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WOW Podcast #42 with Alpha Female and new WSU promoter Drew Cordeiro

Episode 42 with Alpha Female and new WSU promoter Drew Cordeiro

It’s a double guest extravaganza here at the WOW Podcast as we welcome the current Pro-Wrestling EVE Champion Alpha Female to the show prior to her headlining EVE’s forthcoming “Special Edition” show on July 14th. Having recently moved from her native Germany to the UK, Alpha talks about how she was able to make the move here and what her plans are for the future (including revealing the sponsor who made it possible). We discuss EVE, career highlights to date, starting in Germany with Wesna Busic & Blue Nikita, working for the now defunct Queens of Chaos in France and her fondest moment in wrestling. Before Alpha, we have a 40 minute discussion with new WSU owner Drew Cordeiro. If you want to know anything about the future of the promotion under the new ownership, look no further. Cordeiro lays out his vision for the company, including what is and is not likely to change. We talk about the deal, what it means, and why he bought the company. This is all exclusive stuff and an absolute must listen for all fans of WSU.

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WOW Podcast #41 – Remembering Sensational Sherri

Episode 41 – Sensational Sherri (February 8, 1958 – June 15, 2007)
featuring Bill Apter, Candi Divine, Marianne Ryan, Lexie Fyfe & “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

Five years ago today, the wrestling world became a little less Sensational as Sherri Martel passed away at the altogether too young age of 49 years old. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of her passing, we decided to try and pay tribute to this most memorable of performers by gathering together some of her friends and colleagues to share their experiences and memories. On this very special podcast you’ll hear legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter, who knew Sherri throughout her entire professional career; friend and rival (and multiple time former AWA Women’s Champion) Candi Divine; non-wrestler friend, confidante and travelling companion Marianne Ryan; veteran wrestler Lexie Fyfe and one of Sherri’s most famous managerial charges, Ted DiBiase – a Hall of Famer in his own right, and the man who inducted Sherri into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. A big thanks to all our guests and those people who helped make the show possible. You know who you are.

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Bill Apter tries to stay focused on the job at hand
Candi Divine vs Sherri Martel at AWA SuperClash 85 for the AWA Women’s Championship
Col. Robert Parker discusses Sherri and their WCW wedding
Col. Parker & Sister Sherri’s Vegas Wedding from WCW Clash of the Champions XXXII
Sherri returns to the WWE to help sing Kurt Angle’s version of “Sexy Boy”
WWE produced Sherri tribute video

WOW Podcast #40 with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Part Two

Episode 40 with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Part Two

A week ago we talked to the lovely Lisa Moretti, aka Ivory – and we left her on the verge of heading off to Los Angeles to attend the LA premiere of GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. A week on, it’s time for another chat to discuss how the premiere went, what she thought of the documentary, and who showed up. From there, it’s time for a headlong dive into the massive second part of Lisa’s wrestling career, as Ivory in WWE. We talk how she got into the promotion, her ho psychology, getting up to speed after so many years away from the business… and just WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT PURPLE SCARF?? We talk working with The Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young, the horrendous Armageddon ’99 Evening Gown Swimming Pool match, Miss Kitty as a locker room poison, the Right to Censor and her program with Chyna, and Steve Austin‘s opinion on their WrestleMania match. Lisa also discusses Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson (and deviating from the script), Fit Finlay and the evolution of the Divas division and the end of her road with the company. Once again, an absolute pleasure and a class act. Enjoy.

May 12th in New York, NY | June 5th in London, England

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WOW Podcast #39 with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Part One

Episode 39 with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Part One

It’s the first time we’ve spread a single guest over two WOW Podcasts, but when that guest is a three time former WWE Women’s Champion, it’s quite understandable. The former Ivory, Lisa Moretti, joins us on just before she sets off to the Los Angeles premiere of “GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” to discuss the documentary and her time as Tina Ferrari, the fact the GLOW fanbase still exists after over 20 years, training as a raw rookie with Mando Guerrero vs training raw rookies herself on Tough Enough, bimbos in wrestling, creative freedom at GLOW, a live performance of her RAP(!), transferring from GLOW to POWW, earning respect of the “real” wrestlers, being honoured at Cauliflower Alley this year, who she would have had to kill if she’d seen her and STANDING UP RICKY STEAMBOAT for a poolside vodka! We’ll talk to Lisa again next week where she’ll report on her experiences at the LA premiere, and we’ll talk about her WWE run in depth! Look, it’s Lisa Moretti – her enthusiasm is infectious. Listen immediately!!

