The pupil surpassed the teacher in Montreal this weekend, as Quebec’s “can’t miss” prospect Kalamity ascended to the position of champion in the main event of NCW: Femmes Fatales VII: World Summit in what was reported to have been an excellent hard hitting affair on par with the other two times they’ve fought in the last year, and a worthy passing of the torch from one generation to the next. The twisted tale of LuFisto and Kalamity’s friendship was told in the form of a four and a half minute history package which played before the main event. You can view it here.

The event, which took place in front of 175 fans at Centre St Barthelemy in Montreal, Quebec, Canada saw Mary Lee Rose beat Milouu in the preshow match when she hit her Encore (RKO) on Milouu after Milouu missed her moonsault.

1. Angie Skye beat Cherry Bomb with a handful of tights on a roll-up. The match was very competitive with lots of submission attempts. At the end, Cherry had Angie in her Cattle Mutilation, but Angie reached the ropes. Cherry thought she had won, but Angie snuck up on her with the rollup whilst Cherry argued with the referee.
2. The Sherbrooke Connection defeated Anna Minoushka & Missy. Minoushka used some impressive power moves on both opponents – but at the end of the match, the Connection was able to eliminate Anna from the ring and double team Missy for the quick finish.
3. She Nay Nay bested Xandra Bale via submission. Bale entered a strong performance, overcoming She Nay Nay with quickness for much of the match before falling to She Nay Nay’s modified crossface finisher.
4. Mercedes Martinez defeated Tiana Ringer in Ringer’s first match back in four years. Ringer was reported to have shown absolutely *no* ring rust at all. The match was a 50/50 affair, which Martinez narrowly won with the Fisherman Buster. Post match, Martinez says she deserves a title shot at the winner of LuFisto vs Kalamity due to being undefeated in the promotion to date.
5. Cheerleader Melissa beat Yumi Ohka with an Air Raid Crash in a match that we had described to us as “just wow”. It was a hard hitting match with lots of kicks to the face and fast paced action. Post match, Melissa and Ohka shared a handshake and show of respect as the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Melissa’s rival Mary Lee Rose (who was relegated to the pre-show for refusing to wrestle Melissa) ran in with a chair and tried to attack Melissa, only to eat an Air Raid Crash too. Rose’s new manager Madamoiselle Rachelle also took a big boot to the face.
6. Courtney Rush defeated Kellie Skater in an entertaining match that first saw Rush bringing out a Kangaroo toy to the ring. They had an arm-wrestling competition *during* the match which Rush won, and resulted in Skater kicking the poor Kangaroo toy into the crowd. The fast paced action ended with Rush hitting an Angle Slam on Skater for the pinfall.
7. Tomoka Nakagawa beat Portia Perez and Sweet Cherrie in a triple threat match by pinning Perez. The match saw all three competitors have the edge on their opponents. Towards the end of the match, Portia and Tomoka had applied a double submission to Cherrie. Perez stopped with the submission and stomped on Nakagawa while Cherrie went to the outside. Tomoka then surprised Portia with a rollup after spitting water in her face. After the match, Sweet Cherrie tried to shake hands with Nakagawa and had water spat in her face too!
8. Kalamity defeated LuFisto to win the nCw Femmes Fatales International Championship in a reportedly amazing match featuring lots of back and forth action both inside and outside the ring. Finish saw LuFisto hit the Mangalizer on Kalamity, who reached the ropes. Kalamity then tried her Kalamity Driver for a two count. Finally, Kalamity hit a Ki-Krusher for the win. Post match, LuFisto presented Kalamity with the title belt in an emotional moment, as the two hugged and the fans stood for another ovation. After LuFisto had left the ring, Mercedes Martinez hit the ring, grabbed the belt, then handed it back to Kalamity, shook her hand and left the ring… making her feelings very clear.

The next show (which at this point may well involve Kalamity defending her newly won title against Mercedes Martinez) will be on March 10, 2012 with former WWE Women’s Champion Jazz and Serena Deeb making their debuts, as you can see in the promo video below, which aired during the event.