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In Video: Mistress Belmont unseats Alexxis Nevaeh

Mistress Belmont Dante LunaHappy Thanksgiving to our American visitors – we hope you have all had a relaxing and wholesome day.

And now, women fighting each other.

On August 8, 2010, Alexxis Nevaeh began an unprecedented third reign as World Women’s Wrestling Champion. She defeated Mistress Belmont to lift the title, getting a measure of revenge after Belmont had beaten her for the belt on March 20 that year. On November 9 of this year, Nevaeh’s 1,208 day reign as champion came to an end with Belmont winning her second WWW title on New England Championship Wrestling‘s card in Beverly, MA.

Between the pair, they have held the WWW Championship for the last 1,592 days, with the last person other than them to wear the belt being Ariel, who dropped the belt to Belmont on August 8, 2009. As you can imagine, this has been a long feud and they have fought many times. After the jump is the match which saw Alexxis’ mammoth reign come to an end. Have a watch while you wait to make room for pumpkin pie… (more…)

In Video: World Women’s Wrestling – present day

Alexxis NevaehEarlier this week, we posted a Retro featuring the match was the inspiration to create World Women’s Wrestling – today, we post a recent match from the group, albeit now merely the name of the women’s title in New England Championship Wrestling.

Unified from the NECW and PWF Mayhem Women’s Championships, the WWW Championship’s first holder was Nikki Roxx, after she defeated the Portuguese Princess Ariel in a hard-hitting, fantastic match. The title changed hands a number of times (as titles tend to do) until it landed in the possession of current three-time holder Alexxis Nevaeh (AKA Lexxus in Women Superstars Uncensored), who has held the belt for close to two and a half years.

The match we have here today is from December 7 last year, where Nevaeh defended the title against top contender Adrianna in a Taped Fist Match as part of the NECW Unwrapped show in Blackstone, MA. The challenger had enjoyed a couple of wins over the champion in non-title matches, and the pair’s most recent match had seen them go to a time limit draw. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: The blueprint for World Women’s Wrestling

Mercedes Martinez World Womens WrestlingBelieve it or not, there was a time when Mercedes Martinez was new. She’s been such a solid fixture of wrestling in the US for more than a decade, and has the memories – and autobiographical tattoos – to prove it.

The Retro for today is from May of 2002, about 18 months after her debut, and was an early women’s match in New England Championship Wrestling. Martinez had been wrestling against the likes of Della Morte, though it was this contest which NECW asserts in this video was one of the reasons why it decided to go ahead with creating the World Women’s Wrestling brand in 2005 – with Martinez being its first champion, crowned on June 5 of that year.

Her opponent in this match is Sumie Sakai, who at this point had been wrestling for around 5 years. This is the first match of what would be many Martinez v Sakai contests throughout a range of promotions, but as you’ll see in this contest, the first one wasn’t all plain sailing… (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: The early days of Taeler Hendrix

This may not seem like much of a Retro, considering it is from early 2009, but for Taeler Hendrix, that must feel like aeons ago. Considering she only debuted in spring 2008, her progression to TNA Knockout is pretty darn impressive. As she discussed with us earlier this year, she has had more than her share of health scares, and has come out of the other side with renewed vigour. This match gives us a glimpse of how she started out.

The match we feature this week is her attempt to wrest the World Women’s Wrestling Championship from titleholder, the “Portuguese Princess” Ariel, who was the standard bearer in the promotion, as well as its parent company, New England Championship Wrestling. However, on her debut in the promotion on November 1, 2008, Hendrix challenged Ariel for the title and beat her, albeit by DQ. This was followed up by Taeler pinning the champion in a non-title match on December 13. From there, “The One Girl Revolution” was granted a second crack at the belt, which would take place at NECW Genesis 8 on February 21, 2009.

While we’re also showing one of her matches, we should wish Ariel all the best, as she is due to give birth to twins at some point very soon. We hope everything goes smoothly for her. (more…)

In Video: A bloody affair for the WWW Championship

The World Women’s Wrestling Championship has a longer history than both the SHIMMER and Women Superstars Uncensored Championships, and boasts a champion who is pushing two years with the belt – albeit with one of those years didn’t feature any defences as the parent company, New England Championship Wrestling, was inactive. Its current titleholder is Alexxis Nevaeh, AKA former WSU Tag Team Champion Lexxus, who won the title in the match that we bring to you today.

This is Alexxis’ third reign as WWW Champion. The first reign began after she won a four-way in August 2007, but ended at WWW’s 2nd Anniversary show the following March at the hands of Ariel, who turned heel in the process. To regain the belt, Nevaeh had to defeat 10 top WWW stars to get the shot, which she successfully did, and won back the title in March 2009.

