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Tammy Lynn Sytch, known better to WWE fans as Sunny, is joining the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2011.

38-year old Sytch has been involved in wrestling for close to two decades, and was a mainstay in the WWF between 1995 and 1998 – along with Rena “Sable” Mero and Terri “Marlena” Runnels she ushered in the era of the female valets, which then evolved into the WWF/E Divas.

Sytch started in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1992 with her then-boyfriend Chris Candido, debuting as Hillary Clinton-idolising heel Tammy Fytch in 1993. She managed Brian Lee to the Heavyweight Title and then represented Candido before the couple jumped ship to the WWF in 1995.

She was teamed up with Candido to form the Body Donnas – a pair of fitness gurus who vowed to get everyone into shape and take care of the “out-of-shape opponents” put in front of Candido (now known as Skip). However, it was Sunny’s promos and manager character that saw her receive the lion’s share of the attention, so when Skip’s star started to fall, Sunny was turned into the “Manager of Champions”, being the only person to guide three consecutive pairs of Tag Team Champions – the Body Donnas (now with Zip partnering Skip), the Godwinns and the Smoking Gunns. Sunny also managed the Legion of Doom in 1998, but by then, she was trying the patience of WWF brass due to no shows and a reported abuse of painkillers and was released in July of that year.

She debuted in ECW under her real name alongside Candido, who had moved to the promotion some years before, and took on Dawn Marie, who was going by the name of Tammy Lynn Bytch at the time. More rumours of substance abuse surfaced and she was released from the promotion in late 1999, before surfacing with Candido in WCW in spring of 2000 as part of the New Blood faction. As is the pattern with the past-prime portion of Sytch’s career, substance abuse was the reason for her dismissal just a few months later.

The pair worked in a number of independents until Candido’s premature death in 2005 – though Sytch continued to work the indies, including Ring Of Honor, where she was famously berated by Lacey.

She turned down Playboy while working for the WWF, but she did disrobe for the Wrestling Vixxxens website, though if you want to see those, Google Images is your friend.

Even though she’s more well known as a manager, she has also briefly wrestled – winning the WSU World Title in 2007 and also participating in the WrestleMania 25 Diva Battle Royal.


Mixed martial artist Cris Cyborg is reportedly in negotiations with WWE, according to TATAME.

Its report says: “Without fighting since June of 2010, Cyborg is getting tired of the lack of fights in the MMA organization, and this proposal would change her future in fighting – and get bigger paychecks. Two weeks ago, Cristiane and her husband, Strikeforce fighter Evangelista Santos, attended to a WWE event in California, and the managers of the event offered her a contract.”

Both Strikeforce and WWE have denied the rumours.

It’s understandable that Cyborg would be looking to get some work. Cyborg’s highest profile fight took place on August 15, 2009 when she defeated Gina Carano to become the inaugural champion. Since then, challengers for her Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight Championship have been few and far between, and most of her fights are a foregone conclusion, as she’s one of the best female mixed martial artists out there.

It would be interesting to find out where she would fit in WWE though. Cyborg is hardly a Layla in the looks department, and is more muscular than any other female on the roster. One would have imagined Carano (with her more conventional beauty, less ripped physique and mainstream appeal, twinned with her work of American Gladiators) may have been more of a fit. However, with the addition of Amazing Kong to the Divas division and the prospect of Cyborg starting with the promotion, maybe somebody in the hiring department is more willing to look outside the box.


Jessicka Havok is shaping up to be the next contender to Mercedes Martinez’ WSU World Title. She defeated Rain at the Four Year Anniversary iPPV on Saturday and is enjoying a major undefeated streak. She also came out at the end of the show to ruin Alicia’s chance at regaining the WSU strap from Martinez, and made her intentions clear; to destroy the WSU Icon Alicia and then go after the big one.

