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Kelly Kelly wins Divas Championship

It’s about a year later than she exclusively told us she wanted it to be, but Kelly Kelly finally won the WWE Divas Championship on this week’s Raw.

As part of the three hour Power To The People edition of the show, Kelly was voted into the title match against Brie Bella with 53% of the vote, beating out out Beth Phoenix (36%) and Eve Torres (11%). Kelly used a victory roll on Brie, which was reversed, but Kelly reversed it back to gain with winning pinfall.

While we’ll have a more comprehensive analysis of the result in the Roundup later, we have mixed feelings about it all. Obviously, it makes sense for Kelly to have the belt – after all, she is the most over woman on the roster. She’s in Maxim’s Hot 100, has been doing the rounds at E3 this month to help promote the new WWE ’12 videogame, and is the kind of company girl that WWE likes, much like Torres. She’s also been in WWE for five years, and everyone eventually get a turn with the belt. Rosa Mendes must be rubbing her hands somewhere…

However, with her being the most popular woman there, would it have not been worth writing a programme for Kelly and the Bellas to lead up to a pay-per-view match? It may not have generated a huge amount of extra buys for the show, but every single buy is worth it, right?

Regardless, congratulations to Kelly. After plugging away for all this time, she deserves a run with the Divas Championship.

“Loser Leaves WWE” match at Extreme Rules, McCool retiring?

LayCool’s partnership will end for good at Extreme Rules this Sunday, and thanks to some pretty horrendous dubbing, the stakes have been raised.

We found out earlier this week that Michelle McCool and Layla would physically settle their dispute at the pay-per-view in a no count-out, no-DQ match, with the original stipulation being that the loser would leave SmackDown – a pretty lame forfeit, as that means that the woman who’s defeated will essentially be promoted to Raw. However, this week’s episode of SmackDown has another squabble between the former best friends where they lay out the match for Extreme Rules, and when McCool was to say “Loser leaves SmackDown”, they cut to a shot of Layla and a really awful piece of audio overlay changes “SmackDown” to “WWE”. Click after the jump to find out the possible reason behind the change – and how it poses a massive problem for the Divas on the blue brand. (more…)

The Supplemental Draft – all the Diva news

There was precisely zero Diva action when it came to the initial portion of the WWE Draft on last night’s Raw. Eve Torres beat Layla in a complete stinker to earn Raw a pick, which led to Rey Mysterio to be shifted from SmackDown to the red brand, but that was all. As expected, today’s supplemental draft has seen some Divas switch sides.

See all the news after the jump: (more…)

Pack your bags! Predictions for Monday’s WWE Draft

It’s a little sooner than we had expected, but it’s WWE Draft time again – pretty much the only time of the year when the fact that there is separate rosters matters. After all, most of the time, wrestlers are on either show, and it makes a mockery of the whole practice.

But, for the benefit of Monday night, let’s accept that both rosters do their own thing and their paths do not cross, and we will try and do our best to guess what is going to happen (or successfully predict, if the change in Beth Phoenix’s roster affiliation in the address bar on her profile page is anything to go by).

Still, Stew, Jennifer and Lee have picked two Divas who they hope will make the jump – not necessarily predictions, but more reasons why someone deserves a move from the Raw to SmackDown, or vice versa.

Now, bear in mind – none of these choices have been discussed amongst each other. The selections you read below are completely independent, and haven’t been influenced by anybody else’s wants or guesses in any way. So with that said, let’s get to it… (more…)

WWE: Amazing Kong promo & Brie Bella wins the Divas Title

A couple of noteworthy moments from WWE Raw last night…

A promo for Amazing Kong aired before the Divas Title match showing the head of a blonde doll being flicked off. Kelly Kelly should be soiling her drawers right about now…

Following the promo, Brie Bella defeated Eve Torres for the WWE Divas Championship. Good on her, we say – the Bellas went from a struggling face act on their last legs to a more useful heel tandem, and have been rewarded with the Divas title.