May 12th in New York, NY | June 5th in London, England

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WOW Podcast #38 with Little Egypt

Episode 38 with Angelina “Little Egypt” Altishin

A very special edition of the Podcast this time out, as we welcome original GLOW girl Little Egypt (aka Angelina Altishin) to the show on the eve of the World Premiere of “GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” later this month in Canada. She was very instrumental in bringing back the various cast members of the 80s GLOW product for the documentary, and she talks about how it all came together, a taster of what we can expect in the movie, and the place of GLOW in wrestling history. We take a chance to ask Angelina all about how she got involved with GLOW back in the day, clarify exactly what Jackie Stallone did for the product, and discuss the ethos behind the show. We also touch on attempts to restart a GLOW themed project, such as Wrestlicious, and consider just why they haven’t worked. Angelina is also heavily involved in the Cauliflower Alley Club, which has its annual reunion next week – not only will former GLOW star Tina Ferrari (aka Lisa “Ivory” Moretti) be honoured, but Angelina will present two seminars for attendees, both of which are touched on here. Firstly, the importance of social media and how to use it to further your brand, and secondly, how to deal with moving out of the wrestling business, and which transferable skills a pro-wrestler has that can be successfully used in the real world. A fascinating discussion with an intelligent woman that has something for both fans and those already in the industry. Enjoy.

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WOW Podcast #37 with Mickie Knuckles

Episode 37 with Mickie Knuckles

When we received a message letting us know that Mickie Knuckles was looking to speak to Ringbelles’ Women Of Wrestling Podcast to make a special announcement, we leapt at the chance. After all, the former NWA Midwest/IWA: Mid South and Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion, and current Absolute Intense Wrestling Women’s titleholder was someone who we had been looking to speak to for some time now. Before getting to her big news, we were able to discuss the key points of Mickie’s career, including her time in IWA: MS, getting knocked out in her first ever match, and being part of the women’s division that would be the blueprint for SHIMMER. She also covers getting into wrestling death matches, and offers her thoughts on two women who debuted at Queen of the Death Matches tournaments – Rachel Summerlyn and the infamous BB Walls. From there, we look at her frenetic summer of 2008, including appearing on Jerry Springer, TNA, Mike Levy and breaking her leg in two. Finally, Mickie explains how she got back into wrestling, the Izza Belle Smothers character, and also has some very pointed words about OVW and Jessicka Havok before making the announcement that affects Girls Night Out 6 on April 15. This is an edition that you don’t want to miss.

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WOW Podcast #36 with Jessicka Havok

Episode 36 with Jessicka Havok

Coming off a 2011 which saw her pick up awards galore (including our Breakout Star of the Year), noted “Magnificent Beast” Jessicka Havok is heading into the biggest match in her life on March 3rd on iPPV against Mercedes Martinez… so what better time than to cut through the crap and get to know the real J-Hav? We discuss her recent training regime, and the various looks she’s had since her start in the business and how she got involved in the first place. We talk about two vastly different experiences of working former WWE wrestlers Ivory & Luna Vachon early in her career, never-before-asked questions about the formation (and dissolution) of her team with Hailey Hatred, her career to date in WSU, the addition of Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie to become the Midwest Militia, thoughts on Maria Kanellis and Crossfire Entertainment, AIW (along with some candid thoughts on Mickie Knuckles), opinions on whether Femmes Fatales & SHIMMER are in her future, last year’s controversial War Games match and the final build to the match with Mercedes. It’s our longest single interview yet, and one of our most informative. Jump on the bandwagon while there’s still time!

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WOW Podcast #35 with Veda Scott & Cherry Bomb

Episode 35 with Veda Scott & Cherry Bomb

It’s the return of the two-guest special as we welcome two of the competitors in the upcoming 2CW Girls Grand Prix, Veda Scott & Cherry Bomb. Still in her rookie year, Veda talks her short but impressive time in wrestling so far, and how she juggles wrestling with being a law student. We also talk about her training at the ROH/SHIMMER School, her outings at AIW, Beyond Wrestling & SHIMMER, her T-shirt on and her new gig as ROH’s new locker room correspondent. Then we welcome Ontario’s Cherry Bomb (on the back of a successful campaign, no less) to talk how she got involved in pro-wrestling, coming back from a nasty injury, her WWE dream and tryout, nearly committing homicide on Veda at AIW, touring Japan, playing an evil version of herself in forthcoming movie “Beat Down”, and dressing up Hulk Hogan in a Godzilla hoodie. No, really.