Also on the packed card, Martinez defeated Serena Deeb in the match of the night, Jazz and Marti Belle won the vacant WSU Tag Team Title in a three-way tag team brawl (though a recent edict means Belle’s usual partner Tina San Antonio will also be a co-champion and the titles will be defended under Freebird rules), Kellie Skater borrowed Rain’s gear to beat the returning Barbie, Alicia beat Jazz and Athena made her mark in the promotion by beating a debuting Leva Bates.

But the star of the night was Sassy Stephie, who won the Spirit title from Brittney Savage with the help of Ivory – who then put over the new champion on the mic – and caused the fatal split of the Cosmo Club in the process. As personal friends of the new Spirit Champion, we are so proud of her achievement and wish her nothing but continued success in the future.

All roads now lead to April 2 in Kearny, NJ, where WSU holds two shows in one day – The 5th Annual Women’s J-Cup Tournament in the afternoon and The 6th Annual King & Queen of the Ring Tournament in the evening.

On the afternoon card, Ariel will return to WSU to challenge Martinez for the World Title, and Jessicka Havok will take on Alicia, while eight women who have never held the top strap will compete in a tournament to be named the number one contender.

The evening card will feature a mixed tag team tournament, as well as Brittney Savage taking on former Cosmo Club teammate Rick Cataldo and the Belle Saints defending the tag titles against the Boston Shore.

Full match listings as of press time can be found in the Upcoming section later on.


The best of the rest

When asked about whether she ever planned on returning to wrestling, former WWF Women’s Champion Madusa said this: “I have one more run in me and that is to drop the title that I still have… the real, the original, the authentic championship belt to a deserving Diva… not done til then.” The title she’s referring to is the WWF Women’s belt circa 1993-1996 which she dropped into the trash on WCW Nitro… Taryn “Tiffany” Terrell did an interview with The Sun saying getting naked for Playboy is easier than wrestling. She says it’s because Vince McMahon is watching you wrestle. Probably less creepy than Hef staring at you in your birthday suit… Ashley Massaro is replacing Jillian Hall in the DivaMania nightclub tour… Dixie Carter’s getting her own action figure. Why?… Christina Von Eerie, probably the most unique looking female wrestler in the western world, will appear for SHIMMER: Women Athletes on the weekend of March 26-27. Ayako Hamada’s been confirmed for the tapings too… Another new joshi promotion is on the horizon. Diana is the brainchild of Kyoko Inoue, with the first card taking place on March 21 featuring Inoue, Aja Kong and the return to the ring of Mariko Yoshida. Further cards are planned for April, May and June… How is a career match (Sarita v Velvet Sky) supposed to have any gravity when it doesn’t go longer than three minutes?… Trish Stratus updated her Twitter saying she had the Tough Enough contestants do yoga. However, it was not her brand of relaxing “Stratusphere” yoga as she says they were left shaking and sweating… Reports suggest Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick was paid $7,000 for her one night, two taping appearance on Impact. Meanwhile, Taylor Wilde had to make ends meet working a second job at Sunglass Hut… Another first round match for Pro Wrestling: EVE’s championship tournament was announced on Friday: Shanna v Liberty v Destiny v April Davids… Last week we reported that Faith Lehaine had been wrestling in Nepal. We have since been informed that Lehaine is the first British wrestler of either gender to compete in the country. She returned to Nepal last Friday to beat Melissa Coates and The Great Cheyenne in singles matches in front of 10,000 people… SHIMMER and ECCW’s Tenille Tayla will be featured in new TV series World Of Hurt, which premieres on The Cave in Canada on May 1 and runs for five episodes… In your eye, TNA – WWE can get the bigger stars from shit MTV show Jersey Shore. Nicole Polizzi, AKA Snooki, will guest host Raw next week… In AAA, Mary Apache defeated & unmasked Super Estrella in a pretty unique eight woman mini-tourney with hairs/masks on the line. It started with an 8 woman match; the first 4 eliminated then competed in a tag match; the losing team then faced off in a singles match with hair/mask stakes… Sarita and Rosita will challenge for the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship at Victory Road this Sunday… Angelina Pivarnick is reportedly training to become a wrestler by attending the Independent Wrestling Federation school in West Patterson, NJ, four times a week… During a Q&A on Twitter, Bret Hart described LayCool’s parody of him at the tail end of last year as “a good job”, and described Michelle McCool as “such a pro”… Vickie Guerrero has resurfaced on Raw, but must wrestle Trish Stratus next week to secure her spot on the roster.


