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WOW Podcast #61 with Mercedes Martinez

WOW Mercedes Martinez

Episode 61 with Mercedes Martinez

It’s been a long time since we chatted to Mercedes Martinez here on the Women of Wrestling Podcast, and given that she’s coming to the UK this weekend for the Bellatrix 7 iPPV which kickstarts Female Fight Season, we thought it was about damn time. Mercedes talks about looking forward to wrestling in the UK, and defending her NCW:Femmes Fatales Title over here against Miss Mina. Speaking of Femmes Fatales, she gives her views on where they’re going, whether there is a hole in that promotion now that Kalamity has stepped away, the importance of LuFisto and how well Sweet Cherrie did in her main event at Femmes Fatales XII earlier in the year. Speaking of LuFisto, we also address the feud Mercedes has had with her which spanned into WSU, her series with Jessicka Havok there, and try to clarify exactly what Mercedes’ position is with WSU going forward. We talk… yes… WRESTLICIOUS, present her with her own Wrestlicious Rap and investigate what exactly is going on with that programme. Mercedes was also announced today as being a part of the SHIMMER Vols 58-61 tapings in under three weeks. We talk about her thoughts on SHIMMER after all these years, whether a title reign there is still a major goal, and who’s likely to step up with names like Athena and Courtney Rush out through injury during these tapings. We talk SHINE, and her opponent at the last show, Solo Darling, along with her hopes for that promotion. We talk about Mercedes’ current role as the “veteran”, and touch on retirement and what that will mean for her when the day comes, while Lee gets embarrassed with talk of The Big O. Quite the show…!

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Ringbelles Roundup (21 May 2013) – Heidi Lovelace & Taeler Hendrix, Wrestlicious return and more

Taeler Hendrix Heidi Lovelace Pamela BarnettThis week’s top piece is about a storyline which is ongoing, so I may be jumping the gun with my feelings on the matter, but I feel that more eyes should be directed towards what is happening, as it has the potential to do something really positive.

On Ohio Valley Wrestling TV between January and the end of April, Taeler Hendrix had been receiving gifts from a secret admirer. Considering the flirting which had taken place between the pair previously, the former Women’s Champion believed that the presents were coming from Ryan Howe, who had captured her attention since her OVW debut, much to the disappointment, anger and frustration of her put-upon boyfriend Dylan Bostic – who was not as cool, edgy or exiting as the long-haired newcomer sporting an electric guitar.

Things escalated to the point that on March 23, Hendrix and Bostic took on Howe and fellow former Women’s Champion Heidi Lovelace which ended in a no-contest when the men’s fighting got out of control. The following week, Hendrix came to ringside during Howe’s TV Title match against Rockstar Spud, which prompted both Bostic and Lovelace to come out, causing Ryan to be counted out of the ring. On the April 27 episode, Howe insisted that it was not he who was sending Taeler the gifts, leading a confused (and somewhat hurt) Hendrix to wonder who was showering her with these presents.

As it turns out, it was Heidi Lovelace, who came out to reveal the truth before leaving the ring. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Was Wrestlicious really so terrible?

Wrestlicious had silly gimmicks, a hokey crowd, poor comedy interludes and the cheesiest commentary known to man.

On the flip side, you could say that it had pronounced and easy-to-recognise characters, an enthusiastic audience, was bright and vibrant, and gave female wrestlers another forum to gain exposure, wrestling matches that were often longer than anything you would see in WWE or TNA. In fact, on some occasions, the best women’s wrestling you would see every week would be on Wrestlicious, and that’s not a backhanded compliment either – the Wrestlicious Crown match between Felony (AKA Rain) and Glory (Christie Ricci) on the May 24, 2010 episode was easily the best women’s match of that week. So the question springs to mind – with things so inconsistent when it comes to the Knockouts and Divas and the standard rapidly dropping – especially so in WWE – did we really give Wrestlicious a fair crack of the whip?

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say everything was perfect – the “comedy” was pretty lame and the matches involving the models trained up to be wrestlers were poor, but when grapplers like Mercedes Martinez, Amber O’Neal, Nevaeh and others were given TV time, the results weren’t bad at all. Granted, it wasn’t up to the level of what you may see in WSU or SHIMMER, but it wasn’t offensive either. It set out to be a bit of bubblegum wrestling, and I reckon it achieved that. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (23 August 2011)

The Ringbelles team has been discussing the alleged fee being charged by Melina for her independent appearances, as have numerous wrestlers and promoters. PWG Champion Kevin Steen tweeted “$3000 plus first class air and hotel?! F–k…I’ve been charging way too little”. Colt Cabana followed suit, saying “My wrestling fee has now gone from 2 diet cokes and a cupcake to 3 bajillionfajillion dollars… Pay up, promoters!” Anarchy Championship Wrestling promoter Darin Childs also weighed in by taking to his Twitter: “As a promoter I should never do things like this, buuuut can we all LOL together at Melina’s appearance demands?”

Melina – and Women Superstars Uncensored, who have booked her for November 19′s iPPV – have denied that the $3,000 booking charge is accurate. In addition, Melina made her first post-WWE appearance on Saturday night at Family Wrestling Entertainment in New York, managing Eric Young in the main event. Would a smaller promotion such as FWE have paid that much for an appearance and not even have her wrestle a match?

Granted, she was charging $20 for an autograph and and extra $15 for a photo – and that didn’t include entry to the show – which could have supplemented a smaller fee than an alleged $3,000, but it still seems a slightly inflated price for a local promotion, right? Still, for argument’s sake, let’s say that the $3,000 is accurate, and Melina and WSU are trying to downplay the fee. Is it wrong for Melina to charge that much? After all, if promoters were willing to pay such a lofty sum, surely that can’t mean that it’s too expensive? (more…)

GLOW promoter: Women’s wrestling show can work

Sylvester Stallone’s mother is a big supporter of women’s wrestling, believe it or not.