He second run with the championship was cut short by Mistress Belmont, who took the WWW title for her first reign in March 2010, with the feud between the two escalating to the point that they had to settle their differences inside a steel cage in Quincy, MA on August 8 of that year. Click after the jump to see a hard-hitting cage affair with a pre-match brawl, chairs, blood, and crazy bumps… (more…)

Retro DVD Review: WWW – Champion v Champion

You know there are times when you buy a DVD and you put it in your collection, but don’t watch it, thinking you’ll get round to it at some point when you get the chance? The problem is, you buy more DVDs, watch them and the one you planned to watch in the very near future just gets forgotten about, until you see it one day and feel so guilty that you’ve neglected it for so long?

That’s the story with me and World Women’s Wrestling‘s Champion v Champion DVD. I bought it three years ago and always meant to get round to it, but the backlog of shows builds up and even though I had the best intentions, I never watched it. Until yesterday, when I finally slotted the disc into the player and settled down to see what I had been missing.

World Women’s Wrestling came about as an all-female offshoot from Massachusetts-based New England Championship Wrestling, a promotion which has been about since 2000, and has seen wrestlers such as John Cena and Kofi Kingston wrestle there early in their careers. It has also boasted an impressive women’s division back when many independent promotions presented solitary matches with a rather small roster – with IWA: Mid South being an obvious exception. On the strength of their hard work, WWW was formed in 2006, a few months after NECW created a Women’s Championship, which was first held by Mercedes Martinez.

Meanwhile, over in Rhode Island, PWF Northeast also had its own Women’s Champion, and both promotions agreed to co-recognise the titles, and eventually amalgamate them. When the first WWW show was held in March 2006, both titleholders were babyfaces – Nikki Roxx held the NECW Women’s belt, while Ariel was the PWF Mayhem Women’s Champion – though things would change before this title for title showdown… (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: A look at Lexxus

This Saturday sees Women Superstars Uncensored present two DVD tapings at its home at Union City, NJ. Among the matches announced – which includes Jessicka Havok v Alicia in a Last Woman Standing match, Spirit Champion Sassy Stephie defending against Amber and Amy Lee taking on Brittney Savage in an Uncensored Rules affair – the big one will see WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez defend her title against Lexxus.

The cocky – and undefeated – Tag Team Champion earned the shot after winning the Uncensored Rumble back on June 25, and we covered Lexxus’ career up until this point in the following Tuesday’s edition of the Roundup. Since then, time has rolled around to the point where the match will now take place.

Questions have been asked about whether Mercedes is taking her opponent too lightly, especially considering the champion recently ventured over to Japan to wrestle Nanae Takahashi as part of the Queen of Stardom title tournament (a match that you can see right here). There’s now rumblings that Lexxus could sneak in the back door and catch Martinez when her guard is somewhat down, claiming the World Title and becoming a double champion in the process. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (28 June 2011)

Following two colossally un-newsworthy weeks, we’re overflowing with talking points in this edition of the Roundup. There were a number of big shows taking place over the weekend, with three big winners coming out of it. Hailey Hatred, who is the new JWP Openweight Champion; Lexxus, who is the new number one contender to the WSU World Title after winning the Uncensored Rumble, and; Rachel Summerlyn, who won the third annual Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament.

The first big moment of the weekend took place in Osaka, Japan, when Hatred defeated Leon to not only retain her TLW and IMW titles, but win the J-1 Grand Prix AND become the first American (and indeed, first foreigner) to claim the JWP Openweight title – a belt which has been in existence since late 1992. It’s not only the crowning moment in her 9 year career, but also proves to the world that the rest of the world can keep up – and in some cases, be superior to – the well storied and decorated joshis that have helped to define what women’s wrestling in the modern era should be all about.

Standing a lofty 5’10”, 27-year old Hatred started out fairly quietly, wrestling in smaller promotions and being frequently eliminated in the early rounds of the ChickFight Tournaments. She also wrestled Mickie Knuckles in her very first wrestling match in IWA: Mid South in 2003, almost breaking the rookie’s neck with an errant powerbomb onto the back of an open chair. However, she returned to the promotion three years later to claim the Women’s Title – one of a number of singles titles that she won during her time wrestling in her home country, including the World Wrestling Coalition Women’s title in 2008 and the first Absolute Intense Wrestling Women’s crown in May 2009 by beating Sammi Lane in the tournament final. (more…)