Ringbelles is live at night one of Pro Wrestling: EVE’s title tournament, and will be bringing you results as they happen. Keep refreshing the page to keep up to date…

Opening round match: Nikki Storm beat Sweet Saraya, Rhia O’Reilly and Amazon when April Davids, Jenny Sjodin and a returning Blue Nikita interfered.

Blue Nikita is back because Jetta threatened to sue the company. BN was the settlement.

Opening round match: Erin Angel beat Super Janey B, Sara Marie Taylor and Pollyanna

Opening round match: Shanna beat Liberty, Destiny and April Davids. Davids and Destiny had to be pulled apart.

Pro Wrestling EVE v Ice Ribbon announced for October 8 and 9 in Doncaster.

Opening round match: Alpha Female beat Em Jay, Carmel Jacob and Kay Lee Ray

Opening round match: Jenny Sjodin beat Britani Knight and Melodi. Blue Nikita was meant to be the 4th participant but brawled to the back with Saraya.

Quarter final match: Nikki Storm beat Erin Angel with an AP Cross.

Quarter final match: Alpha Female beat Shanna with the Omega Slam.

Last Woman Standing: Sweet Saraya beat Blue Nikita with a sunset powerbomb.

Britani Knight won the Last Chance Battle Royal.

Quarter final match: Britani Knight beat Jenny Sjodin with the Knight Light (package DDT).

Check out below reaction and an interview with EVE promoter Dann Read about EVE v Ice Ribbon.

Below, you’ll find a picture of the new Pro Wrestling: EVE title belt, and under that is an exclusive interview with promoter Dann Read. As always with Dann, expect foul language…

Pro Wrestling: EVE promoter Dann Read talks to us about the tournament, venue changes and Ice Ribbon – left click to play, right click and “Save Target As” to store on your hard drive…

In quick notes from the show…

The opening contest was more of an angle than anything. It was very short, and only served to highlight the return of Blue Nikita… Shanna was treading very gingerly on her right foot at times, but for the most part, if you didn’t know that she was injured, you may not even notice. 17-year old newbie Liberty did well, and April Davids (sporting cornrows, new gear and a mouthguard) looks like the baddest motherfucker ever. Apart from Alpha Female, of course, who did lots of killing… Jenny Sjodin’s victory via submission with a cross armbreaker over Britani was something of a surprise in what turned out to be a triple threat instead of a four-way contest. Melodi is billed as having No Gym Affiliation, but she’s clearly a WAW product, as her corner punches are exactly the same as Saraya’s… Erin Angel v Nikki Storm was a fine outing and probably the best tournament match of the night, though Shanna took Alpha Female further than anyone else has to date. Alpha need to keep killing in short matches though… Blue Nikita and Saraya’s Last Woman Standing was different to the original contest in that it featured no weapons shots at all, and consisted of them trying to beat each other with wrestling. Nikita refused a handshake and spat her gum at Saraya afterwards… The Last Chance Battle Royal was criminally short – everyone but Destiny, Davids, Britani, Jacob and Taylor was eliminated within 60 seconds, much to referee Chris Roberts’ frustration… Sjodin attacked Britani straight after the battle royal and went after her arm again. Britani’s victory means she will have to go round the houses to win the title, making her the outsider out of the four remaining girls.

The semi finals for tomorrow are:

Nikki Storm v Alpha Female
Britani Knight v Jetta

We’ll be back tomorrow with more coverage from the second night of Pro Wrestling: EVE’s title tournament.

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shonshu says:

For my personal tastes a design with natural elements like beautiful flowers and plants would have been better. Like in the garden of Eden. Different people have varying aesthetic tastes.

shonshu says:

The green title belt is pretty horrid to be honest. Sounds like a great even though. It’s exciting that they will team with Ice Ribbon.

Aquila says:

Awesome belt! Definitely will need to catch up with the DVD’s.

ravensgurl211 says:

That belt is all sorts of sweet.

Nick O'Donoghue says:

Will have to check to show out on DVD!

2 and 2 now if Britani Knight wins I can call the a prediction success. I did call Nikki Storm going through but I thought she’d win the last chance battle royal

Thanks for doing this I was going to be there but as it turned out I can’t be. So far my predictions are going very badly