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WOW Podcast #34 with WWE Writer Alex Greenfield talking the Trish Stratus vs Mickie James feud

Episode 34 with former WWE writer Alex Greenfield

“You know, at one time, Mark Chapman was a huge John Lennon fan.”Jerry Lawler, WrestleMania 22

That line of commentary from “The King” sums up one of the best female feuds in WWE history – the “Obsession” angle between then WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus and her stalker fan Mickie James. From October 2005 through April 2006, Alex Greenfield was the producer of all the angles/promos in the feud, and in this unique episode of the Podcast, he guides us through the twists, turns, shrines and kisses of the angle from conception to (injury hastened) completion. Find out the inspiration for the feud and how it changed organically as it got over, who came up with various parts of the angle, and personal opinions on all the major story beats of the story. Not only that, before the Mickie vs Trish stuff, we talk about the return of Kharma last weekend at the Royal Rumble and consider where she’s going on the Road to WrestleMania, and how that ties in to one Beth Phoenix. A fascinating peek behind the curtain of working for WWE.

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WOW Podcast Xmas Special (#32) with Hailey Hatred, Courtney Rush, Mercedes Martinez, Saraya Knight, LuFisto & Madison Eagles

Episode 32 with Hailey Hatred, Courtney Rush, Mercedes Martinez, Saraya Knight, LuFisto & Madison Eagles

Welcome to the show that almost killed us. Six Guests. Four Continents. Two Hours (plus). One Podcast. Recorded over the last couple of weeks at various times, we welcome back six of our former guests for a Christmas Extravaganza that, well, we’re quite unlikely to ever top. In this two hour podcast, you’ll hear happiness, depression, tears and laughter – sometimes in the same segment, as our guests recount how 2011 has been for them, and their hopes for the New Year. Hear Mercedes Martinez talk about her year as WSU Champion and address her current concussion. Listen to Courtney Rush recount tales of giant bananas and her incredible growth year. LuFisto talks of her pride at the emergence of her pupil Kalamity and her optimism that there are still achievable goals in 2012. Last year’s Wrestler of the Year Madison Eagles hits us with a world exclusive on her current injury status and what that means for her career. The ever-entertaining Saraya Knight explains how SHIMMER saved her life, and talks about her daughter’s potential in 2012, and finally, Hailey Hatred gives us the lowdown on life at the top in joshi puroresu, winning titles, Kaori Yoneyama, Gail Kim and potential international travel plans next year. Oh, and did we mention that one of the above “Usual Suspects” is our 2011 Wrestler of the Year? Find out who on this very show.

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WOW Podcast #31 with Mike Quackenbush & Holly Rocamora

Episode 31 with Mike Quackenbush & Holly Rocamora

It’s a two guest show once again as we continue the Road to JoshiMania this weekend by welcoming Chikara‘s Mike Quackenbush to the show to discuss the weekend’s activities. Mike discusses exactly how JoshiMania came to be (and the part that a former WWF wrestler played in that vision), Manami Toyota‘s refreshing opinion on coming to Chikara so regularly, the names you can expect to see at the shows, and highly interesting news about one joshi legend who was at one point on the verge of coming in. If you’re going to JoshiMania this is your hype show, and if you’re on the fence, this is your reason to make the trip. Before that, we are also joined by the newest edition to the Pro-Wrestling: EVE roster – Holly Rocamora. Find out how she threw herself in at the deep end with her wrestling career, her training at the London School of Lucha Libre, her upcoming EVE sponsored match at Southside next month with Nikki Storm and her aims for 2012. Oh, and awesome Batman sleeve tattoos! Plus, before the show we discuss opinions on the recent WAWW and WSU big shows. Check it out!

