OK, first off, as a Brit, it hurts to write “Honor” without a “u”, but there we go. Anyway, to business.

Ring Of Honor is an utter sausagefest these days. Daizee Haze and Sara Del Rey, who were featured on a semi-regular basis on ROH on HDNet, have been removed from the roster page, with only Mia Yim still there, and she is a valet for the Embassy, so she isn’t even wrestling. Coupled with the distancing of the promotion from SHIMMER, it seems as if you’re cursed with having two X chromosomes, you’d better go and wrestle elsewhere.

It hasn’t always been this way though. As previously mentioned, Del Rey and Haze regularly wrestled on ROH TV, usually against talent who had been brought in such as Nikki Roxx, Rachel Summerlyn and Taeler Hendrix, but even that was a shadow of how things were five years ago, when ROH’s Women Of Honor – comprised of Del Rey, Haze, Allison Danger and Lacey. Each was associated pretty closely with a male wrestler (Bryan Danielson, Delirious, Christopher Daniels and Jimmy Jacobs respectively) and in some cases, were the female foil – Del Rey used the same music as Danielson, and Danger had the same entrance pose as Daniels, for example. However, when they got into the ring, they would not just put on 4 minute squash affairs or pointless exhibitions – they knuckled down and got on with wrestling.

The match for this week’s Retro features Lacey taking on Allison Danger in the dark match ahead of ROH Destiny on June 3 in East Windsor, CT – Del Rey v Haze was on the main card, so all the women got ring time on the night. SHIMMER was still in its infancy – there had only been six volumes by this point, so this was another occasion for the women to prove that they were just as good as the guys and deserved the same attention and credit. Watch and enjoy.