – but you wouldn’t have known it from the crispness of her chain wrestling with O’Reilly. Rhia put her away with the first really big impact manoeuvre of the match, but Penelope proved that she’s one to watch based on that performance.

The only other non-title match on the show was the opener between Miss Mina & Amy-Lee Krammer. As an opener, it did a fine job. I haven’t seen Mina in a while, and Amy-Lee did well in what seemed like a pretty decent length of a match. For the first match out, they got the crowd going, and the crowd stayed pretty hot and appreciative all night long.

There were four title matches on the show, two for vacant belts and two defences. Of the defences, Skarlett’s match against Lucy Clayden was pretty good. Clayden’s “Christian Crusader” character is really interesting – playing the holier than thou Christian and telling the crowd that if they’ve ever had an impure thought about a woman, they were going to hell. Skarlett had good fire, and eventually put Clayden away with a Cattle Mutilation. Britani Knight’s defence of her WAWW British Ladies Championship against Liberty was bizarre, as it was babyface Britani vs heel Liberty (not the only strange flip-flop of the night – see the main event). The finish was anything but clean, as referee Michael Mann got knocked down, allowing Allison Danger to interfere, hitting Knight with brass knux and putting Liberty on top for the pinfall and title win. Liberty has been ready to break out for a while now, so it will be interesting to see where she goes from here and whether she can follow the trail left by the youngest Knight sibling.

Queen Maya is your new RQW Women’s Champion (picking up the belt vacated by Britani Knight at the start of the show), defeating Amazon. Maya is improving nicely, and the two had what could best be described as a clubber-fest. They did well for the unenviable position of working between Britani and Saraya’s matches. Speaking of Saraya, her main event with Allison Danger (for the vacant WAWW World Title, last held by Blue Nikita) flipped the positions from the night before in HEW – here, Danger was the evil heel, while Saraya was the beloved babyface. The match was pretty rough around the edges, and stayed exclusively in the ring – so it was the opposite of the night before in just about every way. Danger had heel manager Tommy Lee working her corner, so she took full opportunity to heel it up, offer distractions and generally get into as many shenanigans as she could. The finish, which saw Tommy Lee plant his boot right in Danger’s chest (to add leverage to the armbar), causing a submission, drew a stunned silence. Post match, challenges were thrown out for tomorrow’s WAW show at North Walsham, which will feature Saraya and Britani teaming up to take on the team of New WAWW World Champion Allison Danger and new WAWW British Ladies Champion Liberty – with Tommy Lee banned from ringside.

All in all, a fun show that seemed to enthuse the audience *and* the competitors. It felt like the start of something very fun.