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WOW Podcast #30 with Serena Deeb

Episode 30 with Serena Deeb

It’s a more than welcome return to the Women of Wrestling Podcast for “The Nicest Woman In Wrestling” Serena Deeb – and a timely one too, given her recent serious concussion. Want the full story on what happened and the up-to-date news on her health? She’s got it. There’s loads more to talk about too, such as the match she was supposed to be having at WSU later this month with Melina, and her thoughts on Melina as a performer and exactly where she stands in her career at this point. We talk Serena’s regular trips to Japan in 2011 for SMASH, and discuss the younger talents like Amanda Fox and Davina Rose who are trying to walk in Serena’s footsteps. We talk her incredible intensity in the ring, the possibility of returning to WWE and who Serena sees as the absolute best in the business right now. We also discuss the “World Famous” Kana, who made her US debut last month. As usual, an uplifting chat with the Deebious One. What a feeling!

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WOW Podcast #29 with Kc Spinelli & Dave Prazak

Episode 29 with Kc Spinelli & SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak

Time to welcome back friend of the show Dave Prazak for our newest podcast for a look back at the epic SHIMMER tapings from earlier this month. Dave shares his thoughts on the size of the roster (which totalled 49 across the two days), and who really stood out from the pack – both new and old – and how 2012 is shaping up. Dave is, as usual, forthright and honest in his opinions. Then we’re joined by World of Hurt’s Kc Spinelli to talk, yes, the greatness of Kc Spinelli. We also talk about This Wrestling Life, lots of Nicole Matthews mentions, failing to graduate from ECCW’s Academy, and participating on World of Hurt with Lance Storm and Roddy Piper. How fake is reality TV anyway? Thoughts on recent WWE signees Irena Janjic, Tenille Tayla & Taya Valkyrie – and just how much of a gimmick was The French Stallion? Don’t know Spinelli? You will after this show!

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WOW Podcast #28 with Courtney Rush

Episode 28 with Courtney Rush & NCW:FF promoter Stephane Bruyere
The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns right in time for NCW Femmes Fatales this weekend in Montreal with the “Suplex Queen” Courtney Rush. Courtney talks about the change of style and confidence that led to the name change from PJ Tyler last year, starting in the business late, wrestling all over the place with Cat Power, breakout performances in 2011 at SHIMMER and Femmes Fatales, her upcoming movie “Monster Brawl” and animals (specifically one) BEING DICKS. A fine hour of fun and hijinks. Before the chat with Courtney, we’re joined by NCW:FF booker Stephane Bruyere for a preview of Femmes Fatales VII this weekend with a match-by-match breakdown of the show. Check it out.

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WOW Podcast #27 with Leva Bates

Episode 27 with Leva Bates
Oft-requested guest and self-professed “Shoot Geek” Leva Bates joins the Podcast as we’re on the Road To SHIMMER Vols 41-44 in two weeks time (get your tickets). We talk the cult phenomenon that is ReGeneration X (with Allison Danger), favourite wrestlers growing up, her pop-culture character, a day in the life at the Team 3D Wrestling Academy, getting the call to wrestle Kong with only a few hours notice in TNA and future international plans – we also discuss burning questions in the worlds of Doctor Who, Comic Book Adaptations, The Big Bang Theory, Lost and N64 beat-em-ups. Oh yes.

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WOW Podcast #26 with Jessie McKay

Episode 26 with Jessie McKay
PWWA have a big show this coming weekend – so what better way to promote that show than to welcome one of Australia’s finest (and “Everybody’s Favourite Girlfriend”) Jessie McKay to the show? Jessie’s been an oft-requested guest, so we hope the wait was worth it. We had about an hour to discuss the wrestling scene in Australia, who to look out for as the next breakout star from Down Under, how she got started (including working a bikini contest aged 17), and her thoughts on her first big American tour in 2008. With WWE having signed two recent Australian girls, we find out her thoughts on them, and whether WWE is something that is on her mind. We also discuss her brief turn as the female lead in a a movie (“Mikey’s Extreme Romance”) and quiz her about any ‘extreme romance’ stories from real life (she’s got a few). Heck, we even break out the old Rate Tank question for old time’s sake. Good times. Plus, we’ve got about 20 minutes of us chatting about some recent news happenings, including the reputed TNA Knockout pay scale. Enjoy!

