It was always going to be a pretty ambitious start, but it seems like it has paid off for Amber O’Neal’s ArenaChicks project.

Throw together the elements of a midnight start, the fact that it was on the first evening of the Gathering of the Juggalos festival at Cave-In-Rock, IL featuring tens of thousands of visitors, and that it was the first real card that the promotion has ever put together, and the makings were there for it to fall over. However, it appears that everything went according to plan, and the best part about is that we won’t have to pay to see it.

That’s right; instead of releasing it on DVD or for purchase for streaming it online, O’Neal announced on her Twitter that the card will be uploaded to YouTube so we can watch the event for free, presumably to generate interest in the project to sell more copies of volume 1 of the DVD, and to create anticipation for the second edition, which has been in the works for some time now, and is likely nearing completion.

The original card that we posted for the show had to be slightly altered when it was revealed that Jessicka Havok would not be able to attend. She was scheduled to face O’Neal in a singles bout, and was replaced by her Midwest Militia teammate Sassy Stephie, who was pulled out of the three-way that was meant to feature her, MM comrade Allysin Kay and Brittany Force – that became a singles contest between Kay and Force instead.

So, to the results:

1. Brittany Force defeated Allysin Kay
2. Angel Orsini beat Josie (aka Sojo Bolt of TNA, Lady JoJo of OVW)
3. Taryn Shay & CJ Lane bested Epiphany & Jenny Star
4. Amber O’Neal defeated Sassy Stephie
5. Izza Belle Smothers beat Jazz

We will keep you posted on when the matches are uploaded for viewing. Until then, congratulations should be extended to Amber for taking her original premise which she hinted at in 2009, turning it into a reality and then getting to the point that she presented her first card at a massive music and wrestling festival. It is encouraging to see another promotion where women can ply their craft.