European-focussed women’s wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling: EVE has revealed how its championship tournament will work for April 8 in Norwich and April 9 in Sudbury… and it’s not your typical single elimination tournament fare. So bear with us, as this may need a little explaining.

The first round features six matches – five of them are four way contests with the sixth being a battle royal involving the 15 women who do not win, giving them a second chance at making it through to round 2. From there, we enter into three quarter-final contests, then two semi-finals (one of which we already know involves Jetta) – and a final.

The EVE website has filled us in on the participants in two of the five four-way contests set for April 8. One match will involve Sweet Saraya and Amazon of the WAW Gym, Nikki Storm of the European Empire and Rhia O’Reilly (who has no gym affiliation after splitting with Team Storm partner Becky James, who isn’t booked for the tournament as of press time).

The other match announced is comprised of Britani Knight of the WAW Gym, former tag team partner Melodi, who has no gym affiliation – Jenny Sjodin from the European Empire and a mystery fourth participant, who has been included against the wishes of EVE management, and will not be announced until match-time, giving said participant a distinct advantage against her opponents.

In some ways, the setup (and inclusion of a losers’ bracket) is reminiscent of the IWA: Mid South Ted Petty Invitational events, or the Queen Of The Deathmatches tournaments – of which you can get a flavour by buying the second half of the Pride And Passion set from Highspots.

In other ways with FIVE fatal four way contests in one night, this could become a little confusing if you’re not paying attention – that’s why when we attend the cards, we’ll have notepads handy.

You can still buy tickets for both shows by clicking here.

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