WWE Raw 4/11/11 Eve Torres vs Brie Bella by dacharmingcharmen

Ringbelles TV Review (13-19 March)

A bumper week of TV in prospect here, kids. Not only do we have the return of Trish Stratus on Raw and Alissa Flash taking the Madison Rayne open challenge on Impact, we’ve got women’s matches on the secondary shows too (Superstars and Xplosion), so given that these shows actually feature longer matches, I had initially planned to deal with the “B” shows first, but believe it or not, my favourite match of the week was from the next level down, namely Florida Championship Wrestling, as AJ takes on her former NXT buddy Kaitlyn.


Ringbelles TV review (6 – 12 March)

TNA are in the middle of their “let’s give Madison Rayne some credibility” phase, which they seem to do maybe twice a year, and I was a fan of her match a couple of weeks ago with the returning (apparently for one night only) ODB, and having heard that tonight features another one night return (this time of Roxxi aka Nikki Roxx), I was quite looking forward to this.


Ringbelles TV review (27 February – 5 March)

Last week’s fun sprint of a match between Madison Rayne and ODB certainly entertained me, and having read the spoilers from TNA’s Fayetteville tapings, I was rather looking forward to this week’s edition of Impact too – but it seems like the next stop on Madison’s “brush with greatness” tour won’t be until next week (the second half of the Fayetteville tapings), so instead, Impact gives us the payoff to the Velvet Sky vs Sarita feud that has been simmering for… well, it seems like months.


Ringbelles TV review (20-26 February)

Credibility (or the relative lack thereof) is often an issue with the distaff divisions of WWE & TNA, mostly because nobody in creative generally bothers to take the women seriously enough for long enough to make stars out of anybody, and this week’s TV is a pretty great comparison in how the “Big Two” are doing at making any of their women credible. We’ll start with someone who knows all about that problem, the “Killer Queen” herself, Madison Rayne – who famously won her first Knockouts Championship without ever winning a singles match in the company… taking on a surprise returning star on Impact.


Ringbelles TV Review (13-19 February)

Oh boy. This was not what you’d call a good week as far as TV wrestling is concerned, which is a shame as I had been quietly looking forward to Eve vs Natalya on Raw. To be honest, Eve & Natalya wasn’t bad – it started tremendously and then kinda went off a cliff towards the end, but it was a creditable performance, and with practically zero competition this week, it’s our TV match of the week.


Ringbelles TV Review (6-12 February)

It’s all about the build-up this week on the TV digest, as both WWE & TNA actually put some effort into building up some future matches and programmes. In WWE, the build is towards this coming Monday on Raw, when Eve Torres will defend her Divas title against Natalya, while TNA are promoting their “Against All Odds” PPV this weekend, as Madison Rayne is set to defend her Knockouts Title against Mickie James in a “Last Knockout Standing” encounter.

TV match of the week this week goes to the challenger for the Divas Title, Natalya, who took on Alicia Fox on Superstars this week in a match that was a significant cut above the Melina vs Tamina mess from the previous week.


Ringbelles TV Review (30 January – 5 February)

Big news for TV wrestling this week, as females actually get to headline one of WWE’s two top branded shows, battling over the World Heavyweight Title (albeit in mixed tag action), the Knockouts go for knockouts, and someone, somewhere thinks that Tamina vs Melina would be a good match…

TV match of the week is an easy one, with the Smackdown main event of Edge & Kelly Kelly vs Dolph Ziggler & Laycool (in a handicap mixed tag match with Edge’s World Title on the line) taking top honours, thanks in large part to the performance of one Kelly Kelly…


Ringbelles TV Review (23-29 January 2011)

Welcome to our Television Digest of the week, where you can catch up with all of the goings on from TV during the last week. In this edition, we tick a lot of boxes… singles, tags, six women matches, mixed tag matches and even include couple of title matches.  Excited?  Well, it’s alright…

TNA narrowly grab “TV match of the week” honours this week with a six woman elimination match that was given some time. Sarita teams with Tara and the Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne to take on Mickie James and The Beautiful People.