March 2: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Emi Sakura beat Nitta; Makoto & Choun Shiryu b. Miyako Matsumoto & GENTARO; Hikari Minami & Yoneyamakao Lee b. Hiakru Shida & Mochi Miyagi; Triangle Ribbon Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto and Ray both pinned Chii Tomiya at the same time, therefore the Triangle Ribbon title was declared vacant.

March 3: TNA (Fayetteville, NC) – Velvet Sky b. Sarita

March 4: WWE (Cleveland, OH) – LayCool b. Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes

March 4: AAA (Puebla, Mexico) – Fenix, Lolita & Mari Apache b. Billy Boy, Jennifer Blake & Sexy Star

March 4: 19 O’Clock Pro Wrestling (Saitama, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto b. Remi Nagano; Emi Sakura & Chii Tomiya b. Makoto & Mochi Miyagi

March 4: Professional Wrestling Entertainment Championship Nepal (Pokhara, Nepal) – Faith Lehaine b. Melissa Coates; Faith Lehaine b. The Great Cheyenne

March 4: Wrestling Stars (Fourmies, France) – Alpha Female b. Rhia O’Reilly

March 5: Wrestling Stars (St Quentin, France) – Sweet Saraya & Amazon b. Miss Agathe & Rhia O’Reilly

March 5: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) Neko Nitta b. Mochi Miyagi; Hikari Minami b. Riho and Tsukushi; Kazuhiko Ogasawara b. Chii Tomiya; Emi Sakura b. Ray; Tsukasa Fujimoto b. Makoto and Hikaru Shida to win the Triangle Ribbon title

March 5: NCW(Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – LuFisto b. Don Paysan

March 5: ASW ( Orlando , FL) – Traci Brooks b Christina Von Eerie

March 5: Tulalip Championship Wrestling (Marysville, WA) – Malia Hosaka b M.J. Aurora

March 5: WSU (Union City, NJ) – Athena b. Leva Bates; Nikki Roxx b. Niya; Jamilia Craft b. Jennifer Cruz; Alicia b. Jazz; Kristin Astara b. Allysin Kay; Boston Shore b. April Hunter & Nikki Roxx; Kellie Skater b. Barbie; Jessicka Havok b. Rain; Marti Belle & Jazz b. Cindy Rogers & Amy Lee and the Soul Sistas to win the vacant WSU Tag Team Titles; Sassy Stephie b. Brittney Savage to win the Spirit Title; Mercedes Martinez b. Serena Deeb; Mercedes Martinez v Alicia ended in a no-contest

March 6: WAW Academy (Costessey, UK) – Amazon & Liberty b. Britani Knight & Destiny

March 6: AAA – Sexy Star v La Hechicera v Mary Apache v Jennifer Blake v Cinthia Moreno v Super Estrella v La Justiciera v Faby Apache – Faby Apache, Justiciera, Mary Apache and Super Estrella eliminated; Faby Apache & La Justiciera b. Mary Apache & Super Estrella; Mary Apache b. Super Estrella (Super Estrella loses her mask, and is revealed to be Telma Esmeralada Barron Garcia, 24, from Guadalajara, the daughter of Gran Cochisse and Magnifica I)

March 7: WWE (Dallas, Texas) – Eve Torres b. Nikki Bella


March 12: ACW (St Louis, MO) – Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team v MsChif and Daizee Haze v Portia Perez and Electro

