Tomorrow evening at the Centre Sportif St-Barthélemy in Montreal, Quebec, SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles steps foot in the ring to make her Canadian debut in a match with Winningpeg, Manitoba’s Courtney Rush. It’s been a rollercoaster couple of months for the Australia born and Philadelphia based performer – one of dizzying highs and crashing lows (quite literally), and one that has left the usually super-active Eagles kicking her heels on the DL following a freak automobile accident on April 19th. The comedown was doubly painful as it came a mere two days after Eagles accomplished a professional goal of wrestling joshi legend Manami Toyota in a well received bout at the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia on the final day of CHIKARA’s King of Trios 2011 series. Although she admits that she “had butterflies” and wished they had longer to work than the 11 minutes they were given, she also knows that if she ever had any lingering doubts over her ability as a pro-wrestler, they are forever blown away in the wake of the compliments she received from Toyota post-match in the locker room.

Two days later, things got very real very quickly on the outskirts of Philadelphia when the Eagles family SUV was rear-ended by a careless driver who “claimed his foot slipped onto the gas”. The SUV suffered cosmetic damage, whereas the other driver managed to total his car. Madison, who was reclined in the passenger seat at the time (and wearing her seatbelt) suffered a number of injuries ranging from whiplash, torn shoulder ligaments, to neck/vertebrae damage. Incredibly, she has decided not to pursue a claim against the driver, claiming that the whole idea of filing suit against someone just doesn’t interest her. Much of the following weeks have seen a slow improvement on the neck issues, but the headaches and shoulder injuries have been harder to rehab. Incredibly, she was back in the ring only a month later in Easton, PA for CHIKARA’s “Anniversario and his Amazing Friends” on May 21st, teaming with The Colony on the losing side of an eight-person bout against the BDK (Ares, Claudio Castagnoli, Daizee Haze & Jacob Hammermeier). Luckily, Eagles recalls “I didn’t take a single bump in that match” and that “if you see me on the apron raising one arm, that’s because I couldn’t lift both at the same time”. She credits both the trust she had in her opponents and the work of her partners – “Bless the Ants, they were so worried about me getting injured” – for making it through that night – and then it was back to the daily rehab and doctor visits in preparation for Montreal.

After this weekend, it’s looking like all change for the Eagles clan as Madison and husband Ryan Eagles look to return to their homeland. Exclusively revealing the news to Ringbelles, Madison explains that while they’ve enjoyed their extended American expedition, (courtesy of winning the Green Card Lottery), they want to return to Australia in the next few weeks to look after their PWA promotion and to use that as a base to seek travel and bookings further afield. “I really want to get back to Japan”, says Eagles – who was a hit for Joshi4Hope and NEO last November – “I want to come to England too. We’d like to do the carny thing of just travelling”. And of course, there’s that pesky shoulder injury, which (if serious enough to require surgery) is likely easier handled through the Aussie government’s mandated Medicare system than in the USA. The PWWA is likely to see a new injection of talent too, as Eagles suggests that she’s looking at bringing in some New Zealand wrestlers to debut for the PWWA in an effort to spice up the division.

North America hasn’t seen the end of Madison Eagles, though. “I’ll be back in September and October whatever happens”, she warns. And as far as this weekend in Montreal goes, Eagles is (unsurprisingly) full of bravado. “This injury has pissed me off, and when I get pissed off, I get dangerous. She can’t think she can beat me. I mean… seriously?”

NCW: Femmes Fatales VI (avec le Fondation des Maladies du Coeur du Quebec) runs tomorrow evening at the Centre Sportif St-Barthélemy in Montreal, Quebec. Keep an eye on Ringbelles for coverage of the show, headlined by Portia Perez & Kalamity vs Mercedes Martinez & Cheerleader Melissa.

If you want to know more about Madison, follow her on twitter, friend her on facebook or listen to an extended interview with her on the Women of Wrestling Podcast last year.

– Stew Allen
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LV Fortuna says:

cool story, just wanted to say I was at chikara during that match, Madison’s a warrior. Recovering from a neck/shoulder injury she got locked in a modified octopus stretch by Daizee Haze during a huge spot . It was awesome. She goes up & above for her fans.