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WOW Podcast #25 with Hailey Hatred

Episode 25 with Hailey Hatred

We’re celebrating our twenty-fifth show with a really special guest who has a lot to celebrate – the newly crowned JWP Openweight Champion Hailey Hatred. This Ohio girl relocated to Japan several years ago where she’s become a major name on the joshi scene, becoming the first gaijin (foreigner) to hold the JWP Openweight Title (the oldest active joshi title in the country). Hailey’s had quite the 2011 so far, so we talk about her title win, the upcoming retirement of her friend Kaori Yoneyama and living through the Earthquake/Tsunami. We talk the big names to watch out for in joshi going forward, as well as further evidence of Manami Toyota‘s awesomeness. From there we discuss a simply incredible story of being suspended in Mexico after losing her mask, powerbombing rookie Mickie Knuckles on an open chair in her first match, doing intergender matches for Beyond Wrestling and talk about her desire to have an MMA bout. Oh, and want to know how many times she can throw a punch in a minute? You actually won’t believe it. Only on the Women of Wrestling Podcast, ladies and gentlemen!

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WOW Podcast #24 with Rachel Summerlyn & Jessica James

Episode 24 with Rachel Summerlyn & Jessica James

This weekend, Anarchy Championship Wrestling presents its third annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament, featuring some of the best indy talent from around the USA. To celebrate that, we decided to have an Anarchy themed show featuring the bacon *and* the eggs from Rachel & Jessica’s Excellent Tag TeamRachel Summerlyn & Jessica James. We’re joined first by Jessica for a thoroughly enthralling chat about her career to date. Jessica admits she’s barely on the internet, so she’s one of those wrestlers that there isn’t that much about online. Hear stories about training with Booker T and Sharmell at PWA (and how that compares to Booker’s appearance on Tough Enough), the history and development of Lady Poison, Texas indies, ninja sneaking skills and just how close she is to Rachel. Then it’s Rachel‘s time to specifically plug the Queen of Queens tournament, including what we need to know about lesser known names Amanda Fox and Lillie Mae. We take the chance to ask Rachel about her own debut (in a tournament, no less, at the 2006 Queen of the Death Matches), life lessons learned from Daffney, how she and Jessica came together, her weight loss, Anarchy Championship Wrestling as a whole (ranging from prom nights to thumbtack matches), eliciting emotion in wrestling, future goals and more.

Keep an eye on the website this weekend for coverage of the 2011 American Joshi Queen of Queens!!

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WOW Podcast #23 with MsChif

Episode 23 with MsChif

When “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif agreed to come on The Women of Wrestling Podcast, she had one request. She didn’t want the “same old questions” she gets asked by every other two-bit interviewer. So… no pressure, then. Join us on a free-ranging discussion taking in her accumulated injuries (including just how she did her current knee injury), brief chat on Daffney‘s lawsuit against TNA, how her debut match almost exactly ten years ago “should never have happened”, working IWA:MS back in the day, international travel ranging from the UK to Japan, and meeting people ranging from The Great Muta to Dustin Diamond, her brief flirtation with TNA, thoughts on ROH going forward and a discussion of some of MsChif’s greatest moments in SHIMMER history. Oh, and smelly bacteria. Well, she *is* a biochemist. Would we be sufficiently entertaining for ‘Chif? Or will this be the final Podcast we ever do? Find out by clicking that link!!

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WOW Podcast #22 with Nicole Matthews

Episode 22 with Nicole Matthews

The Women of Wrestling Podcast raises the “awesomeness” factor to never before seen levels as we welcome the current ECCW SuperGirls Champion Nicole Matthews to the show. Nicole is very forthright in her opinions, and pulls no punches discussing her career to date, including the pride she takes in being a female athlete. She recounts stories of being a wrestling fan growing up, how she broke in with ECCW alongside Veronika Vice, wrestling the likes of Rebecca Knox and Nattie Neidhart within her first year in the business, her inner “mark”, balcony dives, and breaking out as one half of the Canadian NINJAs alongside partner Portia Perez. We discuss exactly what makes their partnership work so well, including how each person complemented the other, and mention the team appearing on the last season of Wrestlicious as “The Naughty Schoolgirls” (and why that won’t be happening again any time soon). We talk about her big showcase matches in singles competition in SHIMMER, her feud with Jessie McKay, and discuss Lance Storm’s World of Hurt, including recent WWE signings Irena & Tenille, the fabulous WOH captioning, and wonder just why she isn’t *on* the show. We also discuss WWE, “the WWE look” and whether that’s anything that she aspires to do with her life, and what’s happening across the Great White North from Femmes Fatales to ECCW. Oh, and don’t mention the term “SuperGirls” to her either…

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WOW Podcast #21 with Malia Hosaka