March 12: NCW: Femmes Fatales (Montreal, Quebec) – LuFisto v Ayako Hamada; Kalamity v Mercedes Martinez; Mary Lee Rose v She Nay Nay v Cherry Bomb v Cheerleader Melissa; Cat Power v PJ Tyler; Anna Minoushka v Mistress Belmont; La Parfaite Caroline v Karen Brooks; Anastasia Ivy v Allison Danger; Kellie Skater v Sweet Cherrie

March 12: Divas Of Destruction (Manchester, UK) – featuring April Davids, Jenny Sjodin, Shelby Beach, Pippa L’Vinn, Lucy Clayden & Faith Lehaine

March 12: CHIKARA (Williamsport, PA) – Mike Quackenbush, Frightmare & Hallowicked v Sara Del Rey, Tim Donst & Claudio Castagnoli; Madison Eagles v Toshie Uematsu

March 13: CHIKARA (Brooklyn, NY) – Sara Del Rey v Toshie Uematsu

March 13: TNA Victory Road (Orlando, FL) – Angelina Love & Winter v Sraita & Rosita

March 13: Lucha Libre USA (Alberquerque, NM) – Featuring Nikki Roxx, ODB, Traci Brooks and Reby Sky

March 19: POWW (Fox Lake, IL) – Melanie Cruise v Serena Deeb

March 19: CLASH Wrestling (Bloomington, IN) – Mena Libra v William J. O’Malley

March 19: TUW (Thetford-Mines, Quebec, Canada) – LuFisto v Anastasia Ivy v Kira v Milouu

March 19: CWF/ArenaChicks (Burlington, NC) – Kellie Skater v Mia Svensson

March 20: Pro Wrestling SUN (Jackson, NJ) – Allison Danger v Madison Eagles; Mia Svensson v Mia Yim; Sara Del Rey v Mercedes Martinez v Kellie Skater

March 21: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Syuri v Hikaru Shida; Makoto v Taka Michinoku; Tsasuka Fujimoto v Ray

March 25: AIW (Lakewood, OH) – Jessicka Havok v Super Oprah

March 25: WILD Wrestling (Chino, CA) – Winter v Tabitha Buck

March 26: Funking Conservatory ( Ocala, FL) – Mickie James v Claudia Reiff

March 26-27: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL) – 4 DVD tapings featuring SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, Tag Team Champions the Canadian Ninjas, Serena Deeb, Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Misaki Ohata, Britani Knight and Sweet Saraya

April 2: WSU J-Cup (Kearny, NJ) – Mercedes Martinez v Ariel; Alicia v Jessica Havok; Tournament quarter finals: Brittney Savage v Cindy Rogers; Sassy Stephie v Jennifer Cruz; Tina San Antonio v Jamilia Craft; Marti Belle v Jana

April 2: King And Queen Of The Ring (Kearny, NJ) – Belle Saints v Boston Shore; Brittney Savage v Rick Cataldo; Tournament quarter finals: Mercedes Martinez & Bison Bravado v Julio Dinero & Cindy Rogers; Alicia & Kenny Dykstra v Jana & Nicky Oceans; Frightmare & Jamilia Craft v Sassy Stephanie & JD Smoothie; Jessicka Havok & Corey Havok v Spyral & Ariel

April 8-9: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Norwich, UK (April 8) and Sudbury UK (April 9)) – A two night tournament to determine the first ever PW:EVE Champion featuring Britani Knight, Sweet Saraya, Jetta (April 9 only), Nikki Storm, Jenny Sjodin, Rhia O’Reilly and the debuting Kay Lee Ray

April 15-17: CHIKARA King Of Trios (Philadelphia, PA) – featuring Manami Toyota

April 25: JCW (St Ambroise, Quebec, Canada) – LuFisto v La Parfaite Caroline

May 5: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Golden Ribbon event

May 14: EWW (Hastings, UK) – featuring Skarlett and Rhia O’Reilly

June 4: NCW: Femmes Fatales (Location TBA)

Got any news, results or upcoming events that you want to tell everyone about? Are you a female wrestler looking to secure more bookings? Let us know by emailing us at and we’ll get the message out there.

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