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – the promotion based out of Las Vegas between 1986 and 1992 – was the brainchild of 89-year old Jackie Stallone. Filming shows at the Riviera hotel on the Strip, GLOW ran for 4 seasons on TV and was famous or infamous) for its campy look, it’s comedy sketch interludes between matches and its range of characters – including Babe The Farmer’s Daughter, Corporal Kelly, Jailbait, Jungle Woman, Little Fiji, Matilda the Hun, and Tina Ferrari (who went on to become Ivory in the WWF).

GLOW came about after producer David McLane expanded on Stallone’s women-only gym Barbarella’s, and turned it into a wrestling promotion, producing a pilot episode in late 1985 and then getting it syndicated across America. While McLane concentrated on expanding the brand, Jackie worked with the girls to create characters. Speaking to Jim Varsallone at the Miami Herald, she explains:

I put it together, the shows, the training, the choreography, everything… I interviewed them, and I trained them how to fall and tumble… they loved it, and I loved them all. I was so proud of them.


WOW Podcast #22 with Nicole Matthews

Episode 22 with Nicole Matthews

The Women of Wrestling Podcast raises the “awesomeness” factor to never before seen levels as we welcome the current ECCW SuperGirls Champion Nicole Matthews to the show. Nicole is very forthright in her opinions, and pulls no punches discussing her career to date, including the pride she takes in being a female athlete. She recounts stories of being a wrestling fan growing up, how she broke in with ECCW alongside Veronika Vice, wrestling the likes of Rebecca Knox and Nattie Neidhart within her first year in the business, her inner “mark”, balcony dives, and breaking out as one half of the Canadian NINJAs alongside partner Portia Perez. We discuss exactly what makes their partnership work so well, including how each person complemented the other, and mention the team appearing on the last season of Wrestlicious as “The Naughty Schoolgirls” (and why that won’t be happening again any time soon). We talk about her big showcase matches in singles competition in SHIMMER, her feud with Jessie McKay, and discuss Lance Storm’s World of Hurt, including recent WWE signings Irena & Tenille, the fabulous WOH captioning, and wonder just why she isn’t *on* the show. We also discuss WWE, “the WWE look” and whether that’s anything that she aspires to do with her life, and what’s happening across the Great White North from Femmes Fatales to ECCW. Oh, and don’t mention the term “SuperGirls” to her either…

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Ringbelles Roundup (17 May 2011)

The Big News

Hide your kids, hide your wife – Wrestlicious is back.

On Monday, it was announced that the second season of TakeDown would be shown on a cable network owned by Viacom. That could mean it could be hosted on Comedy Central, an MTV channel, VH1 or even Spike – the channel which currently hosts TNA TV.

In the official press release, Union Square Agency, with whom Wrestlicious has formed this partnership, says it will provide sponsorship sales, television production, syndication, media sales, event extensions, venue selection, strategic partnerships and manage licensing and merchandising.

Wrestlicious launched on TV in the US and Canada last year, two years after host and producer Johnny Cafarella and Jimmy Hart teamed up with Jonathan Vargas, a 19-year old who won $35.3 million on the Powerball Lottery. The original concept for Wrestlicious was dreamt up in 2003 when Hart produced a pilot for Crush, which was exactly the same as what Wrestlicious is – a mix of cartoony wrestling with comedy skits spliced in. Featuring wrestlers like Melina, Lacey, Rain and Cheerleader Melissa, it had proper wrestlers as well as models who would be trained up – sound familiar? Some of the characters were even recycled – the Felony character was originally played in Crush by Melissa, but seeing as she was contracted to TNA at the time, Felony was played by Rain in Wrestlicious. (more…)

WOW Podcast #12 with Rain

Episode 12 with Rain
We’ve got Rain on our birthday, but we don’t care~! Yes, it’s the podcast’s first anniversary, and we are pleased to welcome AAA luchadora Rain to the show. You want news? You want rumours busted? Come right ahead and get all the scoops direct from the Radiant one. Rain covers various stories relating to her current status with AAA, and gives the lowdown on the WWE tryout rumours, including who tried out and who didn’t. We talk Sexi Star, Jennifer Blake, which wrestler has hit Rain the hardest in her entire career, wrestling as FELONY~! in Wrestlicious, the full story behind her TNA run as Miss Payton Banks, confirmation on her status with SHIMMER, various upcoming plans, taking money from ringsiders, nut shots and lots of Home Wrecking hilarity. It’s hotter than a toaster, it’s the Women of Wrestling Podcast!!
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WOW Podcast #10 with Mercedes Martinez

Episode 10 with Mercedes Martinez
The Women of Wrestling podcast returns with the WSU World Womens Champion, “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez. We preview the upcoming “Icon vs Icon” match at WSU’s Uncensored Rumble III in Union City, NJ on June 26th, and take the opportunity to discuss the career of one of the finest wrestlers in the world today, regardless of gender. Martinez has worked pretty much everywhere of note, so we take a spin around most of those stops, to discuss things like working a SEVENTY minute match against Angel Orsini, putting SHIMMER on the map with Sara Del Rey, interest from WWE, violence in IWA-MS and ChickFight, being knocked literally unconscious in the ring at ROH, constantly dislocating shoulders, taking wrestling’s next step with EVOLVE… and yes, even Wrestlicious.
Mercedes Martinez on MySpace (yes, really…!)

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