Episode 21 with Malia Hosaka

The Women of Wrestling Podcast is proud to bring you an interview with 20+ year veteran Malia Hosaka. We’re working with a broad scope on this show, because frankly, Malia has worked *everywhere* at least once. From training with Killer Kowalski & Misty Blue Simmes in the mid 80s to thoughts on the current WWE product, Malia’s not short of an opinion. We discuss comparisons and contrasts between early female promotions like GLOW, LPWA, LMLW and the like (including how she felt as a relative rookie walking into the LPWA locker room for the first time), and reminisce about her “wrestling mom” Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri. Malia also shares her thoughts on her time in WCW, including her opinions on how Madusa Miceli ran the division, how she was treated there, and a surprising falling out with Starla Saxton (Nora Greenwald, better known as Molly Holly). She talks signing a WWF “Developmental” deal after 12 years in the business, and how two opportunities were whisked away while under that contract. She has words of advice for youngsters like Tenille Tayla, who has just finished up her indy dates and is heading for FCW on the expectations laid on WWE Divas, and general thoughts on SHIMMER, respecting your veterans, and news on her forthcoming book – including how close she is to the final chapter in her career. Clear yourself some time for a history lesson from the Modern Day Moolah!

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WOW Podcast #20: Flashback Interview with Rebecca Knox

Episode 20: Rebecca Knox on The $&M Show in 2007

The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns to present a special “flashback” episode featuring an interview with Rebecca Knox, originally recorded in September 2007, and after her spectacular return at SHIMMER last month, is now more relevant than it has been in years.

“But wait,” you say… “that’s before the WOW Podcast ever existed!” You are correct. This interview was conducted by Stew and his buddy MOJ as part of The $&M Show – a British Wrestling oriented podcast that used to be hosted on the now defunct website. Prior to this genuinely World Exclusive interview, Knox, who had been well regarded by many as a wrestling prodigy (competing across the world in Japan, Europe, Canada and the US at the age of 19), had suffered a freak cranial nerve injury in a match in Germany in September 2006 and almost literally disappeared off the face of the Earth. Incommunicado from her friends in the business, promoters and fans alike for almost exactly a year… nobody knew what had become of her until a chance discussion with a mutual friend revealed that Knox was actually alive and well and living back in Dublin. I jumped at the chance to ask for an interview, and she duly agreed to break her silence… and now, available online for the first time in years… the *original* return of the K-Nox.

Although he rarely uses it, you can follow our old buddy (and $&M Show co-host) MOJ on twitter

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WOW Podcast #19 with Saraya & Britani Knight

Episode 19 with Saraya & Britani Knight

The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns with what could be the greatest interview we’ve ever done as we chat exclusively to British wrestling legend Sweet Saraya and her daughter Britani Knight on the eve of their US debut for SHIMMER this weekend. We had limited time with Britani to ask her about what it was like growing up in a wrestling family, and a discussion of the major points of her career to date, including whether women need to work harder than the guys to get the same amount of respect. Britani then passed the phone to her mother, Saraya, for one of the most incredible hours of audio you’ll ever hear. Saraya’s wrestling “war stories” are amazing, including how she was nearly beaten to death in a riot, the full story of having her kneecap ripped off during a match, and – incredibly – the story of her being blinded for six and a half weeks following a kick to the eye in the mid 90s. That’s not all. There’s a ton of advice here for any aspiring wrestlers and great reminiscences about some of the people that have come and gone in her two decade career. To say we’re proud of this one would be an understatement. If you’ve never met or seen Saraya before, you’re in for a treat.

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WOW Podcast #17 with Cat Power

Episode 17 with Cat Power
What better way to launch the brand new Ringbelles website than with a brand new PODCAST? After a quick rundown on what’s going on (clue: a lot), we’re thrilled to be joined by Canada’s finest feline export, Cat Power, who will be participating in a “Combat De Rue” on this weekend’s Femmes Fatales show in Montreal. We talk about Cat’s real name (it really *is* Cat Power) and why it took a lot of getting used to, making the cat gimmick work, working in SHIMMER, her first wrestling memory (aged 3), training at the Can-Am Wrestling School, how Momma Power made Scott D’Amore sweat bullets, this weekend’s Femmes Fatales feud-ender with PJ Tyler, young stars to watch in Canada, boxing, beating up film directors for real, and how Cats can kill deer.
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