LayCool’s partnership will end for good at Extreme Rules this Sunday, and thanks to some pretty horrendous dubbing, the stakes have been raised.

We found out earlier this week that Michelle McCool and Layla would physically settle their dispute at the pay-per-view in a no count-out, no-DQ match, with the original stipulation being that the loser would leave SmackDown – a pretty lame forfeit, as that means that the woman who’s defeated will essentially be promoted to Raw. However, this week’s episode of SmackDown has another squabble between the former best friends where they lay out the match for Extreme Rules, and when McCool was to say “Loser leaves SmackDown”, they cut to a shot of Layla and a really awful piece of audio overlay changes “SmackDown” to “WWE”. Click after the jump to find out the possible reason behind the change – and how it poses a massive problem for the Divas on the blue brand.

It’s pretty likely that Michelle will be beaten by Layla. PWInsider is reporting that it is because McCool is retiring – we haven’t had any word of injuries, but there may be something which has been recently diagnosed that hasn’t been revealed as of yet.

As a result Layla would work the house shows (Michelle only worked 17 non-televised dates in all of 2010 anyway). However, Layla is being positioned as the mild babyface in this hastily thrown together feud (they only got physical less than 2 weeks ago and they’re already blowing it off) which means that if she turned full-blown blue-eye, the only heel on SmackDown after McCool’s departure would be Alicia Fox. That’s it.

Should Layla would revert back to heeldom (which would make for a lousy match at Extreme Rules, as heel v heel matches are usually met with total apathy and McCool doesn’t generate heat on her own) it would be slightly better, but with a green Kaitlyn, a poor Rosa Mendes and a pea-green Tamina on it is always going to struggle. It must suck to be Natalya right now…

The solution lies with Kharma. If she was to debut on SmackDown, it would firm up the heel side, and she could steamroll through Kaitlyn, Rosa and Tamina before entering a programme with Natalya, which would culminate in a PPV contest. On becoming the #1 contender for the Divas title, she can stomp the champion – I’d leave it as Brie Bella, as it can highlight how Kharma needs no friends or allies – and then begin smashing through the Divas on Raw, entering longer programmes with Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix.

Either way, WWE has booked itself into a pretty crappy position for SmackDown with this match at Extreme Rules. It looks like no matter who wins, all the girls who are shown on Friday nights will likely lose.

– Lee Burton